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    Write/Submit A Post To RepNaija

    Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for opening this page, we so much Appreciate you.

    In order to further make RepNaija more interactive, we’ve decided to allow Post Submission from our Members, Users/Fans.

    Now, the RepNaija Pen is in your hand, you can write as you like.

    Feel free to post any Posts, Article and Stories you want us to publish on RepNaija so Nigerians can Read, Enjoy or Learn from.

    NOTICE:- You can also Submit a Topic and some little explanations to us. Our Professional Writers/Bloggers will work on it and make it look like a Standard post before posting on RepNaija.

    Your name will be on the Post as the Poster | Now you can show your Friends & Family your Post on RepNaija.
    Go down below to submit your Post, just fill in the required fields such as: your Name, thats if you did not login, then enter your Email if you have any. Enter the Post Title followed by the Post Tags, then answer the Antispam Question to prove you are human and finally, select the right Category for your post and enter the Post Content, then hit/click the Submit button.

    You can use:
    *.<*img src="image url here"/> remove the * to add an image in your post.

    *.<*a href="url here">link text here<*/a> remove the * to add a link in your post.

    *.<*b*>text here<*/b> remove the * to make a text bold in your post.

    *.<*blockquote*>text here<*/blockquote> remove the * to quote a text in your post.

    Once the post is received, we will get it on RepNaija and you will see your post on our home page.

    Thank you!

    Write/Submit Your Post Below:

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