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The ‘world’s most expensive’ bottle of vodka has been stolen from a bar in Denmark prompting a police investigation, according to reports.

The alleged theft happened at Cafe 33, a bar in Copenhagen which displays a collection of vodka bottles, Deutsche Welle reports.

The owner reportedly said the bottle – made with gold and silver and worth $1.3million (£961,233) – was brought from Russia and produced by the Latvian company Dartz Motorz.

It apparently featured in an episode of the drama, House of Cards, according to Danish TV programme TV2 Lorry.

Brian Engberg, who owns the collection, reported the theft to police and on Facebook, along with photographs.

The barman reportedly said in an interview with TV2 that the bottle was uninsured and on loan from a Russian entrepreneur.

A post on Facebook read: “Help. Someone has last night been inside “with key” and stolen my vodka russo baltique vodka which is the world’s most expensive vodka $ 1,3 mil.”Reward is given to those who can help find it. “There is only one bottle in the whole world.”

The post suggested there was CCTV footage from the bar which would be handed over to the police.

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