Story: What Happened To Angel??

    I stood in the kitchen for over fifteen minutes whilst thinking of what to cook.

    For about three consecutive days I have promised to cook hot smokey jollof rice for my kids but never did.

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    Here I am, finding it hard to peel these potatoes and put it on fire for the sixth time in 3 days.

    I was so sure my children would reject the potatoes this time around because they almost rejected the last one.

    “Mummy come and see the plenty things daddy brought “. Angel my last child said excitedly.

    I quickly dabbed the tears from my eyes and hastily followed angel to the palour.

    I got to the palour and saw the bag of rice my husband brought. He brought other things like groundnut oil, carton of tomato paste, spaghetti, onions, carton of super pack, big tins of Milo and milk.

    I was short of words. This was someone that borrowed my last #200 this morning.

    I drew him to the room immediately.

    “Papa John, where did you get all these from?”. I asked concernedly.

    “Woman, this is not the time for questions”. He said dismissively.

    “This is the best time for questions my husband. Just this morning, you didn’t have a penny to transport with and all of a sudden, you came back with all these foodstuffs. I need to know how you got them”. I insisted.

    “It’s obvious you don’t want these foodstuffs. Should I return them?’. My husband asked angrily.

    “I appreciate it my husband. I just want to know where you got them from”. I pleaded.

    My husband didn’t say anything but stood up and left angrily.

    My children were jumping all over the palour excitedly.

    I understand their happiness. We couldn’t even cook a nice meal on both Christmas and New year day.

    In as much as I was happy we finally have enough to eat, I wasn’t at peace with this “sudden miracle”.
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    I reluctantly carried the foodstuffs into the kitchen.

    My husband joined me in the kitchen and gave me a bundle of money as my monthly allowance.

    He even added that he just paid our rent that was due since October.

    I was speechless.

    “Honey update me on what is going on please”. I pleaded this time with tears.

    “Woman, cook something for the children. I am going out”. He said sternly and walked out of the house.

    “God please take control”. I prayed silently.

    My husband didn’t come back to the house that night.

    That night, I didn’t sleep. I engaged in serious prayers. I prayed violently like never before and went to bed.

    This next morning, everyone woke up except Angel my last daughter.

    She slept and never woke up.

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    To be continued.

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