Story: What Happened To Angel?? (Episode 5) FINALE

    “You have finished me. Why didn’t you say anything??? You kept quiet as though everything was fine. You saw me cry my eyes out and kept quiet. What about Janet? What happened to her?”.

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    “Ehnn… I don’t know ooo”. My husband said crying.

    I stood up fiercely and was vibrating. I jacked him by his collar choking him.

    “Start talking now. What happened to Janet. You saw her groan in pains Michael. You watched your child fade away and kept quiet. You are a wicked man. You are evil”. I kept on jacking him by his collar crying.

    I let go of him when my phone started ringing. It was my mom.

    “Hello mummy. It was Michael mama. He has killed me” I said.

    “Calm down Ada. I am almost at your house”. My mother said from the other end of the call.

    “Ok ma” I said and ended the call.

    I loosened my wrapper and sat on the floor with my legs joined together and stretched out. I placed my two hands on both legs while shaking my legs.

    “You have killed me Micheal. You have finished me. My children. Two Michael. Two good children. Did you ever plan to tell me. Were you waiting till we were all dead?? You are so wicked”. I said whilst moving my body back and forth with my hands still placed on my legs.

    “I am sorry”. My husband said.

    “Wow.. You are sorry… Interesting”. I said.

    My mother walked in with his parents. He was surprised to see them.

    “Mama you are here”. He said while trying to welcome her.

    “Michael what have you done. What am I hearing about you”. His mother questioned.

    “Mama I was led astray. I didn’t mean to kill my children. I never gave my consent”. He said crying.

    “Oh chimoo. You have killed me. You have killed us. Ahhh”. His mother kept on shouting.

    “How can we stop the deaths”. I demanded.

    “Oya let’s go back to that pastor”. My mother suggested.

    The next morning, we all went back to the church. I even carried my 2 surviving children with me.

    “You are lucky you came at the right time. Those people are not happy you turned them down. They want to wipe out your family. Your first son was the next target”. The pastor said.

    “Ahh pastor please help us”. I pleaded.

    “Don’t worry. Your deliverance is now “. The pastor assured.

    We were made to sleep in his personal alter till day break backed up with intense prayers.

    The pastor gave us anointing oil and holy water and gave us bible verses to pray with. He assured us that the battle was over and that they will come to apologize and we should forgive them. “Forgiveness will completely break the bond. If you don’t forgive them, they will have a hold over your lives”. The pastor said.

    We travelled back home the next day.

    After a week, Emeka came to the house pleading for our forgiveness as the pastor foretold.

    It was hard o but we forgave him though it wasn’t from our mind.

    After everything, I tried forgiving my husband but I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t love him and his presence always annoyed me.

    I woke up one morning and took my kids to my parents house. I requested my parents return his bride price back to him.

    I can’t be with someone like him. A man who can’t listen to his wife. Someone who is so secretive and wicked. I would rather remain single than remain married to him.

    The End!!!


    Hmmm, what an emotional story.







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