Story: What Happened To Angel?? (Episode 4)

    The death of Janet shook me greatly. It became clear that something was wrong somewhere.

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    I was so sad that I even lost my voice. I couldn’t speak for days and I almost even ran mad.

    My husband was as sad and devastated as I was.

    There is no one to blame this time around and I couldn’t afford to further point fingers at my husband.

    “Oh Lord, come to my aid and help me”. I prayed silently in my heart.

    Family came and sympathized with my husband and I. Friends and enemies came as well.

    I didn’t say anything even when some sympathizers were coming up with different conspiracy theories.

    I acted as though I have accepted my fate. Meanwhile, I was only waiting for the noise to go down before making any move.

    After about two weeks, the condolence visits stopped. Family members who came to spend time with us in our home all travelled back to wherever they came from.

    I decided to make my move. I pleaded with my husband to allow me go stay with my parents for a while and he accepted.

    When I got to my parents house, I opened up to her. I told her I was sure something wasn’t adding up and she agreed.

    We started going from one church program to another. One online service to another but still nothing was found out.

    I was about losing hope when a church was recommended to my mom. I decided to give a try for the last time.

    The church was in another state, you can imagine how much was spend on transportation, accommodation and feeding.

    After spending about two days waiting for our turn to see the man of God, luck finally shone on us.

    The man of God insisted that I ask my husband to confess to me. He said my husband knows about what happened and if he doesn’t confess, I should get back to him and he will go spiritual on my husband.

    I was devastated. So, my husband knew what happened and kept quiet. I was accused of false accusations for nothing.

    Immediately we got back to base, I stormed to my house and demanded explanations from him.

    He kept on denying everything but I was adamant and persistent.

    Seeing how I was getting too loud and making a scene, he asked me to calm down.

    “Start talking”. I commanded. I secretly put my phone on record to serve as evidence.

    “The day I went to Emeka to ask him for money, he told me he can’t continue to help me with stipends but would rather teach me how to make money for myself. I was so happy and grateful. He told me I was lucky that he would be having a meeting with his partners by 9pm in one of his partner’s apartment”.

    My husband Started crying. I got disgusted by his tears.

    “But I warned you about Emeka. I know he is our mutual friend but you don’t knock on him on a close range. I dated this man for crying out loud. He is not a good man. Your problem is that you don’t like listening to me. You never listen to me”. I interrupted him angrily.

    “I should have listened to you my wife. My disobedience has caused me a lot”. My husband said crying.

    “Continue”. I demanded angrily.

    “He gave me twelve thousand naira and told me to come to his house so that we can attend the meeting together. I took the money and played the bet as I had said. I won money and got the foodstuffs and paid our rent. I decided I won’t be going back to Emeka but I thought it wasn’t a bad idea to get connected to other rich guys”.

    My husband bowed his head for a moment and continued.

    “When we got to his friends house, I got to know it wasn’t an ordinary gathering. I was introduced by Emeka as a new intake. I stood and said I wasn’t interested but it was rather too late. They insisted I must submit a member of my family since I have already seen their faces and known their agendas. I pleaded I won’t say anything but I got tricked. They let me go after a while. I lodged in a hotel since it was already late. I got a call from Emeka at about 3am saying Angel has been used to buy my silence. I didn’t understand what he said till my father called me around 7am that Angel had died”.

    To be continued….








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