Story: What Happened To Angel?? (Episode 2)

    I screamed at the top of my voice. I made sure my voice was louder than that of a microphone.

    Neighbors gathered around, even strangers did.

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    “My husband has killed me oo. My husband is now a beast. He is a monster”. I kept on ranting.

    My children just stood at one corner crying over their deceased sister on the one hand and their bruised mother on the other hand.

    “John oya bring out those demonic things your father brought yesterday”. I thundered.

    John my first son was hesitant. I stood up angrily and pushed him inside.

    I followed him and we started bringing out the foodstuffs one after the other.

    The onlookers just stood confused.

    “Mummy John, what is going on”. A woman asked.

    “My husband is now a ri*ualist. He sacrif*ced Angel”. I said disheartening while pointing at Angels remains.

    They couldn’t believe me. They thought I was just ranting until I narrated how it all started.

    I told them how my husband who didn’t have a penny all of a sudden became a big money spender.

    They all believed me and became really furious and agitated.

    “Where the baxtaxd?”. The angry youths demanded.

    As though being summoned, my husband showed up.

    On sight, the angry youths pounced on him. While some used woods, others used their punches.

    My husband was tied like a criminal. This broke my heart but I couldn’t pity him because of what he did to our child.

    “What did I do”. My husband kept on demanding but no one gave him ears.

    I had already called his family and mine. His family arrived before mine and they interceded on his behalf.

    “Please let’s hear him out”. His mother pleaded.

    After minutes of intense pleas, the youths decided to give my husband a chance to explain himself.

    At this point, my husband was almost half unconscious. His face was beyond recognition. His arm was already broken with his lips swollen.

    “What really happened yesterday?”. My landlord asked him.

    My husband couldn’t even speak. One of the youths hit him on his cheeks though he was quickly stopped.

    After a while, my husband spoke.

    “I don’t know why I am being beaten. I heard my daughter passed and I quickly rushed home only to be met with this”. My husband said.

    “Tell these people where you got the money from and what you did to angel, you this wicked man “. I screamed out.

    “Even you my dear wife?”. My husband asked with disappointment and betrayal written all over his face.

    “I went to Emeka’s house yesterday. I know you don’t like me hanging around him since he is your ex but he was my last resort. I told him the situation of things at home. He told me he was broke at the moment and only gave me #12k. On my way home, I branched bet naija shop, the one opposite the house. I played an instant sure game with #10k and waited till the end of the match. That was how I won #400k. You can call Emeka and ask the bet naija people. I didn’t want to tell you because I know you don’t want me betting and we have quarrelled severally because of that. I didn’t want to hurt you Sarah “. My husband said with tears.

    I went cold instantly. My knees became too weak to carry my body and I fell to the ground. I looked for tears but my eyes were as dry as a dessert. I resorted to screaming but I had already lost my voice.

    The owner of the bet naija was summoned immediately and he gave the exact narration as my husband except from Emeka’s aspect. He even told everyone how eager my husband was to win that bet because of his hungry family and how he didn’t want to disappoint his wife.

    People began to blame me for raising a false alarm. Even my parents were disappointed in me.

    My husband was rushed to the hospital and the remains of angel buried.

    What then happened to Angel?

    To be continued…

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