Story: “Unfriendly Friend” (Episode 6)

    My husband didn’t return home till past midnight. He only came to our bedroom once to get a change of clothes.

    He slept in the visitors room that night.

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    I woke the next morning to get him prepared for work while i prepared breakfast.

    I selected a beautiful native for him and got it ironed. They normally dress in native attires on Fridays. I brought out one of his black Italian shoes and got it polished. I also picked a boxer and a singlet for him. I arranged everything on the bed. I have been doing this since we got married.

    I prepared scrambled eggs and bread for breakfast to be taken with a hot chocolate beverage drink. I also prepared jollof rice and packaged it for him to take to work for lunch.

    When i got to the room, I saw he was already dressed. He didn’t wear the clothes and shoe I prepared for him.

    Before I could say Jack, he has already left for work without eating the food I suffered to prepare for him.

    I was disgruntled.

    He also returned back from work very late. I tried initiating conversations but got completely ignored by him.

    He even barely answer my greetings. I cried and beg him to please speak to me but he never gave me any attention.

    I couldn’t even understand why he was so mad at me while I should be the angry one. He was the first to break our marital vows and disrespected our marriage.

    Well, I decided to play the fóôl inorder for peace to reign.

    I kept on praying day and night for him to change but he never changed. I went to different crusades and revivals without seeing any results. He even got worse. Sometimes, he doesn’t even sleep at home.

    One morning, he was having his bath. He left his phone on the bed. I wanted to peep through his phone and saw he has already changed his password. I was trying to figure out the new password when Kate’s message popped in. It read;
    ***RepNaija Stories***
    “Thank you for everything you do for me dear. What would I have done without you?”.

    I didn’t know when the phone slipped from my hand. Luckily, the screen didn’t crack. I quietly dropped the phone.

    I went straight to the guest room and cried my eyes out. The pain was unbearable. While my husband made me cry, he was making another woman happy.

    If it were to be a regular man who I met randomly and got married to, I wouldn’t be this pained. This is someone I sacrificed my youth to. I gave him all I’ve got.

    I decided that I’ve had enough already. No more crying over a split milk. If he wants to go astray, he should go astray.

    After having a good cry, I took my bath and got dressed. I went straight to the salon and got a good hair cut. I dyed my hair.

    When I got home, he was in the seating room seeing a movie. He was surprised to see my new haircut but he didn’t say anything to me.

    Unlike before, I walked past him without greeting.

    I fixed dinner for myself and ate to my satisfaction. I didn’t prepare for him because he hardly touched my food since the whole drama started.

    I too started job haunting o, I’m a graduate after all. While at it, I went out more often I even started visiting the gym. After a while, I finally got the job.

    I didn’t inform my husband about getting a job. What’s the point? Not like he cares.

    I purposely leave the house before him. Sometimes I work overtime so that my husband gets home before me.

    I will put my phone on alarm at random moments so that when it starts ringing, I will pretend as if I was having an actual phone call.

    I never knew these things were getting to my husband.

    One evening when I got back from work really late, he confronted me angrily.

    To be continued

    Are you ready for the final episode????









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