Story: “Unfriendly Friend” (Episode 5)

    The next morning, my mother and I travelled to my base.

    She didn’t tell my father about the issue on ground.

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    “You don’t need to tell everyone about the challenges in your marriage. There are some battles you will have to fight in secret as a woman inorder to preserve the dignity of your home. You and your husband may reconcile after a misunderstanding but bad image you’ve painted to others about your marriage may linger forever.”. My mother advised.

    It made sense to me.

    When we got to my house, my husband was home with Kate. They were both surprised to see my mom.

    “Good morning mama”. Kate greeted with her head bowed down.

    Kate and my mom are acquainted. Kate used to spend some holidays at my house back then in the university.

    “I heard you live here now”. My mother said.

    “It’s just for a while ma”. Kate answered.

    “I heard you aren’t even in talking terms with your friend, is that true?”. My mother asked Kate.

    “Mama you just came, we can discuss that later. Let me take your bags to the guest room “. My husband volunteered.

    “Don’t touch my bag! I’m very disappointed at you. How could you take the side of a third party over your wife?”. My mother faced my husband.

    “It’s not what you think ma”. My husband said defensively.

    “So, tell me what it is, I’m listening “. My mother said with her hands akimbo.

    “It was your daughter that even suggested..”. My husband tried to explain.

    “Oh! She’s no longer your wife but now my daughter. What a transformation”. My mother said.

    “Mama I will leave as soon as I’m able to stand on my feet “. Kate said.

    “No my dear. You won’t be the one to decide When to leave. As a matter of fact, you are leaving this week!”. My mother said.

    Kate and my husband both exchanged glances.

    “But mama she doesn’t have anywhere else to go”. My husband said.

    “The last time I checked, her mother is still alive. What is stopping her from going there?”. My mother asked.
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    “Mama please let her stay for a while “. My husband pleaded.

    “I can’t believe you are still taking her side even in my presence. When you came to marry my daughter, you never said you will be marrying her with her friend oh. You have to choose today if you want to keep your marriage or you want to keep Kate”. My mother said.

    There was a prolonged silence.

    “I will leave by weekend”. Kate said.

    My husband gave her a puzzled look.

    She left the seating room angrily.

    My husband just sat down looking confused and heartbroken.

    “Stanley my son. I know it’s your house but it’s also your wife’s home. The day you got married to her, you two became one. It doesn’t make any sense if you keep making decisions without considering her emotions”. My mother said to my husband.

    My mother kept on advising the both of us on how to make our marriage work.

    My husband never said anything. He kept on pressing his phone while my mother spoke.

    When she was done talking, she stood up to leave. I followed her outside.

    “Mama why are you leaving so soon? Please don’t go”. I pleaded.

    “I don’t want your husband to disrespect me my dear. I have done my part, it’s now your turn to step up your game and guard your home with your womanly power. You have to protect what you have like a mother hen. The world is dangerous. I have said my own “. My mother said.

    I followed my mom to the park where she boarded a bus to Ibadan.

    As her bus drove from the park, I felt so empty and lost.

    I journeyed back home with a heavy heart.

    When I got to the house, my husband and Kate were not at home. “They must have gone out together”. I thought.

    I was so worried and confused.

    “I hope I have not finally pushed my husband away completely “. I cried.

    To be continued when I get enough comments😉.








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