Story: “Unfriendly Friend” (Episode 2)

    I noticed that since Kate started living with my husband and I, she was always on bum shorts and other skimpy and revealing wears.

    I wasn’t comfortable with it. I had to confront her.

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    “Babe don’t you have other appropriate clothes?”. I queried one morning.

    “What’s wrong with this one?”. She asked pointing at the skimpy gown she was putting on.

    “Haba na! You are not even wearing a bra. Honestly I’m not comfortable”. I said disappointedly.

    “Don’t tell me you think I’m trying to seduce your husband?”. She asked angrily.

    “I’m not saying you are trying to…” I was trying to explain my feelings to her when she snapped at me.

    “It’s not your fault na… It’s because I’m in your house that’s why you are trying to dictate to me what to wear or not”.

    She walked out on me angrily.

    I was short of words. I just stood still for over ten minutes while trying process the whole drama that just went on.

    Since that morning, Kate stopped talking to me. She doesn’t even greet me nor return my greetings. I tried to have a heart to heart discussion with her but she shunned me. I just decided to let her be.

    My husband noticed the distance between Kate and I and tried to reconcile us but I asked him to let us be as I wasn’t ready to force myself on her any further.

    My husband likes watching movies in the seating room downstairs almost every night.

    One night, my husband spent more time than usual downstairs. It was almost 11:00pm and my husband was still downstairs. I decided to go check up on him.

    To my surprise, he was seeing a comedy with Kate and they were indeed having a good laugh.

    Immediately Kate saw me, she stopped laughing.

    “Babe why are you still downstairs?”. I asked my husband.

    “Can’t you see I’m seeing a comedy?”. My husband snapped.

    “It’s almost midnight, you will be late for work tomorrow”. I said.

    “Please leave me alone. Sleep if you want to sleep”. My husband shouted.

    I felt so embarrassed. That was so unlike my husband.

    I went back to the room and was crying. I couldn’t even sleep. I was waiting for my husband to come upstairs so that I can tell him my mind.

    My husband didn’t come upstairs till it was 12:34am. I was extremely mad.
    ===RepNaija Story===
    “Kate must leave the house”. I said to my husband immediately he got into the room.

    “Where is that coming from?”. My husband inquired.

    “It’s coming from a place of hurt!! You are hurting me. Look at how you embarrassed me in her presence “. I said.

    “Pele o (sorry o)”. My husband said. He covered himself with the duvet and turned to the other side of the bed.

    I was disgruntled. This was so unlike my husband. I don’t even understand what was going on.

    The next morning when my husband had gone to work, I confronted Kate.

    “When are you leaving? You have overstayed your welcome”. I asked.

    She looked at me from head to toe and sighed.

    “Your husband said I could stay till I’m ready to leave”. She said.

    “Was it my husband that invited you over?”. I asked.

    “It doesn’t matter. If you want me to leave, then let your husband be the one to ask me to leave. After all he is the owner of the house”. Kate said.

    “You are unbelievable. You will leave this house tomorrow “. I insisted.

    “Let’s watch and see. You should be grateful I rejected your husband back then in school. Infact, you should even pay me obeisance “. Kate boasted.

    I got angry and slãppêd her. She slapped me back. We started fighting.

    We fought till neighbors came to separate us. It was a messy fight.

    When my husband got back, he was so mad at me for confronting Kate.

    “You are unbelievable! I thought she was your friend? How can you be so heartless?”. My husband shouted.

    “Are you being serious? Is that all you have to say?”. I asked.

    “What else should I say? I’m highly disappointed by your actions. Come on! I expected more from you!”. My husband said.

    “You still love her right?”. I asked.

    I was scared to hear his reply. I regretted asking him that.

    Genuine feelings don’t fade so easily “. He said and walked out of the room.

    To be continued when I get enough comments


    Quiet interesting

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