Story: “The Unexpected Love” (Episode 9)

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    Tochi suddenly became speechless when she heard the unexpected from Esther.

    “Which of the wisdom are you talking about?” she asked.

    “The senior prefect”

    “Hmm, i don’t know what to say”

    “I just wish he notice my love for him”

    “Do you want me to help you?”

    “You, help me get Wisdom?” Esther laughed.

    “I can do that oh”

    “Don’t worry my dear”

    “But i want to tell you something”

    “What’s it?”

    “Someone once told me that the boy you love must love you back otherwise the relationship won’t work”

    Esther thought for a while and said, “With time, he will realise my love for him and love me back”

    “Okay oh” Tochi smiled.
    ===RepNaija, Your Best Story Pluq===
    Chester was always seen with Wisdom either patrolling or sitting at a point observing students and at the same time having conversation. They sat on a fallen electric pole without wire.

    “Guy” Wisdom began. “If you see the embarrassment and disgrace i received from Tochi and Mr Anuma this morning you won’t believe it”

    “What happened?” Chester listened.

    “Can you imaging Tochi used a grammar on me probably taught by Mr Anuma when i wanted to punish her..”

    Before he could finish Chester began to laugh.

    “Guy, why you dey laugh nah?” Wisdom lowered his voice for the pigin English.

    “I told you that girl will supersed you in this school”

    “Never! She can’t try such a thing. The most annoying part of it is that Mr Anuma released her when i wanted to punish her”

    “Guy, stop making enemity with this girl. She’s harmless and beautiful for that matter”

    “And so what?”

    “Just make her your friend”

    Wisdom gared at him and hissed. At that moment, Jennifer, Calista and Melody arrived at the same place.

    Tochi and Esther saw them and stared at them from a distance.

    “Hi, my love” Jennifer began. She sat beside Wisdom while Calista sat beside Chester.

    Wisdom neglected her greetings and looked at Melody who stood alone.

    “How are you Melody?” he asked.

    “I’m fine, thank you” she replied smiling. That’s what she had never done before.

    “You look happy today”

    “I have always been happy”

    “What is going on here?” Jennifer interfered. “I should be the one given attention here not Melody” she hissed.

    “Hmm, Jennifer easy oh” Melody exclaimed. “I’m not taking your prince charming away”

    “You better not!”

    “And who is her prince charming?” Wisdom asked.

    “What does that suppose to mean?” Jennifer frowned and they smiled…
    ===RepNaija With The Vibes===
    Esther was totally jealous and Tochi could see it in her eyes.

    “I hate her so much!” Esther said.


    “That girl Jennifer”

    “Me too, i don’t like her. She was the one that supported Wisdom to punish me”

    “Is okay”

    “Desmond!” Mr Anuma called from his office. Then Tochi turned.

    “Sir, you called me?”

    “Yes, call Wisdom for me and come with him”

    Hearing that, Tochi and Esther looked at each other.

    “Go and call him” Esther told her and smiled. After Tochi left, Linda replaced her and sat with Esther.

    “Good afternoon, senior” she greeted.

    “Welcome” Esther responded still looking at Tochi who was going to meet Wisdom in the presence of his friends.

    “Where is she going to?” Linda asked.

    “Mr Anuma sent her to call Wisdom”

    “Eh! Wahala!” she exclaimed and also watched to see what will happen.
    ===RepNaija Stories===
    Jennifer frowned her face immediately she saw Tochi standing before them.

    “Good day seniors” Tochi greeted and threw away her face.

    “Eheh? What is it?!” Jennifer interrogated angrily.

    “I’m looking for Wisdom.. sorry, senior Wisdom”

    All of them stared at each other. Only Chester was smiling.

    “Mr Anuma sent me to call him” Tochi added.

    “Look at Wisdom in your presence. Talk to him” Chester interfered still smiling.

    “Just go I’m coming” Wisdom replied with a low voice.

    “No oh, he said you should come with me”

    “As what? Husband and wife?!” Jennifer asked angrily. “Come on get out of here!” she shouted but Tochi stood still waiting for Wisdom to follow her.

    Wisdom gently stood up and followed her. They walked semutanuoisly towards the office.

    “Wonders shall never end!” Jennifer was still exclaiming clapping her hands.
    ===Playloaded Stories===
    Esther waved at Tochi and Wisdom when they passed and Linda greeted them.

    “I can’t believe my eyes!” she said surprisingly.

    “Is nothing, i like it” Esther replied.
    ===RepNaija, Your Only Story Pluq===
    At Mr Anuma’s office, Tochi and Wisdom entered without looking at each other’s face or exchange words. They stood before Mr Anuma.

    “Caleb Wisdom” Mr Anuma began. “I call you regarding the quiz between your class and SS2. I want you to get the list of the participants to me before school dismisses today”

    “Okay, sir” Wisdom replied.

    “And you Desmond, do the same thing and give the list to Wisdom or you bring it to me yourself after school”

    “Okay, Sir”

    As Tochi raised her head, her eyes caught with that of Wisdom……….

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