Story: “The Unexpected Love” (Episode 8)

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    All the students within that vicinity, even Wisdom began to laugh at both the grammar and how Tochi reacted to it.

    “Abeg, sir, just speak that grammar again” Tochi requested.

    “No, do not agitate” Mr Anuma began. “I just complimented on your incomparable outfit” he added.

    “Hey! Sir, you are making it worst oh”

    Mr Anuma smiled and began to walk away but he suddenly turned to Tochi.

    “What are you doing with a marchet?” he asked.

    “Sir, they want to give me a nefarious punishment”

    Mr Anuma smiled remembering that he was the one that taught her that particular word. He was actually loving being around her.

    “And what punishment could be so nefarious?” he asked.

    “They want to give me the whole field to cut”

    “Oh Lala! That’s actually a wicked punishment” “Wisdom!” he called.

    “Yes, sir”

    “Please, pardon her. You know she’s still a green horn”

    “Okay, sir”

    “And you Desmond!” he turned to Tochi. “This school isn’t for lazy people. You must come to school on time if you are serious to learn. Understood?!”

    “Yes, sir!” Tochi exclaimed.

    “You may go inside now”

    Tochi gave a mockery smile to Wisdom and dropped the marchet. Then she followed Mr Anuma. Wisdom and other prefects watched her walked semutanuoisly with Mr Anuma. They also saw how attractive her buttocks looked, then Wisdom walked out angrily.

    “Thank you once again, sir” Tochi began.

    “You are welcome, Desmond” Mr Anuma replied without looking at her.

    “Sir, what is… i have forgotten the word eh”

    “Which of the grammar?”

    “I don’t think is a grammar. It is.. Eaheh!, i have remembered it. It is O Lala. What does it mean?”

    “It is not actually an English language. It is a French way of saying Oh my God!”

    “Oh Lala!” Tochi repeated and smiled out. Even Mr Anuma couldn’t stop smiling.

    “Thank you sir!” her voice echoed from a distance.
    ===RepNaija Story===
    Everybody stared at Tochi as she walked into the assembly ground looking like every other beautiful students around. She quietly stood beside Linda and they smiled in a way of saying; Good morning. She looked at the girl leading the assembly-Esther. Their eyes caught together and they smiled too.

    Jennifer wasn’t looking happy at all!!

    “Where is your hymn book?” Linda asked Tochi.

    “I don’t have oh”

    “That’s another problem”

    “Eeh! I know that wicked senior Wisdom will be the one to flog me. I hate him!”

    “Thank Good you know already” Linda concluded and brought her hymn book closer for them to share.

    Just five minutes before the assembly ended, Wisdom and Chester walked into the assembly ground. Calista admired them especially Chester. Even Mr Nelson, the principal and Mr Anuma approached. After the national anthem, Esther left leaving the floor for the principal to continue.

    “Good morning students?!”

    “Good morning, sir!”

    “I won’t beat around the bush” the principal began. “A group of students from SS2 and SS3 will be having a quiz in the next five weeks. So, if you are nominated..”

    “Hey!” Tochi exclaimed silently when she heard the word ‘nominated’. Linda smiled.

    The principal continued. “Make sure you study your books. Understood?!”

    “Yes sir!”

    The principal left and the students expected Mr Anuma to address them but they saw him going out.

    “Sir, won’t you address us?!” a student shouted. Then Mr Anuma turned.

    “Who is that Incubus or is she a Succubus?!” he asked and the students began to laugh seriously. Even the principal smiled into his office.

    ***SS2 CLASSROOM***

    There was no teacher in the classroom and Tochi, being a social girl with zeals stood up and went to the front of the class looking at fifty students.

    “Attention everybody!” she shouted and all looked at her quietly. “Please, lets choose those that will compete with the SS3 students in the quiz oh before Mr Anuma comes here and call us names like incubus and succubus!” all the students laughed again.

    “No, I’m serious oh, let’s choose now!”

    There was a rising murmur among the students. Then suddenly a voice came from the crowd.

    “Tochi, please, choose for us!”

    “I should choose?!”

    “Yes!” the whole class responded.

    “Hmm,That means i will be the only one to do this quiz because i will choose only myself. If i pity you, i will add my friend, Linda”

    The students laughed again. Suddenly, a female teacher entere and began to write on the board. Immediately Tochi and all the students concentrated.

    ***BREAK TIME***

    Esther was seen with Tochi outside sitting together on differents stools. A junior student passed and greeted them, then Tochi became surprised.

    “So I can be greeted too?” she asked.

    “Not really, is because you are with me. When you relate with seniors, you will be respected as one”.

    “Oh, now i understand”

    They became quiet.

    “You are good” Tochi broke the silence.

    “Thank you. You are good too” they smiled.

    “Have you been inlove before?” Esther asked.

    “Inlove kwa!”


    “No oh”

    “Have you had feelings for any man before?”

    “Hmm, not really. Why asking?”

    “Because I’m inlove”

    Tochi smiled. “With who?” she asked.

    “With Wisdom” Esther replied…..

    Una dey see am ba?








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