Story: “The Unexpected Love” (Episode 5)

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    The drama attracted several people, even Calista, Jennifer and Esther. Of course, Melody saw what was happening but she refused to go.

    Tochi was made to carry her stool up as she knelt down by force. When people gathered around pleading for Wisdom to forgive her, tears ran down her eyes.

    “You have to release her” Esther told him.

    “He will not release her! This girl is insultive!” Jennifer opposed standing beside Wisdom and Esther looked at her angrily standing behind Tochi.

    “Please, Wisdom, tell her to stand up” she pleaded again.

    “Don’t try it Wisdom!” Jennifer defended again.

    “Jennifer stop!” Esther became more angry.

    “And if i don’t what will you?!”

    They gazed at each other silently without saying a word.

    “I will leave her in one conditions” Wisdom began. “In a condition that she greets politely and do frog-jump”

    Hearing that, Tochi’s tears increased. Esther could see how her hands were vibrating longing to go down from the heavy wooden stool. She gazed at Wisdom in a way she shows; Do you really want to do this?

    “Bros, let the girl be” Chester also pleaded but Wisdom stood by his words.

    “Come on, stand up and greet him!” a prefect shouted at Tochi.

    Everybody watched her stood up and dried her tears. She stood before Wisdom and said, “Good day”

    “Good day who?” Jennifer asked.

    “Good day senior” Tochi corrected.

    “Now the frog-jump!”

    “Jennifer is okay!” Esther shouted at her but she kept quiet waiting for Tochi to carryout the punishment.

    “Frog-jump” Wisdom also insisted and Tochi began to jump with her hands on her ears and tears in her eyes. As she jumped, Wisdom walked out followed by Jennifer and Chester. Everybody dispersed leaving only Tochi, Esther and Linda.

    “Please, stand up” Esther rushed and helped her up semutanuoisly with Linda. “Is okay, stop crying”.

    “I warned you to greet them but you wouldn’t listen” Linda said.

    “I will also become a senior one day oh” Tochi cried.

    “Yes, you will” Esther smiled and all got seated. “I want to be your friend” she added, then Tochi stared at her.

    “No problem” she replied.
    ===RepNaija Love Story===
    Calista cornered Chester while Jennifer went away with Wisdom. Melody didn’t care. She found their behavior absolutely repugnant (Disgusting or dislike).

    Junior students who saw Wisdom and Jennifer walking towards where they were playing a football with an orange, greeted them and wanted to go away.

    “Hey, where are you all going to?” Wisdom asked them.

    Some of them smiled while some scratched their heads looking for the right sentence that will fit their reasons.

    Wisdom understood and said, “Don’t worry, just continue with your soccer game”

    “Thank you senior!” they chorused.

    “I wonder where we are going to” he turned to Jennifer.

    “We are strolling” she replied.

    “That reminds me, you wanted to tell me something in the classroom. What was that?” he stopped and looked at her.

    “Nothing” she smiled.


    “Yes, by the way, i like what you did to that girl called Tochi”

    “You are changing the topic. What did you want to tell me?”

    Jennifer stopped, she looked into his eyes and said, “What will you do if i..” she paused when she heard the ringing of the bell. “Sorry, we need to go inside the classroom now” she added.

    Wisdom suddenly became quiet and moved on.

    “Are you upset?” Jennifer asked.

    “No, I’m just wondering the cat that you don’t want to let out of the bag”

    “I will let the cat out very soon” they smiled.

    Wisdom suddenly forgot that he suppose to be on duty sending students into their classrooms, so Mr Anuma’s voice reminded him.

    “Wisdom!” he shouted from his office.

    “Yes, sir!”

    “It seems like you need an ophthalmologist to see what the time is saying! I also think the piquant break meal you’ve eaten caused a tornado which blew into your eyes. Would you go and resume your duties now?!”

    “I’m sorry sir! I will do that immediately!” Wisdom walked out briskly with Jennifer smiling at the grammar.

    “This man will kill me one day with just a grammar” he told her.

    “I will die with you” she replied and laughed.

    ***SCHOOL_OVER- 2:00pm***

    Students hung their bags going towards the road to their houses. All began to walk fast when Mr Anuma came out to enter into his car because none wanted to be a victim of his grammar.

    Wisdom sighted Esther and Chester discussing and laughing from afar. As she looked, Tochi and Linda joined them.

    “Hi, Tochi, are you going home?” Esther asked.

    “Yes, I’m so hungry”

    “Follow me to my house to have a lunch” Chester suggested.

    “No oh!”


    “I don’t think you have my type of food”

    “What type? Name it!”


    “You mean akpu?”


    “I withdraw myself, go to your house and eat” they laughed.

    “I know you are an ajebo. Anyways bye bye” Tochi walked out with Linda. Immediately, Wisdom arrived to that place.

    “Hi, Wisdom” Esther waved her hand smiling seriously.

    “Hey, good afternoon” he greeted.

    “Are you going now?”

    “Not yet, i have to lock the classes”

    “Can i wait for u?”









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