Story: “The Unexpected Love” (Episode 4)

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    She had an amazing beauty hidden inside her. The funniest part of her is that nobody around her becomes bored and she is very social without minding who you are. Tochi is her name.

    The classroom was so quiet as Mr Anuma put down his knowledge on the board. After he was through, he turned and looked at the quiet students. He could see Tochi seriously making sure that she write down something. Then he gently walked to her with his hands behind him. His footsteps was the only sound that echoed in the classroom.

    “What position did you take in your previous school?” Mr Anuma asked Tochi.

    “I was always taking last sir” she replied without looking at him.

    “But why? I can see you are serious to learn”

    “Yes sir, and i must make sure i don’t take last position again”

    “Do you really want that?”

    “Yes sir”

    Mr Anuma kept quiet. He saw the passion in her to achieve her goal. As he looked at her book, his eyes caught her voluminous breast dangling above her bra. He walked away instantly to avoid further temptation.

    “Class, see you later, make sure you don’t evolve yourself with nefarious activities” Mr Anuma began to walk out.

    Of course the students were used to his grammar. Some giggled while some wondered the meaning of ‘nefarious’. Even Tochi stopped writing when she heard the unfamiliar word.

    “Excuse me sir!” she interrupted Mr Anuma from going out and all the students looked at her.

    “Yes, Desmond, any problem?”

    “Sir, what is..” she scratched her head. “..what is.. ne-fa-ri-ous?” she stressed it and Mr Anuma smiled and was surprised at the same time because no student had ever asked him the meaning of any of his grammar.

    “Nefarious simply means wickedness or not moral. So i told you not to evolve yourself with wicked or immoral activities. Understood?”

    “Yes sir!” Tochi smiled and sat down while Mr Anuma also smiled out shaking his head.

    “This your teacher will kill somebody with grammar oh!” Tochi told Linda, her next partner.

    “Hmm..” Linda began. “You are yet to hear grammars and nobody will tell you to get a dictionary by force”


    “Yes oh!”

    “I must learn from him”

    “Are you serious?”

    “Yes nah. And i like him too”

    “Everybody likes Mr Anuma”

    “What’s your name?”


    “My name is..”

    “Tochi” Linda interrupted smiling.

    “How do you know?”

    “Your name rings bell. Just today you started school, everybody knows your name” they laughed.

    “But wait oh” Tochi stopped and Linda looked at her in anticipation.

    “What is it?” she asked.

    “There is no bell on my name o. How can you say that my name is ringing bell? Stop it oh!” Tochi joked smiling and Linda laughed uncontrollably even some students who heard her…..RepNaija Story.

    ***BREAK TIME-11:30AM***

    Students hung around the school compound while others strolled with their friends. Linda sat with Tochi under a tree watching boys playing football and others riding bicycles. Tochi saw Wisdom walking gently with Chester. They were the most handsome boys girls admired. In fact, Calista had her eyes on Chester.

    “I hate that boy!” Tochi told Linda pointing at Wisdom.

    “You mean Wisdom?”


    “Hmm.. Someone that girls are dying for”


    “Can’t you see how handsome he is?”

    “Just that?”


    “Nonsense!” Tochi hissed and opened her book.

    On the other hand, Wisdom and Chester also sighted them from afar. They stood at a spot gazing at them.

    “I hate that girl!” Wisdom told Chester.

    “You mean Tochi the green horn?”

    “Yes. She’s so annoying! I told you i must make her life miserable”

    “Calm down, bro” Chester made use of his inner eyes. “But guy” he called.


    “The girl no bad oh”

    “What do you mean?”

    “She’s beautiful, you know”

    “That’s nonsense!” Wisdom walked out moving towards them.

    “Hey bro, where are going to?!” Chester followed him. As they walked to Tochi and Linda, Esther and Jennifer monitored them from a distance-but they weren’t together.

    Wisdom slowed down when he got to the presence of Tochi and Linda expecting them to greet him.

    “Good day, seniors” Linda greeted and looked at Tochi who frowned her face.

    “Should i remind you that you suppose to greet?” Wisdom referred to Tochi but she kept quiet.

    “Tochi, greet nah!” Linda exclaimed. “He has the right to punish you if you don’t greet him” yet Tochi kept quiet.

    “I can see you are stubborn. I demand that you kneel down now” Wisdom said. He ran out of patience and called other senior prefects to make her kneel down. They dragged off her stool in a away she fell on the ground.

    “Come on kneel down!” one of them shouted raising the stool up to hit her.

    Tochi wanted to fight back but the pressure from the angry boys made her to obey instantly after she had received slaps.

    “Seniors please, forgive her” Linda pleaded rubbing her palms together.

    “What you are doing is not good oh!” Tochi shouted from the floor and another senior student gave her a slap which she couldn’t bear anymore. She stood up angrily to fight back but another person hit her back on the ground.

    “You must learn how to obey!!”

    To be continued……….








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