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    [Story] The Tale of a Private  Lesson Teacher – Episode 7 All Updated Stories

    If You Missed Episode 6, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

    Sikitat: yes dear, I just want to be sure that I’m save.

    ME: baby, I can’t do that

    SIKIRAT: e mean say u no love me be that, u will dump me for Aunty janet.

    ME: no sikirat, I won’t do that. But the reason why I can’t do blood covenant is because its against the bible, its of the devil, and its not safe scientifically.

    SIKIRAT: so bleeping me is in the bible abi?, I know it that you are just bleeping me for fun, I know it that you will dump me.

    ME: **calm her down***, sikirat, its not what you think, diseases like HIV or “hepatomadetis” can be contacted.

    SIKIrAT: **straight face***, what is hepatomadetis?

    ME: ****wetin sef?, why I go just mention something wey no exist. Thought for a while****. Its a disease from metals like shared blade, the blade might be used somewhere before and repackaged. If the person has the disease, both of us will contact it and die slowly.

    SIKIRAT: ok, what can you do to assure me that I’m save?,

    ME: ***took a deep sigh***. Ok, I will not be close with janet again.

    SIKIRAT: are you sure?

    ME: yes

    She was bit convinced, still Unclad but mr d–k is dead, we were there for a while, looking at each other’s face.

    SIKIRAT: oya let’s continue what we are doing.

    ME: I’m not in the mood.

    Sikirat looked at me and smiled. “Sebi its becos of the convenant thing?”

    ME: Not really.

    Sikirat came closer, grabbed my d–k, held it and started a handjob, then proceeded to Mouth Action. gradually, mr d–k responded, we ended with a round of sweet s-x before she depart for market.

    The next lesson period came, janet had called me at 12pm to remind me of the water melon she told me to bring earlier.

    How will I play my game in this white house?. How do I act that sikirat will not be offended and janet will not suspect?.

    Now that I was beginning to like janet, how do I go about it?.

    What if sikirat opened up to janet about our sexcapades. Suddenly, I stopped thinking and proceeded to the white house at 1pm……

    To be continued.

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