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    If You Missed Episode 11, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

    She was moaning slowly. Then I placed my full lips on her bosoms and s—-d gently, She let out a heavy moan “ooooouch”.

    My Second hand was smooching her other b—m and gently squeezing her Tips. She was pressing my head toward her b—m to the extent that I found it difficult to breath.

    After few seconds, I stopped to breath a little, she grab my head back to her Tips and told me to continue. I come continue and switching bosoms and doing magic with my fingers. At intervals, I would stop to breath a little and later returned to sucking.

    I made the next move… I took my hands down to her thigh and caressing it upward and downward to and fro the K—y-Cat area.

    I did the movement like 5 times while still sucking the b—m, no time to waste, I parted her pant to one side with my hand. OMG!!, janet is already wet, her pant is stained with her juice.

    I located her c–t and start teasing it. Janet began to move in various uncomfortable positions while moaning at different tempo and notes. She opened her leg wider and drew closer.

    I moved my finger from her c–t and move it into the K—y-Cat hole. From one finger to two, janet began to jerk under my finger. I moved my mouth from her bosoms. Take it down there, about to suck. She pull her leg together and covered it with her hand.

    Janet, what happened? “I whispered”. I find it irritating, I haven’t been s—-d before, “she replied”. I smiled and said “why not watch me patiently as I give you a heavenly ride”. She noded and re-open her legs.

    I spend most of the time on her c–t, teasing it with my tongue, she was moaning heavily that she scattered my bed sheet and she cummed heavily on my bed. She was breathing heavily like someone who wants to faint. I was scared and I asked “should I stop?”. She said “please continue”.

    “Chaiiii, so this girl like this thing”. I proceeded to the c–t again while finger bleeping her K—y-Cat hole, this time, her moan and tone increased. when I noticed that she is getting weak, I stopped and said “please give me a head”. No I can’t, I hate it with passion ” she replied.”.

    I felt a little bit disappointed and lied beside her, handling her b—m only, she adjusted and lied sideways. She began to stroke my d–k in an amateur way, I smiled. She stopped and the turned around to other side, now her back and a$$ is facing me. I slid my hand under my bed, removed a condom and wore it. I lied facing the a$$. I start finger bleeping her again. She was moaning. Then I inserted the tip of my d–k.

    “Yeeee!, what is that! Janet shouted”. She turned around, looked at it and said “bad boy, when did you wear the condom?, I am scared because I don’t want to get pregnant. I love the big size anyways. But please be easy with me and don’t hurt me”.

    She turned back facing me with her a$$$. I smiled and slid my condimized d–k into her wet hole. Janet was tight but sikirat was tighter so I was amazed but I didn’t bother to ask questions.

    I rode janet in and out slowly, she was moaning heavily. Ooooouch, huuuuuuh, haaaaaaaa, onihaxy, you have killed me ooooooo, you will kill me today ooooooo, my mummy ooooooooo”.

    On hearing this, I rode harder and deeper. After 6minutes, I switched to missionary, I was bleeping and sucking her b—m at the same time. After a while, I re-adjust, lied down and make her sat on me. She was riding slowly in an amateur manner. I wasn’t enjoying it so I pulled her closer, arrested her arms by clamping her back with my hands, then I did the bleeping myself. Janet was shouting and screaming louder that I had to increase the volume of the movie with the remote on the bed.

    I was about about to switch her into canine when she said “please onihaxy, I am too weak, no let me die here abeg, I’m tired to continue”. I can see from her mood that she is weak. I removed the condom. Pulled her closer and kissed her.

    You be bad boy ooo, I will report you to my mummy that you bleeped me” janet said. I “Smiled” go ahead ooooo omo mummy, I replied and we chated for a while.

    Please I need to get going, I want to go and read. “Don’t worry, I’m your teacher, let’s read here”. Naughty you, I will tell my mummy for you. We joked for a while. Janet wore her cloths, used my body spray and was set to leave.

    I saw her off to the main road to pick a bike. After she left, I went into the house. My neighbour in the next room said “hmmm hmmmm, abeg next time make you dey increase the volume of your TV or radio oooo, no dey disturb me with moans oooo”.

    I smiled and said “you dey craze ni. The one wey you and labake omo alakara dey take disturb me nko?. We joked over it before I entered into my room. I picked my phone at the bottom of my trolley and saw 13 missed calls from sikirat. Then I remembered I placed the phone on silence as janet entered my room……

    To be continued.

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    Nice 1 Bro

    Highly rated. Next episode please.

Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 12 by It'z viktor: 6:39 am On December 4, 2017

    Bad guy, nd nice control over there..hahaha nxt please

Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 12 by Emperor f.s.n: 10:42 am On December 4, 2017

    halequine product……. Nxt

Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 12 by abdullahi: 10:43 pm On December 5, 2017

    nxt plz

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