Story: “The Girl I Met On Facebook” (Episode 3)

    During our conversations, I told her that am an orphan, and that I live in a mud house that was plastered with newspapers, that I don’t have anything to my name (am a B.Sc Holder, my family is well known in my area), all to know what she really felt for me.

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    Then I asked her on the phone, can you still date me? She said she doesn’t love me for anything material, that she truly and sincerely loves me.

    I said OK, when we meet sha.

    All the way back to Akure from Ore, we couldn’t take our eyes off each other, everybody in the bus knew something was up with us. I pulled it all in, when we got to Akure around 8:45pm, as we alighted at the last bus stop, my house was a walk in, so we had to walk into the street.

    As we got under a tree by the roadside, i pulled her close and I planted a passionate kiss on her lips, we couldn’t break free for about 5 minutes, we kissed as if the world was coming to an end and that was the last kiss we were allowed, I love her so much.

    When we got to our gate, that’s where confusion started, she started slowing down since in her mind, i was to take her to a mud house, but we are about to enter a duplex, she raised the concern which I allayed by saying I will explain to her when we get in and she followed me.

    My mother welcomed her with open hands when I told her she was just a friend from Cross Rivers. Everyone was happy, we went into my room and that’s when she demanded for an explanation, I then told her I was testing her to really know her intention for me. And it was all a test and she passed.

    She stayed for two days and left for Calabar, even when she was leaving, my mother hugged her and said she should not be a stranger, she is free to come anytime she wants.

    I escorted her to the park and she left.

    We kept on communicating, we couldn’t drop the phone, we couldn’t even login to facebook as we are always on phone or whatsapp, she was/is everything to me.

    Then it happened…..

    My family were Muslims, her parents were Christians, am a Yoruba and she is an Efik.

    My family said No outrightly, they said the reason they allowed us to come this far is because they thought we were just friends and nothing more and that how can we get serious with each other that we met on Facebook and that’s not love.

    That she might be a ghost, that I don’t even know any of her family, how can I be serious with her, that traditionally am not supposed to get married to an outcast, that she is an outcast, that religiously we are incompatible.

    From one excuse to another.

    That’s when it occurred to me.

    I have to visit Calabar, I have to prove that she is not a ghost, I have to know what her people thinks about us, I have to know.

    By April, 2013, I boarded the next bus to Calabar, I had a detour at Onitsha but I arrived at Calabar after twelve hours journey, i lodged at a guest house where I stayed through my visit, they were good hosts, always asked whether I am filled or not, food wise, her family accepted me but mine didn’t accept her.

    The next plan is to either breakup with her or I do the needful.

    When she came visiting again, my parents now were hellbent on separating us that they gave me one choice, either I leave her or I get disowned.

    I chose the latter, i walked out of my father’s house at 10:50pm holding her hand, she was crying all the way, i had to calm her down.

    Immediately we got to the main road, my parents started using vehicles to trace me, it was like a James Bond movie, where you are running from the bad guys and everything was as if the world stopped for us.

    Her hair blowing in the night and I was holding one hand and we were running for our lives, we stayed at a friends house for the night.

    The next morning, we went for house shopping, we moved in that same day and we packed our belongings there.

    Later I found out that my parents lodged a complaint at the nearest police station that I was kidnapped.

    Imagine a 27 year old guy kidnapped by a lady.









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