Story: “The Girl I Met On Facebook” (Episode 2)

    The thought that flashed in my mind was that, another story from all these runs babes, she just wants the recharge card that’s all. But my mind told me to send the recharge card, if it’s a scam, then you won’t have much regrets, afterall it’s 3000 and if it’s not a scam, you have gained a wife material. So I sent the Recharge card.

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    Then another thing happened, she called and said I should go and wait for her at Ore, that the driver said that’s where they are going to drop her.

    Are you kidding me? From one story to the other, this is surely a runs babe.

    I just had to go and wait but what if she is a runs babe, that means I will lose 3,000, risk my life from Akure to Ore all for nothing?

    No way, am not going, let her go back to her Calabar, I no want babe again sef.

    I just had to go, what if she is really on her way, since she don’t know anyone in Ondo State, what will it be like for her.

    So I boarded a bus around 1:30pm and I headed to Ore, while her bus was to get to Ore by 5, I just had to wait for her.

    If you have been to Ore, I had to stand at the T Junction, linking Ore, Lagos and Benin, just in case she doesn’t know Ore but she knows me since we have been sharing pictures, (not Unclad pics o).

    I waited until around 6:30pm no sign of my love, then it dawned on me, she really is a runs babe.

    And to make matters worse, anytime I call her to know where they are, she will say, they are almost there.

    What else can I think? She is a runs babe right?

    She called me at 6:45pm and said that she was dropped at J5, along Lagos Expressway.

    Where the hell is J5, instantly I replied go back to Calabar, i have waited far too long for me to be played upon like this and it’s not fair, i trusted you, I thought maybe you are not like anyone of them (my past) but I was wrong, please go back to Calabar and please don’t call me anymore.

    I ended the call and……

    Then she started calling and calling, begging me that she truly is in J5, when I asked around, people told me that J5 is another 45 minutes away, what the hell.

    Another 45 minutes at this junction? When I don’t even know anybody in this town and the vehicles will stop moving soon. What will I do? Should I wait or go?

    So I waited, with a promise that if she don’t get to Ore by 7pm, i would take my leave.

    By 7:20pm, she arrived, yes she came, she truly came, she was standing in front of me, i wanted to kiss her on the spot but had to resist the urge to do so.

    And there was this notion that people were putting in my head long before I saw her, what if she is lame, what if she is not what I am expecting, what next? What if she is not as beautiful as she was in her pictures, what will I do?

    But she was more beautiful than I have imagined, she was just her.

    What happened next, that will be the story of another day as my back don dey pain me.

    Ask your questions, book your space because the story is just beginning

    How my family reacted?
    How her family reacted?
    What finally happened?









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