Story: “The Girl I Met On Facebook” (Episode 1)

    It all started on October 12th, 2011. I entered a 2go room, advice and relationships maybe, people were asking questions concerning relationship and stuffs and like a concerned fellow.

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    I said my mind, but there was this question I answered with all honesty about how you know whether a guy loves you or is playing with you, since I was just out of a lying relationship, I requested for a private chat that when we were through she was free to delete my account, which was true, I related my story and she got what I wanted to say, we said our goodbyes but later I got to know she hasn’t removed me from her list, she was in a relationship, and I didn’t even ask her out. I gave my advice as only an acquaintance and I have moved on.

    I got into another relationship and it hit the rocks, we just say Hi, Hi whenever we are online and that’s all, later I started calling her once in a while which was just an Hi, Hi call, I had nothing at the back of my mind, later she had a misunderstanding with her guy, I persuaded her to go back, always being there for her but nothing crossed my mind.

    I had two more breakups and it hit me, She was no longer in a relationship and I am not in a relationship, why not ask her out?

    What if she says No, what if she thinks am a stalker, lots of what ifs were running through my mind.

    To worsen matters, my ex girlfriend started calling her and asking her how she was to me, i have not asked her out by then so she simply said nothing, I had to call and started apologising to a lady I have never seen and don’t even know because I felt it was the right thing to do.

    On July 12th, 2012, I met her online and I asked her to date me. Immediately she logged off.

    Shit!!! She will never talk to me again, i just ruined a perfect friendship, I went to bed sad, thinking about what I have done.

    Day one, not logged in
    Day two, not logged in
    Day three, not logged in
    Day 12, logged in.

    My heart almost jumped out of my mouth.

    Since she hasnt given me a reply, I just locked up, she said Hi, I replied Hello and said nothing else.

    I logged off
    Day one, I didn’t log in
    Day two, no log in
    Day 7, log in.

    I met her online and I said Hi.

    She didn’t reply but said I have heard.

    Instantly I said, heard what? She said what I asked.

    I almost jumped for joy, but I feigned ignorance and said I don’t know what she was talking about. She said I asked her out and she has not replied since all this days because she has been thinking about it. And she is now ready to respond but she is still scared because of her past relationships and I said am not that kind of person but time will tell, she said no problem.

    We started out calling each other, couldn’t get off the phone with each other (still do it up till now) until January 2nd 2013 when she said she is finally ready to see me.

    What will I do, how will she look like, what’s going to happen when we finally meet each other, what should I say.

    Then she said I should send her transport fare, i said I can’t send any fare, that when I see her I will give it to her, she said no problem.

    When she was on her way (mind you, she has never been to Akure before), she took a wrong bus at Onitsha, and the said bus was taking her to Lagos instead of Akure.

    I almost fainted and at the same time scared, she later told me to send her 3000 recharge card that she lost her money.

    Guess what ran through my mind?








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