Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 9)

    She grabbed hold of what she thought was Miranda on the bed but found out it was just a pillow. The light was suddenly flicked on and she turned abruptly to find Miranda staring coldly at her.

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    Miranda: “What are you doing in my room by this time Jas?” she asked walking closer to her. the suspicion on her face thickening.

    Jasmine: “Uhn…ehn…” she stuttered badly. “I was feeling a little lonely in the room so I came to join you” she found her voice at last.

    Miranda: “Are you sure? How can you be feeling lonely when your husband is there with you? Is there something you are not telling me?” she folded her arms across her midsection studying her every expression.

    Jasmine: “Well that one has vowed not to talk to me or so. Haven’t you noticed his sudden change of attitude towards me? I still feel something is not right” she relaxed a little and sat on the bed. Her friend joined her there.

    Miranda: “To be sincere, I noticed too and it’s burdensome” she replied with all sincerity almost convincing her friend about her sincerity.

    Jasmine: “Hmmmmmmm” she sighed heavily.

    Miranda: “Do not despair. I have a feeling he will change. Besides that is what I was talking to him about last night at the balcony and he has promised to turn a new leaf”

    Jasmine: “Really? You did that? thank you so much dear friend” she said clasping her hands in hers. She was deeply touched.

    Miranda: “No need to thank me at all. What are friends for?”

    Jasmine: “Right? I should get back to my room then. I am glad I came by” she rose to her feet and headed out.

    Miranda: “I am sure she came here with an ulterior motive. I must really be careful” she mumbled to herself.

    She stopped just a few kilometres from the master bedroom, deep in thought.

    I could have killed an innocent person. Oh God thank you for stopping me. But why do I still have this lingering feeling that something is not right? Hmmm. I will just have to sit back and watch without jumping into undue conclusion. That man was definitely acting like one enchanted or is it hypnotized? God have mercy.

    Williams stood at the doorway, watching her closely. When he realised that she still wasn’t aware of his presence, he cleared his throat loudly, making her jerk in shock.

    Jasmine: “You scared me Wills” she said placing her palm on her chest to calm her raising heart.

    Williams: “So what are out here thinking about all by yourself?” he went closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, leading her back into the bedroom.

    Jasmine: “Ehn nothing serious. I was just thinking of a business I would like to do”

    Williams: “Oh I see! Someone is suddenly tired of being a full house wife. Good to know you are thinking of a business. I could open a super market for you if you want?”

    Jasmine: “Uhn I am still thinking about it but that is so thoughtful of you baby” she kissed him lightly on the lips.

    Williams: “Anything for my queen”
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    He took her after she was discharged to her mum’s uttermost joy. She was already thinking of the kind of lace material she was going to wear on that special day even as she watched him at the hospital. He had seemed to be growing fonder of her as the days went by.

    Bambi’smum: “Thank God my daughter is home at last. it has been a week now right? Thank you so much Mr Smith, May God bless you beyond your expectation” she said after he has had his seat.

    Smith: “Thank you ma for giving me the chance to stay by her side. It was all my fault so I am sorry for the pains I caused you” he replied politely.

    Bambi returned to the sitting room and sat beside her mum.

    Bambi: “Thank you for paying my bills”

    Smith: “If I didn’t pay it, who would have? It was I who hit you not someone else na” he giggled childishly, unable to take his eyes away from her.

    Bambi: “Its fine. And I want to tell you that it will be nice if we don’t meet anymore. Please don’t come to my house again after today. I don’t think I am interested in any form of friendship with you. Hope you understand what I am trying to say?” she said ignoring her mother’s pinches.

    Smith: “Of course I understand. I know how you feel. I shall take my leave now ma. Please take proper care of her” he stood to his feet. Her mum stood too looking apologetic.

    Bambi’s Mum: “I am so sorry on her behalf. I am sure she didn’t mean all that. Please make sure you come next time, I personally want to be seeing you around”

    Bambi: “I meant it mum. Please do not interfere in this” she cut in sharply.

    Smith: “I understand ma. Please do not make her go through any stress. She needs to rest a lot” he said, holding her gaze in his.

    Her mother walked him to the gate and returned fuming…

    “What was that all about? You don’t want to see him again? Cant you see how handsome he is? Look at the car he is driving. Isn’t he ten times better than that wretched boyfriend of yours who almost caused your untimely death? Didnt I warn you about him all along? Now you have seen a good man and you want to let him slide through your fingers in the name of being heartbroken?” she stood aloof her daughter, panting from emotional exhaustion.

    Bambi: “But I am not interested. They are all the same. They all want one thing and that is to waste a lady’s time and life. I am really no longer interested in anything with a dick in between his legs. Give up Mrs Orimogunje. Besides, you only hated Maxwell because he was not rich. Now you want me to jump into this one because he has money and can pay hospital bills” she shot to her feet and headed for the room, limping slightly.

    Bambi’s Mum: “I will not open my eyes and watch you waste away your life like this. You are my only child and no matter what, I will ensure you end well. Smith will come back to this house whether you like it or not. I am not the one you will send to an early grave with your stubbornness” she shouted after her.

    Bambi: “If he is coming back, then be ready to marry him but just know I will join dad to kill you when he finds out. He will be back soon anyway” she shouted back.

    Bambi’s Mum: “Shey I am the one you are talking to like that alright? We shall see who will have the last laugh in this matter”
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    The lawyer did her part well and she soon gained her freedom from the marriage. She was so excited she quickly went to a jewellery store, got a ring and headed for Maxwell’s place. On reaching there, she met him getting ready to go out.

    Gloria: “Where are you going to?”

    Maxwell: “Just to see some friends. You didn’t tell me you were coming. Hope there is no problem?” he asked as he buttoned up his shirt.

    Gloria: “I have finally divorced that man. Isn’t that great?”

    Maxwell: “Oh That is good to know. Congratulations” he replied disinterestedly.

    Gloria: “Well that is not the only reason I am here” she brought out the ring and handed it over to him.

    Maxwell: “What is this?” he asked bemused at the sparkling diamond ring.

    Gloria: “Use it to propose to me” she outstretched her finger to him.

    Maxwell: “Uhn? Propose to you?”

    Gloria: “Yeeah. Aren’t you excited?”

    Maxwell: “But…” he stuttered, his eyes becoming moist. He had been getting ready to go find Bambi. He wanted to apologize for his misdeeds after he heard she had had accident that night after leaving his place. He was going to tell her he missed her and wanted her back.








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