Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 8)

    He had stepped on the break immediately he sighted her and that had succeeded in reducing the impact of the clash on her but not without some damages. His first instinct was to run for his dear life when people started trouping towards his car but looking at the helpless lady on the floor, he slowly opened his Toyota Hilux car door and slide out slowly.

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    “Is she dead? Ah na wa o. She was not herself while she was crossing the road at all. One can easily tell it was not the driver’s fault” one of the people around said.

    “That is true. I just hope she wouldn’t lose her life. Such a beautiful lady” another said even as he held up his phone and took snapshots of her.

    The man weaved his way through the crowd…

    “Please can someone assist me carry her to the car?” he requested in a loud voice, annoyed that no one was making any attempt to help her at all. Many of them were busy taking snapshots of her.

    Someone stepped into the circle and together they both carried her into the car. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was attended to immediately.
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    Williams: “Miranda…” he called from the veranda. “I am home” he announced excitedly like one who couldn’t wait to be home for some reasons.

    Miranda and her friend exchanged confused looks. They had been watching Keeping Up With The Kardarshians on E! Entertainment.

    Jasmine: “Welcome back honey” she went over to him to give him a hug but he dodged her and went over to Miranda instead. His beard shone in the white fluorescent light.

    Williams: “Do you know how much I missed you today?” he stood in front of her, beaming with affectionate smiles.

    Miranda: “Oh really? Thank you very much” she gave him an embarrassed look.

    Jasmine: “What is going on here? Why do I keep having the feeling that something is not right?” she intentionally stood between the two of them.

    Williams: “Does it look to you like something is wrong? Miranda please come to the balcony with me. There is something I want to tell you” he shoved Jasmine off and drew Miranda up from the chair.

    Jasmine: “Oh wow! This is serious” she muttered under her breath as she watched them leave.

    Williams: “I think I am in love with you Miranda” he said as they leaned on the iron rail.

    Miranda: “I know”

    Williams: “How did you know that?”

    Miranda: “I just know. So what do you want to do about the love you say you have for me now?”

    Williams: “What do you want me to do? I can do anything for you. Anything at all. Just mention it” he said fidgeting with the collar of his shirt.

    Miranda: “Dont worry, when the time comes, I will tell you what to do but for now, I want you to stop showing me excessive attention in the presence of my friend. We should take it very slow for now okay?”

    Williams: “But I don’t want to hide how I feel about you I want to show the whole world how much I love you” he replied looking a little downcast.

    Miranda: “I know but I still want us to take it slow. She might start suspecting me of foul play and I don’t want that. For now, it is enough that you have consented to my staying here as long as I want. We can be doing our thing secretly for now okay?”

    Williams: “Okay then. Anything for my lady”

    She stood by the door, watching the two of them talk. She could not make out their words but their facial expressions spoke volume.
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    She wondered where she was when she finally opened her eyes. She turned her head slowly and rolled her eyes around trying to get familiar with her surroundings. The happening of the previous night went rushing back at her in torrential waves. Tears streamed down the side of her eyes to the pillow as she recalled her conversation with Maxwell and then the accident. She tried to sit up but couldn’t. A nurse noticed her struggles and rushed to her side.

    Nurse: “You cannot sit up yet aunty. Please lay still for now okay?” she helped her relax back.

    Bambi: “How did I get here please? Please what is wrong with me? Why cant I sit up?” she swallowed the bile that had risen from her stomach. Her mouth felt bitter and sore.

    Nurse: “One gentleman like that brought you here. He promised to be back this morning so he should be here anytime soon. Do you have anyone we can contact on your behalf? Maybe family?”

    Bambi: “Yeah. Please call my mum. She must be worried out of her wits by now especially if she has been trying my number. I did tell her I was on my way that yesterday”

    The nurse wrote down the number she called for her inside a sheet of paper.

    Nurse: “I will give her a call once I get to the reception. Sorry okay? The doctor will be here to check on you soon so don’t worry okay?”

    Bambi: “Okay. Thanks a lot. Hope my legs or spinal cord is not broken sha?” she had to ask since she wasn’t feeling her lower body at all.

    Nurse: “Nothing is broken ma’am” she smiled warmly at her. They heard voices outside and two men soon stepped in. An aged doctor and a young man in his early thirties.

    The doctor checked her pulse, eyes and other vital areas and nodded his head satisfactorily.

    Doctor: “Mr Smith, I told you you had nothing to worry about. She will be up on her feet soon. Thank God you applied the break on time, she only got a sprain here and there but she will be fine soon” he reassured him.

    Smith: “Oh thank you so much” he said scratching his greyed beard.

    She wondered how such a young man would have greyed beards as she watched the two men talk.

    Bambi: “Excuse me please. Why can’t I feel my legs?”

    Doctor: “It’s the effect of the drugs you were given. It will wear off soon and you will be on your feet again. Nothing to worry about”

    Bambi: “Oh thank you” she heaved a sigh of relief.

    Smith: “Are you okay? I am so sorry for hitting you like that” he sat by her side after the doctor had left.

    Bambi: “So it was you? Well, it was my fault. I was not paying attention”

    Smith: “Yeah I noticed. You jerked out of your thoughts when you heard people screaming. You looked quite disoriented. What could you have been thinking about like that?” he asked inching closer to her.

    Bambi: “Well it is a long story and I don’t think I want you to hear it” she turned her face to the other side indicating disinterest in whatever else he had to say.

    Smith: “Okay then. I have to get back to work. Some clients should be waiting for me now. I will come back to check you in the evening if you don’t mind”
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    She tiptoed towards her friend’s room and finding it unlocked, she slid in and headed brazenly for the bed.

    You idiot! I brought you into my home but now you want to snatch my husband away from me? Today is the day you will die. You don’t know me very well. I am not nice at all, I am a snake, a snake which strikes in broad daylight. A way to hell has been prepared for you already bitch. She swore in her heart as she grovelled around in the dark, trying to locate her on the bed…..








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