Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 5)

    She thought he was going to join her in the bedroom to apologize to her but he never showed up. Instead, he slept in the sitting room. She wept herself to sleep that night wondering where things had gone wrong.

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    Was I at fault for asking him that question? Maybe things will still be fine between us if I hadn’t asked? But for how long am I supposed to wait until he decides to make the choice himself? I feel so sad, so downtrodden. I can’t believe Max will change this drastically. Should I listened to my parents and just gone ahead to marry all those men who had asked for my hand in marriage? Did I do wrong by deciding to wait for him? I really love him, how would I have been able to live peacefully with another man with thoughts of Max throbbing in my heart? I am so confused right now, I don’t even know what to do.

    The tears had flown down her cheeks in quick succession wetting the pillow under her head. Her heart had been so heavy she felt like it was going to explode. It took her one hell of a long time to get herself to sleep and when she woke up the next morning, he had already left for office.
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    Jasmine: “Wait don’t put it inside yet” she stopped her friend as she was about to pour the white substance into the half drank wine.

    He always dropped his half drank wine in the fridge rather than leaving it at the bar and no one had ever dared tamper with it.

    Miranda: “Why?” she asked, casting her a confused glance.

    Jasmine: “The guy already loves me. He has never treated me wrong in all of our two years of marriage so I don’t think this is necessary at all” she grimaced.

    Miranda: “Well, I understand that it is normal for you to develop cold feet at this point but it is not speaking well of you at all. If we don’t do this, how will he agree to me living permanently with you until I get married? You know I cannot get my own apartment when you are married, it is part of the oath we took when we were younger. We took an oath to never live apart from each other and now your husband keeps pushing for me to move out. What is that telling you?”

    Jasmine: “Hmmmmm. All I have to do is to continue trying to convince him”

    Miranda: “Continue convincing him till he throws me out like a piece of rag right? I guess you value your husband more than our friendship. I have been wrong about you all along” she dropped the wine and wrapped up the substance again.

    Jasmine: “It is not like that now. Okay then, pour it but just little like we were instructed” she said, throwing her hands up in the air.

    She watched as her friend carefully poured some of the substance into the wine and recorked it smiling contentedly.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    The restaurant buzzed with people who seemed to be in a hurry to get back to work except the three friends seated on a table for four. They all looked relaxed as if they were not part of the rush hour conversing in excited tones.

    African american woman eating pizza at outdoor restaurant

    Gloria: “My dearies, I am really living in heaven. I feel contented now. It has been awesome I swear” she sipped her cocktail with reckless abandon.

    Victoria: “Ah! Look at your glowing face na. Hmmmm… I envy you sha. What did you say that his name is again?” she flipped her bob weavon away from her beautiful oval face.

    Gloria: “Maxwell o. The only problem I have with him now is that he keeps trying to intimidate me with talks of his girlfriend. I wonder how a girl will also stick to one guy for five good years. He hasn’t even engaged her yet” her expression became distant and thoughtful.

    Valentina: “You probably think every lady is like you. The girl is loyal. Besides what is wrong with your husband?”

    Gloria: “What husband are you talking about? That old sterile man?”

    Valentina: “Didnt you know he was old and sterile before you married him? didn’t you?”

    Gloria: “I only took pity on his sorry ass…” she began to say.

    Valentina: “Pity? That is a terrible lie. You only wanted his money and status” she cut in sharply “Now you cannot keep your hands off other men because he is not satisfying you sexually. I only feel sorry for this Max of a guy”

    Gloria: “Mind your words lady. You are only jealous i have it all while you are just an old spinster” she lashed out at her.

    Valentina: “The truth is I will rather be an old spinster than live the kind of life you live”

    Victoria: “Hey ladies that is enough. Gloria don’t mind her, you of all people should know this is how she has always been. No wonder she is still single and searching. So what do you want to do about that girlfriend of his?”

    Gloria: “I am still thinking about it”

    Valentina: “You don’t tell her the truth. Continue cheering her on to perdition. I shall be going back to the office now my dear happily married women. I guess I am not up to your level anymore so i shall excuse myself” she said standing up.

    Gloria: “Very good idea” she said as they both watched her retreating figure.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    She waited for him to finish watching the match he was so engrossed in as he sipped his wine. He didn’t like being interrupted while watching his champions’ League. He loved soccer more than any other game and if not for drawing, he would have become a footballer. She heaved a sigh of relief when at last the game came to an end and he finally turned his attention to her.

    Williams: “Where is Miranda?” he asked looking at her in a strange manner. His gaze was blank unlike before.

    Jasmine: “She is probably in her room. Why do you ask of her all of a sudden anyway?” she inched closer to him.

    Williams: “Nothing”

    Jasmine: “Are you sure?”

    Williams: “I said nothing ah” his voice rose dramatically.

    Jasmine: “Ah sorry o. Besides I’ve been waiting for you. I have something I need to discuss with you…”

    Williams: “I don’t have money” he cut in sharply.

    Jasmine: “Are you trying to tell me all i ever talk about is money? Well, I am not about to ask for money. It is about Miranda”

    His expression changed immediately. He gave her his full attention.

    Williams: “What about her? Is she okay?” he asked quickly, concern written all over his face.

    She felt something was strange but shoved the thought to the back of her mind.

    Jasmine: “She is fine. It’s just about her staying on here. Can you be a little patient with her?”

    Williams: “Did I ever ask her to leave? She can stay as long as she wants. You frightened me with your outburst anyway. I thought for a moment that something bad had happened to her. Please where is she? Call her for me” his gaze went to the direction he knew she would come out from.

    Jasmine: “Honey are you okay? Why are you acting all shaken up over nothing like this?”

    Wiliams: “Nothing? You call this nothing? Miranda” he began to call out to her. she came out, looking as radiant as a new bride on her wedding night. “Oh Miranda! Are you okay? Are you feeling fine?” he stood up, met her midway and placed his palm on her forehead.

    Miranda: “I am fine. I’m just a little tired” she closed her eyes a little, feigning tiredness.

    Williams: “Tired? Come with me right away” holding her firmly by the wrist, he led her back inside leaving the bemused Jasmine gaping after them……








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