Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 4)

    Bambi: “What is going on? Why are you crying? Why do you call yourself a sinner?” her confusion knew no bounds.

    Maxwell: “I am just so touched with your kind gesture. You have been the one buying cloths for me. I just feel so useless unable to do anything for you” the weight of the money Gloria had given him mocked his conscience from his right pocket.

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    Bambi: “It is okay dear. We are not two but one. Whatever belongs to me belongs to you so don’t look at it like I am doing you a favour. Aren’t you hungry? You should eat before the food gets cold” she reached for the food flask and made to stand up but he stopped her.

    Maxwell: “There is something I need to tell you” he announced, holding her hand.

    Bambi: “Okay? I am all ears”

    Maxwell: “I have gotten a job”

    Bambi: “Jesus! Really? Oh goodness me!” she flung herself at him. they both rolled on the bed, shedding tears of joy.

    Maxwell: “You will choke me to death with all these hugs and wet kisses. You didn’t even ask me what kind of job it is”

    Bambi: “Who cares what kind of job it is when it is a job? I am so proud of you Max. You are my super hero” she could hardly contain her joy.

    Maxwell: “Well I will be working as a sales manager for Adron Homes. I don’t know if I deserve it but yeah I got the job anyway”

    Bambi: “Why won’t you deserve it? You deserve even better than that my dear”

    Maxwell: “Thanks love. I doubt I’d have been able to make it this far without you by my side. I am indeed blessed to have you here dear”

    Bambi: “You should eat now so you can have the strength to work when you resume. I am so elated. I am so excited. Thank God for us” she danced around the tiny room excitedly.
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    Two Years Later
    She bolted after him like a flash of lightening…

    Gloria: “What do you mean by that? I want you to meet me at the hotel by 6pm and you dare tell me your girlfriend will be coming over. Was it your girlfriend who gave you this job? Do you want to lose your job and go back to your face me I face you apartment?” she raved.

    Maxwell: “But you should understand this cannot continue between us anymore. I need to be more focused in my relationship now. You are a married woman so why don’t you stick to your husband?”

    Gloria: “I have the right to do whatever I want as long as I have killed no one. See I like you a lot, I love what we do and how we do it even more and I am not going to let it go without putting up a fight. Come to the hotel or you face my wrath later. You don’t want to be jobless again or how will you feed your Cinderella?” her chest rose and fell as she spoke. Someone knocked on the door but they both ignored the person who soon left.

    Maxwell: “Please madam. You promised me this was going to be just once but it has continued for two years now. Please free me so I can go live my life too”

    Gloria: “You are just too good my dear. Please continue pleasuring me in secret like this so that we can both live our lives pleasurably. Should we have a quickie right here in the office? I am dying to have you already” she moved closer to him, unbuttoning her shirt in the process. He looked at her cleavage which was popping out of the bra and swallowed hard. His erection rose on reflex.

    Maxwell: “I will be going back to my office now” he unlatched the door and step out.

    Gloria: “Oh I can see that you don’t want a quickie” she muttered inaudibly, smiling mischievously. “See you this evening” she shouted after him.
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    She was relieved at last when he finally walked through the door of the two rooms apartment he had rented the previous year at Surulere.

    Bambi: “What took you so long Max? It is almost 10:00 P.M.” she collected his bag and helped him out of his jacket.

    Maxwell: “Sorry dear, I had to do some extra works at the office. I am so famished. Did you prepare anything?” he quickly changed the topic.

    Bambi: “Yeah sure. What will I be doing all day if I didn’t even prepare food?” she quickly rushed to the kitchen to microwave the white rice and stew she had prepared earlier that day and served him.

    After he was done eating, she sat with him on the dining table deliberating on whether to bring up the topic or not.

    Maxwell: “This one you are looking at me like that, is something bothering you?” he eyed her suspiciously as he cleaned his mouth with a serviette.

    Bambi: “Isnt it high time we got married? Or what is delaying us again? You have a well paying job and a nice apartment now so can I know what we are stil waiting for?”

    Maxwell: “I have told you time without number that I still need some time. I need to set some things right first. Why have you refused to reason with me?”

    She shot to her feet angrily…

    Bambi: “What do you mean by that? I have asked you only twice since you got a job so what do you mean by time without number? For how long do you want me to wait around for you? We have dated for five years, five good years and you keep putting things right. For how long? Am I not good enough for you anymore? Do you have someone else in mind? Please if you do, tell me so I can find my way out of your life. This is becoming too tiring”

    Maxwell: “Why are you so desperate to get married? We are already together so what else do you want? Everything I do is for you so why do you keep pestering me with talks about marriage?” he lashed back.

    Bambi: “I guess it has gotten to this? I am the only one who wants to get married here. If we don’t get married, how do we have children? For how long do you want to be pouring your seed inside the toilet and not inside me? Why are you doing this to me Max, why? I love you is the reason I am still here and clamouring for a forever with you. I really don’t think I can do this anymore” she dashed out of the dining.

    He slumped back to the chair with his hands on his head.

    What exactly is wrong with me? Why am I behaving like this all of a sudden? Why am I treating her this way? He berated himself.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    She looked around in the dark to be sure no one was around and stepped into the kitchen. Most of the domestic staff who stayed in the compound had retired to their quarters. She had the freedom to carry out her plans.

    “Do you really think we have to do this?” came the voice behind her.

    Miranda: “Of course we have to. We have been trying but nothing seems to be working. This is our only chance now. We must do something before it is too late” she replied in hushed tones.

    Jasmine: “But there should be other ways than this? I think the guy has a strong babalawo backing him if not, why has nothing worked on him so far? I think we need a more feasible plan”.

    Miranda: “Let’s do this first and if it didn’t work, we will turn to something else. Or what do you think?”

    Jasmine: “Well it’s fine. Let’s do it”.

    To be continued.








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