Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 3)

    She called her friend over a week after their honeymoon when her husband had gone back to work. Miranda arrived at the island feeling like a tiny needle in a knapsack.

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    The beautiful houses, the gates which were as high as the tower of babel and the cars speeding past her to their various destinations. She could not believe real people actually lived in such a place as that. It looked like a place in Hollywood and not Nigeria. With practised grace, she walked on amidst stares from other pedestrians until she located the address she was given. Before she could press the doorbell, the gate swung open automatically to let her in. Jasmine was at the front door in a flash of lightening, grinning excitedly at her.

    Jasmine: “Welcome baby girl. I am so glad to have you here at last” she opened her arm and she fell into it.

    Miranda: “Dear friend you are blessed. You live in heaven I swear” she commented, looking around the compound which she had only been opportune to see its type in movies.

    Jasmine: “My dear it is God o” she led the way inside.

    Miranda: “How did you know I had arrived anyway? Besides you guys don’t have gateman?”

    Jasmine: “No we don’t have gateman since the gate is automatic. It has a remote control we can use from inside here. I already saw you from the camera that is why I quickly opened it” she explained excitedly.

    Miranda: “Wow! That is beautiful. I want to be like you when I grow up o”

    After touring the house together, they both sat down in the heavily furnished sitting room with pot pouris and art frames adorning the walls.

    “This place is really beautiful, I swear” she bit her lower lip, unable to take her eyes away from the frames on the wall.

    Jasmine: “Thanks dear and there is a problem anyway”

    Miranda: “Hmmmmmm… well I didn’t think it was going to be easy at all. I seem to be ready to accept whatever life offers” she wrung her fingers together.

    Jasmine: “I am sorry bae. This one seem to be beyond me. My husband has refused to let you stay here. I am still trying to persuade him though it might not be easy”

    Miranda: “We both had a vow friend! That whoever gets married first will accommodate the other person in her matrimonial home. You cannot break that vow hon, it might not end well for you. You must find a way to make him accept it. We cannot get separated like this, you are my best friend. The only friend I have known all my life so you have to find a way to make him understand”
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    The sun glowed brightly in the sky, sending down its harsh rays with no iota of mercy. Maxwell walked on since he didn’t want to use the only money he had on him on transportation. He went over to the receptionist of the Sunlight hotel, sweating profusely.

    Receptionist: “Good afternoon, may I help you” she flashed him a business smile despite herself. She could not believe a man could look that rough despite his masculine features and handsome face.

    Maxwell: “Yeah sure!” he replied feeling embarrassed at her disapproving look. “I am here to see Mrs Gloria Anyanwu”

    Receptionist: “Oh I see! She did tell to inform me she was expecting a visitor. I will call her to announce you” she reached out for the landline, spoke for some seconds and hung up the call.

    “Room 404, walk into that corridor by the left then check the rooms by the left”

    Maxwell: “Oh thank you” he said despite noticing her disdainful lift of brows. He felt relieved to leave her at last.

    He knocked gently on the door and a feminie voice asked him in. she was seated on the bed, deeply engrossed with something with her laptop on her laps.

    Gloria: “Welcome Max” she flashed him a smile and set aside her laptop. He took his seat on a sofa opposite the bed.

    Maxwell: “Thank you ma” he replied, fidgeting with his tie which he unloosed a little to give him room for a proper breath.

    Gloria: “Oh skip the formalities Max. as you can see, the two of us fall within the same age range so there is no need to sound so formal. I am glad you were able to make it here after so much cajoling. You really did keep me waiting for too long loverboy”

    Maxwell: “I am sorry about that. the thing is I need this job more than ever before. Since coming to your company that fateful day for an interview, no other company has ever called me for any interview so here I am” he looked down at his sweaty hands. He knew what he had gone there to do was not right but he had no other option. If he was to keep his love, he had to do something fast. He felt he was at the brink of losing her to another man.

    Gloria: “Well that is good to know. I have dreamt of this day for a long time now and I’m glad it is coming to pass. What are you still doing on the sofa? Go freshen up and join me on the bed. Believe me, the job is all yours already. I keep my promises”

    Maxwell: “Just this once right? You told me it will be only once and we will both act like we have never known each other before”

    Gloria: “Of course!”

    He freshened up and joined her on the bed coyly. She had already undressed, exposing her firm mounds to his not so curious gaze. She expected him to look lustful but he only looked at them with detached interest. She went closer to him and wrapped herself around him, pressing him against her warm bosom in the cold room thanks to the air conditioner. He hesitated for a minute but knowing he didn’t have any choice than to give her what he wanted, he dug into her and soon, they were kissing and rolling around on the bed. From her moans, he could tell she was enjoying every bit of the act. He was good and he knew it.

    Gloria: “Oh yeah! This is what I have always wanted. You are the one I have always dreamed of” she said in between clenched teeth. Her nails dug into his flesh as he kissed the nape of her neck and suckled her earlobe. Soon, his lips found her right nipples, he licked and sucked it with gusto while she screamed his name, opening her legs wider and tilting her hips upward indicating her readiness.

    “Wow! That was terrific Max. I never imagined you could be this good. no wonder that girlfriend of yours has claimed you for herself alone and mushing up your brain. With a gift like this, you shouldn’t be sticking to just one woman” she clung to his chest with one hand still caressing the recipient of her praises.

    Maxwell: “Thank you”

    He felt disgusted with himself, disgusted for enjoying the act, for cumming despite himself. He wanted to act like a rob and get it done with as fast as he could and then go home to Bambi but there he laid, letting her wrap him around her fingers.

    Gloria: “You are to resume as our sales manager next Monday. You know what to do as a sales manager right? You read marketing”

    Maxwell: “Of course I know what to do. Thank you very much. May God bless you?”

    Gloria: “No. this had nothing to do with God. How I wish I can just… never mind!”

    Maxwell: “I’d love to leave now. I have to prepare for my first day at work” he rolled away from her.

    Gloria: “Oh sure! I will give you some money to buy some shirts and trousers with. Make sure you look as smart as your face and dick on Monday” she burst into laughter which sounded to him like a mockery.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    He met her inside sleeping in the heat curled up like a foetus. He looked at her peaceful sweating face, the way her chest rose and fell at her breathing and felt tears sting the sides of his eyes. He quickly dabbed at it with his handkerchief. She stirred and opened her eyes when he sat heavily on the bed.

    Bambi: “You are back. welcome dear. I have been waiting for you” she sat up.

    Maxwell: “Thanks dear. How was work at the mall today? Hope it wasn’t too stressful?”

    Bambi: “Not at all. I collected my salary today so It felt good working even when I was tired. I bought some shirts and trousers for you. That one you are putting on is too old already and please throw that tie away, I got two new ones for you. Later in the day, we will go to the barbing salon so you can get a haircut and shave that your bushy beard”

    She reached for the bag at the side of the bed and started unpacking it without looking at him. he not being able to hold his emotions in any longer burst into tears.

    “Why are you crying?” she looked up at him at last.

    Maxwell: “I am so sorry Bambi. I feel so bad, I feel dirty, I am a sinner” he hiccupped.

    To be continued.








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