Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 23)

    Williams: “I really loved you Jas but you disappointed me, yes you did. You chose your friend over me, over our few weeks old marriage. Put yourself in my shoes, what would you have done? What if I hadn’t overheard your discussion that day or caught you in the act? Then I’d have become your slave for real? Why? What was my offence? That I was trying to save our marriage?” his voice shook emotionally. Tears gathered in his eyes like mist in the twilight.

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    Jasmine: “I don’t know how best to tell you how sorry I am Will. But you see? I was betrayed too. The charm was not meant to work in my favour but in her favour and I didn’t even know. I played into her hands, yes I was a fool, I was dumb but that doesn’t mean I stopped loving you. I didn’t do it to bring you harm in anyway. I wouldn’t have turned you to my errand boy in anyway, i only wanted to help someone I called a friend. Please forgive me” she held on to his knees, weeping regretfully.

    Miranda: “You guys are really trying hard to shift blames on me when I did nothing wrong. I am innocent of all these allegations. All I did was fall in love” she said from where she stood watching the two of them.

    Williams: “Will you shut up lady? Your cup is full already. The credit card I gave you, let me have it now!” he outstretched his hand towards her.

    Miranda: “No you shall not have it” she replied and bounded for the room like an insane woman. He beckoned for one of the man servants still left in the house to go after her.

    Williams: “Make sure she didn’t take one single thing from that room or you will be fired. As for you Jas, I will decide on what to do with you by the time I am back. Like I said, I have someone I love now so I don’t think there is still place for you in my life. I cannot have someone as weak as you in my house”

    Jasmine: “I am really sorry honey” she muttered and dropped her gaze to the floor when he finally stepped out of the house.

    Tears dripped from her eyes down to the floor as she thought of the good times they had had before; the good marriage they would have enjoyed and the beautiful children they ought to have given birth to since she had been going through fertility treatment before things started going awry for them.

    Miranda suddenly burst into the sitting room after the man servant, clutching at him violently for her handbag. The credit card was apparently in it.

    Miranda: “Give me my handbag you stupid old servant. Give me my bag or I will have your head when things calm down in this house. I said give me my bag” she jumped, clutched and pulled at his arm as he held the handbag high above his head.

    Servant: “Madam calm down na. Oga said I shouldn’t allow you to take anything so why are you acting like this?” he said turning here and there in order to dodge her.

    Miranda: “I am the madam of this house so I expect you to do as I say” she yelled, pulling at her hair. He was about to take everything from her and she wasn’t going to let him. she hadn’t seen the events of that evening coming and so she had relaxed, planning her wedding. “Had I known things would happen this way, I would have transferred all the money in that account into mine. How could I have been so laxed?” she chided herself loudly.

    Jasmine: “Miranda please let me hear word. I am trying to think okay? Besides what made you think you can reap somewhere you hadn’t sown? You came into our marriage and sowed tars in it and you think you will reap wheat? Please take whatever comes to you with open arms; it is the reward of your labour. I don’t want to hear you complain you ingrate”

    She let go of the Man servant and faced her squarely. The man quickly ran off from the sitting room, thanking God for sparing his life.

    Miranda: “You dare talk to me like that? Have you forgotten you are nothing but a maid in this house now?”

    Jasmine: “At least I am something, what are you? You are neither a maid nor a wife. So tell me, what are you?” she stood to her feet, staring back at her defiantly.

    Miranda: “I should have allowed him to send you away when he wanted to”

    Jasmine: “Too bad you missed that opportunity girl”

    Miranda: “I will get you. I will surely get you still” she threatened and ran off to the direction of the kitchen.
    ==This is a RepNaija StOry==
    He met her and her mum arguing at home when he got there. She had been discharged from the hospital the previous day.

    Smith: “What is going on here?” he asked jumping in between the two women.

    Bambi’s Mum: “Smith ask her o, help me to ask her” she began to cry.

    Smith: “What is going on here Bambi?” he took her hand in his and led her to a seat.

    Bambi: “It’s mum. She is being too unreasonable”

    Smith: “How?”

    Bambi’s Mum: “She said that she does not want to take the case to court. Infact, she wants to pardon him so he can go free” she explained tearfully.

    Smith: “What?” he shot to his feet.

    Bambi: “Yes, I don’t want to file any case against him. Why is that such a bad thing?”

    Smith: “But he deserves to rot in jail for everything he did to you”

    Bambi: “I know but he did all that because he was afraid of losing me. I know he went too far but the thing is my heart has forgiven him. I went to see him at the station yesterday from the hospital and he looked so pitiful. If we don’t do anything soon, he might commit suicide. We need to get him out of there and take him to a shrink. Help is what he needs. I know he offended me, he did wrong but he is a man I once loved. I cannot watch him get destroyed. At least he loved me enough to get me to the hospital when I was dying despite knowing he could get caught” she said persuasively.

    Smith: “He is a man you once loved or the man you love? You still love him Bambi?” the hurt in his heart outpoured into the question he asked.

    Bambi’s Mum: “Hmmmmm wonders will never end”

    Bambi: “I don’t know about that. One thing I know is I have decided that you will be the man in my life. I am doing this for the sake of humanity; I just don’t want him to suffer any further. He can be better; he was a good guy once. All these began when he developed phobia for being jobless and losing me at the same time. Please let’s give him a chance. I will ask the officers to cancel every charge against him. I will probably even tell them I wasn’t kidnapped that I went with him willingly”

    They suddenly heard a knock on the door and the lady stepped in without waiting to be asked in. It was Gloria.

    Bambi: “What are you doing here?”

    Gloria: “I came to beg you for mercy. If anyone deserves to be in that prison, I am the one. Please drop the charges against him, he is on the brink of self-destruction, I saw it in his eyes.

    Smith: “And you think you have the right to come in here?” he said without checking the lady out properly. She suddenly looked at him and a smile escaped her pleading lips.

    Gloria: “Wiliams!” she exclaimed. “What are you doing here?” she jumped on him excitedly. He was too dazed to utter a word. “How is your wife?” she went further. “How is Jas? I haven’t been hearing anything about her and the funniest thing is that none of us knows her place” she continued excitedly.

    Bambi: “Wife?” she mouthed with eyes open in horror.

    Gloria: “Please help me to plead on my friend’s behalf. It was my fault. I pressurized him to marry me or lose his job despite knowing how much he loved her. I knew he was afraid of being jobless since he had been jobless for so long. How is my cousin?” she asked about Jasmine yet again.

    Williams: “Uhnmmmm”

    Bambi’s Mum: “Smith what is going on? You have a wife?”

    Gloria: “Smith? His name is Williams not Smith ma. He is my cousin’s husband” she replied, ignorant of the tension her revelation had caused……








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