Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 22)

    “Hmmmmmm… she sighed. I guess he is really mad at me. I deserve it. All this was really my fault. He was a simple guy in love with a simple girl before he met me. I turned him into a monster. I should be the one behind bars and not him” she chewed her lower lip regretfully and stood up to leave too. As she stepped outside the police station, her phone rang, it was Valentina.

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    “Hello Val. Any problem?” she asked in a grim voice and waited. “Okay, I will meet you there in a few minutes time since I’m out already” she said and hung up.

    She got to the restaurant ten minutes later. They were both seated at a table for three at the far corner of the restaurant. From there, one could see the main road.

    Valentina: “Hey Glo!” she waved at her as she walked towards them, unsmiling.

    Gloria: “Is there any problem? Why did you call me here?” she took her seat and dropped her bag at the foot of her chair.

    Victoria: “We heard your husband to be has been arrested. That guy is bad mehn! Abducting the innocent girl like that”

    Gloria: “You sound quite excited. Is there any reason for your excitement?” she threw her a disdainful look.

    Victoria: “Well, I am just happy to see you and besides how did you get yourself acquainted with such criminal?”

    Valentina: “Victoria keep your mouth shut if you don’t have better things to say” she warned.

    Victoria: “What have I said so wrong now? Is he not a criminal?” she replied stubbornly.

    Gloria: “Leave her to continue running her mouth and to think she actually cheered me on in the whole thing. Hmmmmm, people we call friends” she sighed.

    Valentina: “Do not mind her. what will you do now? You might have to lose most of your properties you know?”

    Victoria: “Why wont she lose it? When she decided to bite off the hands that fed her for a mere criminal. Tell me, what man in his right sense will not withdraw his support in such regard? This one is an ungrateful one. I have nothing to say except good luck o”

    Gloria: “Did you call me here to make a mockery of me?” she said unable to control her anger.

    Valentina: “Of course not. I am sorry please do not take it to heart. You know she has always been this way”

    Gloria: “Then I shall no longer associate with a double minded person like her. Please whenever she is with you, don’t ever call me to meet you again. You know where to find me if you need me” she stood up angrily and walked away.

    Valentina: “Gloria don’t go now. It has not gotten to that”

    Victoria: “Let her go. she thinks she is still all that. very soon she will come back to us crawling on her hands to beg for one favour or the other” she pulled Valentina back to her seat when she made to stand up to go after her.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    Bambi’s Mum: “Oh my daughter! My sweet daughter is awake already. Thank God. Thank God” she held her daughter’s hand in hers, shedding tears.

    Bambi: “I am fine now mum. I must have made you worry a lot. I am sorry about that mum” she had gotten most of her strength back after having a good sleep for the first time in a week.

    Bambi’s Mum: “No ooo don’t be sorry at all. It’s I who is sorry for not being able to find you on time. I wonder what kind of mother I am. Hope he did not hurt you much? What did he do to you?”

    Bambi: “Hmmmmmm” she sighed when she remembered what he had done to her. He had raped her over and over again in the most cruel manner probably to punish her for being with another man. She broke down in tears when she thought of how much she had once loved him.

    Bambi’s Mum: “What is it? Did he hurt you that much? Oh that son of the devil. I will make sure he rots in jail” she clenched her teeth.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    Smith soon arrived too, panting like one who had ran a marathon.

    “You are here? Welcome my dear. Bambi, you should thank this guy a lot. We both went through hell going to and fro in search of solution. He is indeed a good man” she stood up for him but he declined sitting on the chair.

    Smith: “That is not what is important right now. What is important is that I have my Bambi back. Dear, how are you” he looked down at her tenderly, unable to keep his hands off her face.

    Bambi: “I am fine now Smith, thank you so much for everything” she marvelled at how she hadn’t even thought of him all those while. How she hadn’t even remembered he existed until he showed up that moment.

    Smith: “That Idiot. I am going to make sure he pays for his sins the hardest ways possible. I promise”

    Bambi: “Hmmmmmmm… I don’t know what to say but I would suggest we wait until I have recovered fully before taking any serious action against him”

    Bambi’s Mum: “But why?”

    Smith: “Yes why? He should be charged to court immediately without even a second thought”

    Bambi: “There is no reason really. But if it were you, wouldn’t you want to watch his expression the moment he is been sentenced? I don’t want to miss out on that moment. I want to watch it all” she replied.

    Smith: “Okay then, we shall wait”
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    He met her sulking in the living room apparently waiting for him. she jumped to her feet immediately he stepped into the living room.

    Miranda: “Where have you been Williams?” she asked eyeing him suspiciously.

    Wiliams: “What kind of question is that without even allowing me to step fully into my own house?” he pushed her aside.

    Miranda: “But I have been waiting for you. Have you been with that girl all day? I heard she is doing well now so why do you have to keep going there everyday? You leave your wife at home to go look after another lady, is that even normal?” she nagged uncontrollably, her chest rising and falling. She had intentionally worn bum shorts over a tank top without bra to look enticing to him but he didn’t seem to have noticed all that.

    Williams: “Who is my wife please? I have no wife in this house at all and please stop pestering me”

    Miranda: “You have no wife? But we are planning to get married soon?”

    Williams: “You and who? Not me right? Please I think I have had enough of all these shit. Do you think I am not aware of you two’s plot to turn me into your errand boy? That night, I had gone to the kitchen to pick my drink when I saw you two and overheard your conversation. I only decided to act like I actually did take that drink. But instead, I turned to you and not your friend to teach her a lesson. How could she have allowed a devil like you into her home? guess what she told me? She said you were a church girl, a good nice, angelic church girl who wouldn’t try putting us asunder but I guess I have proved her wrong right?” he explained gently without even knowing he had chosen the perfect plan. The substance was intended to make him turn his attention to Miranda anyway.

    Miranda: “Jesus!” she staggered back.

    Jasmine jumped out of her hiding place where she had stood eavesdropping on their conversation…

    Jasmine: “Honey please I am sorry. It was the work of the devil. I should never have trusted her. I should have listened to you and believe me, I have learnt my lesson even how to be a proper wife”

    Williams: “The two of you will have to leave my house. I have found someone I truly love now”……








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