Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 20)

    Jasmine: “Miranda, I want to know how you did it. How were you able to side-step me like this?” She had gone to the master room when she noticed Williams had gone to work.

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    Miranda: “Is that why you sneaked into my room like a thief like that? Why do you want to know something as obvious as that? Even a two year old child will be able to decipher it easily. You are really dumb o” she said without looking up from the novel she was reading. Jasmine remained on her feet, she dared not have her seat.

    Jasmine: “I have it bits by bits in my head but I really want to hear from the horse’s mouth. How did you snatch my husband so easily?” She asked again.

    Miranda: “Someone is really adamant today o. Well I will tell you since you insist” she closed the novel she was reading and looked up at her at last. “You don’t want to have your seat? Oh! I remember you are not allowed to sit down in my presence or you will be punished by the male servants. Someone is really being obedient o. Well the oath we took back then in secondary school was a sham” she said and paused. The look on her friend’s face was incredulous; it felt good watching her like that.

    Jasmine: “What? You mean it was fake?” She opened her eyes in shocked disbelief.

    Miranda: “that is what I am saying or don’t you understand English? It was fake, it was nonsense, it wasn’t valid. I always knew you were luckier than I was. I was always tagging behind you. You were always the centre of attraction of many of the guys in school back then and even in the university, it remained so. I ate from your hand and wore only what you gave me. I always knew that will not end even in marriage for us and so I devised a plan to ensure I live with you just in case you married before me. I bought a small calabash and cajoled you into taking the oath with me. You weren’t just as naive then as you are now. You took the bait, thinking we should really be inseparable and that was it. The oath was the precursor to my taking your place here and believe me, I am enjoying myself in your place” she smiled mischievously.

    Jasmine: “I trusted you. I genuinely loved you as a friend but you were an enemy all along?” Tears welled up in her eyes and threatened to fall but she blinked them back.

    Miranda: “Well I loved you too but not as much as you loved me apparently. But to be sincere, you were a thorn in my path. You were the one covering up my glory and only making me a shadow. I wasn’t going to let that go on. Put yourself in my shoes na. What would you have done?”

    Jasmine: “I would have been happy for you Mira. I would never have done a thing like this to you for the whole world” her voice quivered.

    Miranda: “I guess you no longer want to know how I took your place? Have you changed your mind since it seems you can’t take it anymore??”

    Jasmine: ”Go on”

    Miranda: “Good then. The love portion we got from that Indian temple, it wasn’t to work in your favour. It was made to work in my favour but you still don’t even know that. You thought it was for you? Dumb girl! Why do you think I made sure it was I who added it to his drink? My dear, you are too dense for my liking. You should leave now. That is all you asked to know or would you want to know how he makes love to me at night too? God! That guy is something else” she flicked her tongue over her upper lip.

    Jasmine: “You are unbelievable Mira. How I wish you will use this incredible talent of yours for your own good rather than the detriment of your soul. Just so you know the end is near. Yes it is!” She said and stormed out of the room.

    Miranda: “I am ready for the end baby” she laughed and then resumed reading her novel.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    He suddenly scooped her up in his arms, still in panic and left without locking the door. By then, Skedulla, despite the pain he was feeling in his wrists had succeeded in loosening up the shackles a little bit. After Maxwell had left with Bambi, he intensified his effort and with time, the blood he had drawn around his wrist made it easy for him to slip his hands out of the rope. He quickly untied his legs too and bounded out of the building.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    She paced around the living room, she kept trying Skedulla’s number but it was still switched off…

    “The Max I know is not capable of murder right? He couldn’t have killed him just yet or he is not going to kill him just yet. God! How do I face him at work tomorrow? What do I tell him? will it be okay for me to confront him? what if he really decides to harm me too? What kind of wahala is this? I shouldn’t have come in between him and the woman he loved. I should have just allowed him to go on ahead and marry her. all these is my fault, how do I right it?” she soliloquized. All of a sudden, her gateman ran into the living room, panting.

    Gateman: “Madam…” he called and waited to have her attention.

    Gloria: “What is it? Cant you talk once without waiting for me to say yes?”

    Gateman: “Sorry madam. One man dey for gate. Hin talk sey hin wan see you”

    Gloria: “What man by this time?”

    Gateman: “Hin talk sey hin be Skedu something”

    Gloria: “Skedulla? Let him in immediately. And you kept him outside? C’mon let him in immediately” she said on top of her voice pacing around excitedly.

    “Skedulla!” she ran over to him even before he had fully stepped into the house. “I have never been happy to see anyone as much as I am happy to see you today. I have been so worried about you. Hope you are okay? Oh no! Your hand is bleeding” she exclaimed and drew him along to the bathroom where she applied methylated spirit to his wrist, cleaned it up with cotton wool and then wrapped it up with a clean bandage.

    So what happened? Was it really Max” she asked when at last they had returned to the sitting room.

    Skedulla: “It was terrible. He knocked me out while I was speaking with you”

    Gloria: “Yeah I know. He spoke with me actually, said he was going to torture you until you have confessed who I was. You did not reveal my identity to him, did you?” she shifted on her chair nervously.

    Skedulla: “Of course not”

    Gloria: “So how did you escape?”

    He narrated the events that led to his escape to her.

    Gloria: “Oh thank God. I pity that girl. I hope she didn’t die” she said resignedly.

    Skedulla: “You talk like you won’t be doing anything about it? She needs help and we must help her. i dont know the hospital he took her to but there is nothing social media cannot do these days. We will put her picture out there so the nurses or hospital workers can help us to identify her”

    Gloria: “Yeah we should do that. I will contact the officers tomorrow too to let them know he is the culprit. They can decide to lock me up as an accomplice, I don’t care anymore” she said and felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

    Skedulla: “That will be very nice ma’am”
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    News of an abducted lady who is in the hospital with her abductor soon circulated the social media. All the blogs carried the news which included their pictures.

    In the hospital, he noticed people looking at him suspiciously while some pointed at him while looking at their phones. In his hurry, he hadn’t taken his phone with him which was inside his bag. As he sat by her bedside wondering what was going on, he remembered that he had also forgotten to lock the door.

    “Shit! Shit!! Shit!!!” he stomped his feet on the hard floor. “I can’t believe I could make that kind of mistake. Damn it!”

    Bambi: “Is everything alright with you?” she had opened her eyes when she heard him stomping around.

    Maxwell: “Stop acting like you care. We have to leave this place immediately. I have a feeling we have been found out” he reached for her hand and pulled her up then removed the drip which was still attached to her arm.

    Bambi: “I don’t think I can walk Max. Please let me rest a little” she pleaded weakly but he drew her up anyway. When he realised that she was about to fall, he quickly put her fragile frame on his back and left the ward, looking over his shoulder…….








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