Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 19)

    When he realised that he had spotted him and was growing suspicious, he had to withdraw to a corner. He watched him from his hideout as he looked around suspiciously. He saw him thinking and then his expression softening up before he moved on into the darkness. He quickly took out his phone as he followed the back of the kiosks after him.

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    Gloria: “Hello” came her voice on the other end of the call.

    Skedulla: “I am trailing the guy now and he isn’t on his way home but elsewhere” he whispered.

    Gloria: “Good! Keep following him until he gets to his destination. Make sure you don’t lose him okay?”

    Skedulla: “There is a problem o. I think he sighted me o and I think he became suspicious of me. I had to hide somewhere so he wouldn’t conclude that I am actually following him and then change direction” he said, trying to adjust his eyes to the dark street in front of him.

    Gloria: “Good move but make sure you don’t lose him…”

    Skedulla: “I think I already did. He must have entered one of the houses here. I’m sorry” he said but still looking around.

    Gloria: “Shit! Well there is nothing to worry about. Make sure you take note of that neighbourhood, you will be going back there soon” she said but noticed the line had suddenly gone dead. “Hello… hello” she called and then heard his voice which sent chills down her spine.

    Maxwell: “Who are you and why do you have someone following me?” he asked with a devious voice. Skedulla laid at his feet, unconscious. “I have your man and I am going to torture him until he tells me who you are” he threatened angrily when the other end kept mute.
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    She heard feet shuffling outside the door and recoiled frightfully. Maxwell was becoming more frightening with each passing day. She sat exactly where he had left her and waited for the worst. He soon opened the door and dragged an unconscious guy in, grunting in the process. He dropped him on the floor with a thud and looked at him deviously.

    Maxwell: “The bastard was trailing me. Can you imagine?” he said without looking at her. “I will surely kill him if he didn’t tell me who set him on my tail. He kicked him roughly in the ribs, dangling the gun in his face. Skedulla stirred, opened his eyes slowly and on sighting the gun, he quickly sat up, looking frantically around.

    Skedulla: “Where am I and why am I here?” he asked dazedly staring at the gun then from the naked girl on the bed to Maxwell.

    Maxwell: “Welcome back to the land of the living. You were following me right? Didn’t you want to know where I was heading to? You know now, aren’t you happy?” he asked with a deep scowl at the corner of his mouth.

    Skedulla: “Following you? I don’t understand. Who are…” before he could finish the question, the butt of the gun went flying into his face. He fell back forcefully; his jaw quaked as blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

    Maxwell: “Do you think I am joking with you? You want to ask me questions while I am the one who need answers? Sit up!” he barked.

    Bambi: “Max don’t do this” she said weakly.

    Maxwell: “You shut up there. All this is your fault” he pointed angrily at her without taking his eyes off Skedulla.
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    Gloria: “Oh my God! Was that really Maxwell? Jesus! I am ruined. I am totally ruined. Is it this freak I divorced my husband for? Oh no! Skedulla… he has Skedulla” she paced around in her room with her nightie flying around her. “Only God knows what he is going to do to him. What if he confesses that it was I who sent him? Then I will be in danger too. What do I do? Should I call the officers? I don’t even know the name of the neighbourhood he was talking about”

    She suddenly stopped. “Wouldn’t calling the officers put me in trouble too. I stood as his alibi, oh no! Why did I have to do that? How stupid could I have been? Calling them and confessing I had lied to them will make me seem like an accomplice. What do I do? Oh God please help me”
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    He tied him up and sat in front of him

    Maxwell: “So let’s start all over again. Who are you working for? Are you a cop?”

    Skedulla: “How many times will I tell you? I was not following you. I was just going on my own” he replied stubbornly.

    Maxwell: “You think I am a fool? I heard your conversation with the woman at the other end. If you weren’t following me then who were you? Be careful what kind of lie you bring up. I might actually lose my temper”

    Skedulla: “I was walking with a friend then lost him suddenly. I called his line but it wasn’t going through so I had to call a mutual friend of our who knew his place to direct me”

    Maxwell: “Okay call this mutual friend of yours, I want to talk to her”

    Skedulla: “I don’t know where my phone is anymore. It fell when I got hit by you and I was unconscious when you brought me here. It must be on the street”

    Maxwell: “I see! You are smart. I am going to torture the truth out of you. I know you are an officer. They came to my office this morning and acted like I was not a suspect. So this is what they were up to?”

    Skedulla: “Look at the dreadlock on my head. Have you ever seen any police man with this kind of hairstyle before?”

    Bambi: “Max” she called out weakly. Her eyes had suddenly become heavy and the room spun under around her.

    Maxwell: “What?” she shot him a look of annoyance but seeing her begin to fall back, he quickly raced to her. “What is wrong with you?”

    Bambi: “I am sick Max. I think I am going to die” she said and finally passed out.

    Skedulla: “You have to get her to the hospital. I doubt you know anything about first aid. She will die if you do nothing” he advised and started to try freeing himself from his shackles. He began to wriggle his hands to and fro to loosen the rope a little.

    Maxwell: “How dare you tell me what to do?” he said in a panicking voice. He combed his fingers through his hair and bit his lower lip in confusion.

    What do I do? if she dies then I’d have no reason to be alive too. He thought in frustration.

    Skedulla: “I doubt you have been giving her much to eat. Please take this lady to the hospital except you don’t care if she dies or not” he continued.

    Maxwell: “I said shut up! Let me think man. I am thinking so just shut up”

    Skedulla: “Okay then. Just think fast. As you can see she is already unconscious. She might die any moment” he pressed on. He needed him out of the building so he could at least try his luck at escaping. The lady needed help and he knew it. If she spent just another day in that place she could lose her life. He wondered what Gloria could have possibly seen in that guy who seemed out of his mind already. He sighed and watched as he paced around, still trying to decide on what to do……








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