Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 18)

    Miranda: “Honey I called your office this noon and they said you were not around. Where did you go to?” she asked after dinner. Jasmine had become like the housemaid. She cooked and did most of the house chores and still wasn’t allowed to eat with them. She was almost always in her room whenever she had a little time to herself.

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    Williams: “I went to see a client” he replied cleaning his mouth with a serviette.

    Miranda: “Everyday client client client. Please who is this client of yours exactly?”

    Williams: “How many of my clients do you know?”

    Miranda: “None, apparently. Okay then. How about my request? It’s been days now and you haven’t given me a reply”

    Williams: “Which of your requests?” he stood up and started walking to the sitting room. She followed suit.

    Miranda: “So you actually know there are many of them? Well Im talking about us getting married” she said, sitting beside him immediately he had had his seat.

    Jasmine stepped into the sitting room just in time to hear the marriage part.

    Jasmine: “Marriage?” she said out loud in alarm. They both turned to her direction.

    Miranda: “What are you doing out here madam? Will you go back inside now or not?” she said rudely.

    Williams: “What do you want?”

    Jasmine: “Well, uhmm… are you really getting married?”

    Williams: “If that is what you came to ask then you should go back inside. It is none of your business who I marry or unmarry”

    Jasmine: “No! That is not what I came to ask” she said sharply.

    Miranda: “Then say it fast and get out of here or what is it? Cant you see we are having an important discussion?”

    She ignored her friend and continued looking at her husband.

    Jasmine: “Please can I have my phone back Will? I need to speak with my family even if its for a minute please. I have missed them and I am sure they must be worried too. You know they don’t stay in Lagos and none of them know this place yet”

    Miranda: “ehn ehn? Wonders they say, will never end. You want your phone back so you can continue flirting with your customers online right? Honey do you know how many social media this girl has? She is not going to call her family it is one of them she will be calling. She will probably lie that she is in prison here I know what she is capable of so please don’t listen to her” she said, eyeing her.

    Jasmine: “Miranda! How can you say stuffs like that about me?” she felt the tears well in her eyes.

    Miranda: “Isnt that what you do? mtchew… bloody harlot” she retorted.

    Williams: “It’s enough now. You should go back to your room. I cannot let you have your phone” he dismissed her with a wave of the hand.

    Jasmine: “But…”

    Williams: “I said go back to your room!”

    The tears fell when she turned and started walking back to her room. Her shoulders dropped and head bowed like one who had the burdens of the whole world on her shoulders.

    Miranda: “Ehn ehn jare…”

    Williams: “I will do anything my queen says. We should be married in six months time. I will have to save up some cash for the most flamboyant wedding ceremony anyone has ever witnessed in Nigeria before”

    Miranda: “Oh really? That is awesome honey. I love you so much” she hugged him excitedly.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    Maxwell: “I don’t know what you are talking about” he looked away from her piercing gaze which seemed to have been searching his very soul.

    Gloria: “You know you cannot lie to me right? You have not been at home since that Friday night and I also learnt you had gone to see her sometime that week. Did she reject you? Did her rejection make you feel that bad for you to have kidnapped her like that?”

    Maxwell: “Stop that!”

    Gloria: “Oh no! Am I right? Talk to me, you know I can help you. I really can” she whispered close to his ears.

    Maxwell: “Why are you doing this to me? I told you I know nothing about it, why don’t you just give up and concentrate on the wedding plans? Or have you changed your mind about the wedding?” he shot to his feet and pushed back the chair with his feet violently.

    Gloria: “Oh sorry! Of course the marriage is taking place as planned. You should get back to work now” she excused him and left him standing there. as soon as she got to her office, she gave Skedulla a call.

    “Hello” he said into the receiver.

    Gloria: “Come around to the office today, there is something I want you to do for me” she said and ended the call immediately.
    ==This is a RepNaija StOry==
    Bambi’s Mum: “Officer but are you not supposed to take him down to your station? I feel he knows something. A mother’s intuition is never wrong” she protested as soon as they had stepped out of the company’s environs.

    1stOfficer: “We know what we are doing ma’am. If we take him to our office then who will lead us to where your daughter is being kept? But that is if truly he is guilty though”

    Bambi’s Mum: “Oh that is true o” she replied thoughtfully.

    2ndOfficer: “Yes Ma’am. We have to let him be and act like he isn’t still under our radar so we will be able to watch him”

    Smith: “Oh that is good. Very good strategy. Some other police officers would have just arrested him and tortured the truth out of him which is not right. Many innocent people have confessed to crimes they knew nothing of under torture” he said, opening the door of his car.

    1stOfficer: “Those are the lazy ones. We try to be as thorough in our investigations as possible so the innocent wouldn’t have to suffer for crimes they knew nothing of. So madam, please be rest assured. If truly he is guilty, we will get him and also get your daughter back to you” he reassured her. she looked at Smith for more reassurance and he shook his head. She entered Smith’s vehicle while the officers got into theirs and drove off.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    He couldn’t wait to close for that day so he could get back to her. In his thoughts, he saw her finding a way of escape and shuddered involuntarily. He hurried up with his work for that day, packed his things into his suitcase, checking again and again if the key was in place. Satisfied, he left the office.

    He boarded a taxi going to the old neighbourhood. Stopped at a kiosk to get something for her and noticed someone suspicious. He noted that the person had taken the same bus as he until he got to that neighbourhood and even then, he acted like he was also buying something at a nearby kiosk.

    Am I probably being followed? What should I do? find a way to elude him or turn back and go home? Wouldn’t that be more suspicious? I thought the officers actually gave up too easily. So this is what they are up to? Or is it my imagination? He wondered when he checked again and the guy was no longer there.

    “I guess it was my imagination” he said when he looked around and the guy still wasn’t in sight. He heaved a sigh and walked deeper into the street, getting masked by darkness…..








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