Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 16)

    She sat in her office eating the butt of her pen. All her attempts to contact Maxwell all through the weekend had been abortive and even when she went to his apartment, he was never there. She called her secretary on the office’s landline to summon him into her office. A few minutes later, he knocked on the door and stepped in without waiting to be asked in and stood in front of her without saying a word.

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    Gloria: “Why don’t you have a seat? Why are you standing there like one who knows he has done something wrong?” she asked rhetorically without looking up at him. He took a seat opposite her and waited.

    “You don’t have anything to say to me?”

    Maxwell: “I don’t have anything to say to you” he replied indifferently.

    Gloria: “Really? Well I have a lot to say to you. Where have you been all weekend? Your number was off and you were never at home. Where were you? Are you doing hide and seek with me simply because I asked you to propose to me?” she dropped the pen on the desk in front of her and clasped her hands together.

    Maxwell: “I was just busy. Don’t misunderstand things” he said, gazing back at her confidently.

    Gloria: “You were just busy? What were you doing for you to switch off your phone for two days?”

    Maxwell: “I said I was just busy” he said as thoughts of Bambi clouded his mind. He had had sex with her all through the weekend. He was certain she would get pregnant and even if she didn’t, he wasn’t ready to give up just yet. And I cannot be jobless when at last she takes in. I must be able to provide for her and my child right? I must be careful the way I deal with this woman before she dismisses me from my job.He thought further.

    Gloria: “I need more explanation than that. where were you? I expected you to spend time with me so we can plan our future together but instead you disappeared into thin air. I want an explanation” she said adamantly.

    Maxwell: “I went to see a sick friend”

    Gloria: “And?”

    Maxwell: “There was no electricity there to charge my phone with. That is why my phone was off. I am sorry if I caused you any form of worry”

    Gloria: “Something tells me you are lying but what can I do? I also noticed your Bambi has not been seen at home all through the weekend. If I find out you are playing some sort of stunt with me, I wil really do something you will regret for the rest of your life”

    Maxwell: “She is not involved in this at all. You have nothing to worry about”

    Gloria: “Good then. I am no longer going to wait for you to propose. Start getting ready for our marriage ceremony in two months time”

    Maxwell: “Two months?” his eyes popped out of their socket indeed.

    Gloria: “Yes or do you have any objection to that?”

    Maxwell: “Uhmmm no. It’s just so sudden for me” he bit back the words he was going to say and swallowed hard.

    Gloria: “Good then. You should get back to your work now. I have stuffs to do too”

    On his way back to his office, he stopped at the hallway thinking of how to stall her plans of marriage to him.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    He had untied her from the bed before going to work that morning. Her whole body ached from staying in a position for long. Her throat had become sore from lack of eating. Flaked sperm fell off her laps each time she moved. She prayed in her heart that help would locate her soon. Dragging herself to the window, using the only table in the room, she was able to stand up to peep out of the window which was shut tightly. She could not make out the surrounding through the tiny hole but she knew it wouldn’t be far from town since she could hear the hooting of car horns in the distance.

    He went straight to the old building immediately after closing from work. He ran to her when he saw her lying on the floor obviously in pain.

    Maxwell: “What is wrong with you?” he sat on the floor, placed her head on his laps then removed the handkerchief from her mouth.

    Bambi: “I think I am having ulcer. My tummy aches real bad. Please can you bath me if you don’t trust me enough to untie me so I can do it myself?” she said weakly. He looked at her, trying to make up his mind on what to do. she looked so fragile and unlike herself he started feeling guilty.

    Maxwell: “I am just afraid that you will scream. I would have untied you since but true true, I don’t trust you”

    Bambi: You have your pistol don’t you? Kill me if I as much as make a single sound. Please, you wouldn’t want me to get infected would you? I have three days old sperm all over my body and vagina. If I get pregnant, the baby will be infected too. Please I need to have my bathe”

    Maxwell: “Hmmmmmm… okay then” he said, reached out for his gun and placed it by his side then started untying her hands but then stopped. “Where will you get the water to bath with?” he asked and quickly retied her hands.

    Bambi: “Maybe you will have to go and get water for me? And probably something to change into. I feel so exposed like this”

    Maxwell: “Hmmmmmm. I will not get you anything to change into. I don’t want you wearing anything. I like you this way and Bambi?” his tone suddenly became sober.

    Bambi: “Yes?”

    Maxwell: “Hope you know i am doing all these because of the love I have for you? I cannot afford to let another man have you. Please do not hold it against me, I have no other option than this. I am sorry” he said looking down.

    Bambi: “It’s fine. I don’t hold it against you” she said but in her heart she was looking for means of escape when she gets the chance.

    He soon returned with iron bucket filled to the brim with water making her wonder where he had gotten a bucket and even the water from. He untied and pointed the gun at her as she walked to the bathroom. He stood by the door, watching her closely.

    Maxwell: “If only you had accepted me back when I went pleading with you, we wouldn’t have had to go through all these. It is all your fault” he said angrily.

    Bambi: “Yes it was my fault and I apologize for it. We can still make amends. I will marry you if only you will let me go. I will tell my mum I intentionally left home to be with you and you know she will believe me since she knew how much I loved you” she paused to look at him.

    Maxwell: “Loved? Does that mean you no longer love me?” he stood up abruptly, dropping his hand to his side. She saw her chance and threw the bucket of water at him with all the strength she could muster. It took him unawares and because the bucket had hit him on the head, he became unconscious immediately. She quickly went over to him, removed his shirt and wore it. She quickly searched through his pocket for the keys but couldn’t find it. She ran over to where he had dropped his bag and started rummaging through it. By the time she found the key, he was already stirring. She made to go for the gun which was still in his hand but changed her mind when she saw him stirring.

    Like a flash of lightening, she ran to the door opened it and made to step out but…








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