Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 15)

    He picked her up in thirty minutes time and together, they both went to the police station to lodge a missing person complaint. They met an inspector at the front desk who asked them some questions about the previous night…

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    Inspector: “So you are saying the last time you saw her was when she saw you off to your car?” he asked dribbling in a report paper.

    Smith: “That is what I am saying” he replied impatiently, getting annoyed with the inspector’s incessant queries.

    Inspector: “Madam and the last time you saw her was when she saw him off?” he asked without looking up at her.

    Bambi’s Mum: “Yes, that was the last time I saw her” she retied her wrapper despite sitting down.

    Inspector: “You are our first suspect in this case Mr do you know that?” he looked up at last.

    Smith: “What do you mean by that? why will I come here at all if I had anything to do with her missing? Have you investigated at all to see if i have any motive to kidnap her?” he was behind him with anger.

    Inspector: “Well we will get to that soon. Most criminals will report a case they perpetrated just to shift suspicion away from themselves. I will suggest you stay where we can easily reach you in case we need to ask you further questions”

    Bambi’ Mum: “I think you are mistaken inspector. There is no way he could have had a hand in her missing. But please make sure you carry out this investigation thoroughly. She is the only one I have besides her father who is never at home” she began to cry yet again.

    Inspector: “I think we are done for now. We will contact you if we find anything tangible”

    Smith: “Hmmmmmmmmm”

    Bambi’s Mum: “Please officer. Do everything you can to help find her and besides, she had only one friend whom she used to visit back then. His name is Maxwell and he works at a real estate management company. I have forgotten the name of the company. If you can locate him then you can also ask him one or two questions. I don’t have his number or i’d have called him since” she said while standing at the door front.

    Smith: “That is actually true. Why didn’t I think of that before? do you think he has been disturbing her for a second chance?” he asked as they walked back to his car.

    Bambi’s Mum: “I am not really that sure. Even if he has, Bambi would never have told me about it. She knew I would never be in support of her going back to him even if he had finally landed himself a job that pays millions per month”

    Smith: “Oh I see! Then we should find him. we must find him. If he has been having obsessive feelings towards her then he is capable of doing this. He might have been watching your house; he must have seen me with her and gotten angry”

    Bambi’s Mum: “Hai! I warned her from the beginning not to associate with that guy but she wouldn’t listen to me all in the name of love. In our time, we never really fell in love, we just got married and let the feelings develop but children of nowadays get themselves messed up by different men and women all in the name of being in love. i wish the world can go back to the way it was before”

    Smith: “Well falling in love is a beautiful thing too. Many women can no longer live with a man they don’t love. You know back then, you women knew your place and was respected for it but now, women want to become men. They want to be equal to men, they want to strip men of everything that makes them men and still retain their feminity. It has become a struggle but when love is involved, things will be in place and there will be mutual respect”

    Bambi’s Mum: “My own is let’s sha find my daughter. She can then fall in love with whoever she wants”

    Smith: “We will find her. she might even be home now waiting for you”
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    Jasmine: “Miranda!” she called out to her frightfully, afraid that she had done the worst. On wobbly feet, she walked over to her and lifted her head up slowly. She stirred then, squinting her eyes painfully. “Are you okay?” she asked heaving a sigh of relief.

    Miranda: “You will pay for this Jasmine” she threatened weakly.

    Jasmine: “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to push you that hard. I was just so furious”

    Miranda: “You are sorry? I guess you would have said that to my corpse too?” she stood up slowly, dusted her cloths and left the room holding her throbbing head.

    She went directly for the kitchen where the first aid box was kept. She cut a long roll of bandage and tied it around her head even though just two tablets of aspirin or paracetamol would have been enough to relieve her of the pain.

    Williams returned home to find a bandage wrapped around his woman’s head and became enraged without even knowing the cause yet.

    Williams: “Who did this to you dear?” he ran up to her, throwing his phone on the chair.

    Miranda: “Honey!” she began to cry.

    Williams: “I said who did this to you?” he cradled her head in his hands, looking around wildly like one looking for answers on the walls.

    Miranda: “I was almost killed today by your wife honey. All I did was to ask her to come out for breakfast and she became enraged. Oh my head!” she wept even harder, hiding her face in his chest.

    Williams: “What? Jasmine… Jasmine” he roared and stomped crazily to her room. He found her on the bed and dragged her down by the leg.

    Jasmine: “What now Will?” she asked dazed out of her wits.

    Williams: “What reason did you have to hurt Miranda like that?”

    Jasmine: “It was an accident and I already apologized to her” she blinked back tears

    Williams: “Apologized? If not for the fact that she asked me not to send you away, you would have packed your things out of this house today you dumb, ungrateful woman. I hope you are learning your lesson? Are you learning?” his eyes burned with hatred.

    She made to stand up but he pushed her back down.

    “Remain down there for that is where you belong. On the floor to be trodden on by those who are smart” his voice carried a bit of mockery in it.

    Jasmine: “I don’t understand what you are talking about?”

    Williams: “You will never understand since you are so daft. What I should be doing right now is beating you the hell up but I will let this pass for old time’s sake. The next time you do something like this I will have you locked up in a place worst than a cell” he left her still staring into thin air on the floor and stomped back to Miranda in the sitting room.

    Hmmmmmmmm I am definitely ruined. I can’t even cry anymore, the tears in my eyes have dried up. I am really daft like he said but there seems to be a hidden meaning to his words. Am I missing something? I didn’t even know he still remembered our old times. He seemed to have been trying to pass across a message to me or make me feel bad for something other than hurting Miranda. What can it be? She thought after he had left her.

    Williams: “Dear sorry okay? Hope you aren’t too hurt? Don’t you need to see a doctor or something?” he said as soon as he got to her.

    Miranda: “I will be fine by tomorrow dear. Hope you did not beat her? I have forgiven her already” she said with a very soft voice. “And dear, I want to become your wife too. We should get married so she will stop treating me like I’m nothing in this house” she added.

    Williams: “Get married?” he was alarmed beyond words. He hadn’t seen it coming…..








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