Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 14)

    Bambi: “I know you don’t need help but this is not the right way to go about it. This will land you in trouble” she cajoled.

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    Maxwell: “I don’t care Bambi. If I let you go now, you will run to that man for help and then I will get arrested” he put his hand on his head and started pacing around.

    Bambi: “You know I wouldn’t do that Max. You know I will never do that. don’t forget it was you who hurt me first. Do you know how I survived after that night? Do you know what you did to me?” her voice shook with unspilled emotions.

    Maxwell: “That was the reason I came back pleading with you on my two knees but you walked out on me to embrace another man”

    Bambi: “That is not true. Smith is just a friend and I still love you. I was still giving what you said a thought”

    Maxwell: “Liar! You are such a terrible liar. You are only saying this so I can let you go but it will never work. I will have my way with you until you become pregnant for me and have my baby. You will remain mine forever. No one can take you away from me, no one at all” he started untying her legs.

    Bambi: “Please don’t do this Max. Remember the love we shared. Remember the old good times. Please don’t do these stuffs you have conceived in your heart” she pleaded in helplessly as he began to tie her legs to the bed posts.

    Maxwell: “Now I guess this will do. Yes I remember the love we share and that is why I am not hurting you yet. Just be of good conduct and this will be painless” he took hold of a piece of cloth and gagged her again, making sure it was tight enough to muffle any sound she was going to make.

    Carefully, he used the knife in his hands to cut through her jeans from the waist down to her ankles then removed it. She had worn no panties under due to the heat. He stood admiring her naked body on the bed.

    “I missed your beautiful body Bambi. I missed everything we used to do with our bodies. I missed sucking your firm boobs. I missed you but now I have you all to myself” he said without looking into her pleading eyes. he quickly tore off his own trousers and mounted her. merely looking at her naked body had aroused him so much he could not wait to plunge into her.

    Tears flowed down her eyes as he thrust into her over and over again. she could remember how she had always given herself to him whenever he wanted. Be it in the morning, noon or night. She never denied him her body even once before. it broke her heart that the same man she had loved now had to tie her up to a bed to have her. he grunted like an animal as he poured his seed inside her, lingering there for some minutes to make sure his seed got to their destination.

    Maxwell: “Making love to you still feels as good as ever” he sighed contentedly and rolled off her. “Did you enjoy it? You did not even make any sound. You used to make sweet sounds before. What happened to you? Did that guy touch you? Did he touch your boobs?” he started becoming agitated at the thought of another man’s hands on her. He removed the gag from her mouth when he realised she wasn’t saying anything because of it.

    Bambi: “Oh how could you do this to me Maxwell. I am never going to forgive you” she wept trying to hide her face on the pillow.

    Maxwell: “You will with time. When you have my baby, you will definitely start loving me again. did that guy touch you? Tell me, tell me” he pulled at her arms roughly. She looked at him disgustingly and spat in his face. “What was that for?”
    ==You are reading a RepNaija StOry==
    “Where could she have gone to? How could she not take her phone along when she knew she wasn’t going to be back? Besides I was in the room and she never bothered telling me she was going to spend the night out? God, hope she is okay? This is unlike her. It is almost 9a.m already and she still isn’t back. I think I can no longer stay put. I have to call Smith, thank God I have his number” she paced around the compound, soliloquizing. She dialled Smith’s line and he picked it on the first ring.

    Bambi’s Mum: “Hello, it’s Bambi’s mum”

    Smith: “I know it’s you mum. Who else has such sonorous voice as this?” his bubbly masculine voice replied, giving her hope that probably her daughter was with him.

    Bambi’s Mum: “You and this your tongue. I wonder why you haven’t used it to woo over your wife all these while”

    Smith: “Oh mum! I only want her to make the choice herself. Besides, how’s she?”

    Bambi’s Mum: “Ah! Is she not there with you? That is why I called o, to ask if she went home with you last night” she replied with a panicking voice.

    Smith: “What? Oh no! You mean she didn’t go back inside after seeing me off last night?” he asked in alarm.

    Bambi’s Mum: “No oooo. Ah! This is gbese. You mean she is not with you?”

    Smith: “She is not with me ma. What do we do now? Could she have gone to visit one of her friends?”

    Bambi’s Mum: I have never seen her with any friend before. the only person she used to visit back then was Maxwell and she stopped since the incidence. I doubt she could have gone there just like that”

    Smith: “This is so confusing. Can you meet me later so we can go make a report at the police station? Something does not look right to me at all”

    Bambi’s Mum: “Hmmmmmm. My daughter!” she lamented bitterly.

    Smith: “Don’t worry, we will find her. she might even come back on her own soon. Let’s just be on the lookout”

    She ended the call and started pacing around. She then suddenly dashed inside, ransacking the whole house as if she would find her daughter hiding somewhere under the bed or the chair.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    After Williams had gone out the next day, she went to her old room to pass across a message to her friend. She found her still crying on the bed.

    Miranda: “You don’t need to cry so much Jas. Shits like this happen all the time so why are you trying to kill yourself? Aren’t you happy for me? Shouldn’t you be happy for me? Na wa for you o” she made mockery of her friend.

    Jasmine slowly lifted her head from the bed, stood up and faced her squarely with her swollen eyes blazing with anger.

    Jasmine: “You are really a shameless lady. I would have stoned anyone who would dare tell me you can do something like this to death. I trusted you and wanted to be of help to you but you turned it against me, why? Should I have left you in the street?”

    Miranda: “All that was something I planned. How can you be married when I am not? I have always been better than you in everything. In looks and character but how can you marry such a man leaving me single?”

    Jasmine: “I see! So its all about jealousy right? You did this to me cos you felt I didn’t deserve to be married to a well to do man?”

    Miranda: “Yes! Well I came to tell you that from today onwards, you will be the one preparing our meals. I have fired the cook. You shouldn’t be staying idle as a woman. You need to do something in the house even if you have no job” she turned to leave. As she took three steps from her, she summoned all the strength left in her and lunged for her. she pushed her so hard she tumbled across the room and hit her head on the wall. She laid crumpled on the floor….








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