Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 13)

    She rushed to the bedroom, flung herself to the bed and wept herself silly. It felt like a dream to her; a terrible nightmare which she knew she wasn’t going to wake up from. She had used her own hand to destroy her marriage all in the name of helping a friend. A friend she had come to know as a sister; the sister she never had.

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    God I know I was wrong. I was wrong to have tried using that means to get my husband. I am very sorry but please I want my husband back. Please get me my husband back and I promise to be of good conduct from now on. I should never have trusted her, I should have known it would end this way. I was so naive and stupid. What do I do now? Who do I tell this to? She wept bitterly.

    She refused to lift her head up when she heard them come inside the bedroom. She heard the wardrobe open and cloths falling on the floor. She heard a box being dragged and then he tapped her roughly on the feet, she lifted her head slowly only to find her clothes on the floor and Miranda hanging hers in her wardrobe.

    Williams: “Stand up! You are switching rooms with Miranda so park your things and go to the next room” he commanded.

    Jasmine: “Are you going out of your mind? Williams please snap out of this. You are destroying our marriage. How can you ask her replace me here? As for you Miranda, before I open my eyes will you get out of this room now?” she lunged for her and caught her by the hair, tearing at it while she fought to free herself.

    Williams: “What the hell is wrong with you woman?” he tore her away from Miranda and pushed her roughly backward. “baby are you okay?” he asked tenderly touching her face and helping her smoothen her roughened hair.

    Jasmine: “Really? Cant you see you are enchanted? Check yourself properly and see if your actions are normal. This is the girl you couldn’t wait to send away from the house some weeks ago and now you are all over her acting like her zombie” she wailed.

    Miranda: “Please get her out of my face Will. Get her out of this room immediately” she hiccupped, clutching her head and going to sit on the bed.

    Williams: “Madam it is either you leave this room or you leave this house all together”

    Miranda: “No honey! I don’t want her to leave this house. let her stay, she will be of help to me in some way” she cut in sharply.

    Williams: “Awwwwww my baby is such a nice person. You see how lucky you are? I will make sure you don’t step out of this house lest you decide to run away. Don’t forget I am still your husband”

    Jasmine could not believe her ears. His words felt like thunderbolt in her whole being. Her teeth began to chatter as she used her hands to cover her ears. she wanted to scream but nothing came out of her mouth. She wanted to weep but no tears fell from her eye even though her heart was bleeding to death.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    Abductor: “You want to know who I am?”

    She thought she had seen a smile cross his face. He had removed the dark shades but she still couldn’t make out the contour of his face due to the dim light.

    Bambi: “Yes I want to know who you are. I have a feeling you cannot kill me neither do you want money so what do you want from me?”

    He laughed hysterically for some time.

    Abductor: “What I want from you is very simple despite knowing you are a whore” he blurted out the last word in disgust.

    Bambi: “Whore? How? Have you ever seen me on the road before waiting to be picked up by men? Have you ever paid me for sex before?” she asked, annoyance creeping into her being.

    Abductor: “You have no right to be annoyed lady. You are nothing but a cheap whore who doesn’t even need to be paid before being fucked. I am going to fuck the hell out of you. I am going to sow my seed inside you and watch it grow right inside this room. No one will ever know you are here and believe me when I say I will kill you if you make a single sound”

    Fear gripped her heart and she shivered at the thought of being holed up in an unknown house with a stranger who has a gun. She thought of ways to escape, she thought of her mother who would have started looking for her at that moment and Smith, a man she had just started to open up herself to. Tears rolled down her face.

    “Are you crying? Ah! Do you hate me that much? You don’t want to spend an eternity with me that much? Is it that man you want? The man i have been seeing in your house so often? Guess what? You will never see him again” he stood up and started pacing around like one in deep thought. His phone soon rang, he looked at it, hissed then picked it.

    “I will see you in an hour time. I am somewhere close so don’t worry. Yes yes. Okay” he said into the phone and then ended the call.

    Bambi: “It is not what you think. Maybe if I see your face then I’d be able to say if I want to spend my life with you or not. And besides, the guy you are talking about is just a friend. He means no harm at all” she knew she had to employ tact so she could win his trust.

    Abductor: “I don’t care. Don’t say anything again, better don’t” he warned. Took a step towards her and tied the handkerchief around her mouth again. He had had her hands tied to her back.

    He looked around to ensure that everything was in place but noticing her discomfort; he went over to her untied her hands and then tied it to the front. Lifted her up and dropped her on the bed.

    “I guess this is more comfortable right?” she nodded her head hastily, watching every of his movements. He hurriedly left the room but not without checking if everything was in order a second time. He did everything so meticulously she wondered where she had known him before.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    He went back the next morning with some food and snacks for her. When she looked around, she realised that they were her favourite. She looked at him for the first time that day and saw that he was putting on the kind of shirt she had gotten for Maxwell two years ago. Light filtered through the tiny cracks in the window and the ceiling but was barely able to light up the room.

    Bambi: “Please who are you?” she asked desperately.

    Abductor: “You still can’t tell? You still can’t tell despite the shirt I am putting on?” there was a hint of hurt in his voice.

    Bambi: “Oh no! It can’t be. You can’t be Maxwell” she said with horror written all over her face.

    Abductor: “Why can’t I be Maxwell?” he went over to the window and threw it open. The whole room came alive with the light pouring in. He removed the handkerchief around his nose and stood hand akimbo in front of her.

    Bambi: “Maxwell no! It can’t be you” she began to weep.

    Maxwell: “Yes its me. I am like this because of you. How could you? How could you have chosen that man over me even after I apologized on my knees?”

    Bambi: “I am sorry but please let me go now. You have to before anyone discovers I am really missing. They will look for me and they will find me. Then I wouldn’t be able to help you. Please let me help you now that it’s not too late”

    Maxwell: “Do you think I need help? I don’t need your help or anyone else’s. All I want is you but it seems this is the only way I can have you”.








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