Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 12)

    Even though she had known something was going on between her husband and her friend, she kept quiet about it all. She managed to live through every day watching the two of them try to keep their affair secret. She decided to find another way to confront her friend whom she knew would deny it if she asked her directly anyway.

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    Jasmine: “Miranda…” she began. They had both taken a walk through the Island that evening and had just settled back at home with Miranda acting all excited.

    Miranda: “Ah Jas. This place is beautiful. I swear Im going to die here” she bounced up and down on the sofa at the balcony.

    Jasmine: “Yeah it is beautiful but which one is you will die here?” she said looking for ways to bring up the topic.

    Miranda: “Here in this house of course. I swear Banana Island is the best place to live on earth. Did you see Peter of Psquare’s house? Did you see all those beautiful clubs houses? My gracious God it would have been terrible if I had left this house” she continued, clasping her hands together and looking up to the sky dreamily.

    Jasmine: “Hmmmmm you seem quite excited but…”

    Miranda: “When will your husband be back? Why does he stay this long these days?” she suddenly snapped out of her dreamy state.

    Jasmine: “Why do you feel so concerned about that? one might actually think you are his wife and not me” she cast her a look of suspicion.

    Miranda: “What is that supposed to mean? Cant I be concerned about my friend’s husband again? You really amaze me sometimes”

    Jasmine: “You take things personal too easily. That reminds me, I was going to ask you who the lucky guy in your life is. I haven’t been seeing any guy with you lately”

    Miranda: “Well, who cares about some guy? I am enjoying my life like this biko. I don’t have time for guys” she waved her question off.

    Jasmine: “But is that really healthy? You know you will have to get married so you can have a home of your own”

    Miranda: “Are you trying to say you are tired of me staying here or what?”

    Jasmine: “I am not tired of you staying here. I am just concerned for you. You need to take your relationships serious so you can also settle down somewhere”

    Miranda: “Hmmmm you can really tell me this? I doubt this stems from concern. You just want me to leave right? Are you suspecting me of doing something with your husband?”

    Williams: “No one is leaving and if anyone has to leave, it’s going to be her” he said pointing at Jasmine who hadn’t seen him come in.

    Jasmine: “What do you mean by that? Who exactly is your wife among the two of us?” she turned to him, burning with anger.

    Williams: “Yes it is my house and I can ask anyone to leave or stay. She is going nowhere” he blurted out, standing by Miranda’s side.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    Gloria: Can you ladies imagine? I have suffered sha. Can you imagine the bastard went back to his girlfriend even after I told him I had divorced my husband?” she looked from one of her friends to the other. They were at her new apartment.

    Victoria: “For real? God! Men are really goats” she exclaimed, sipping her wine.

    Gloria: “I am telling you. He is such an ingrate and I will make sure he regrets this”

    Victoria: “Yes you should teach him a lesson of his life. Valentina won’t you say anything?” she turned her gaze to her.

    Valentina: “What would you have me say? The last time I tried to say something you both chewed me up raw. I warned her not to divorce her husband and now she is looking for a pity party? Sorry, I am not interested”

    Gloria: “What did I do so wrong? All I wanted was to be with the man I loved but that bastard had his heart elsewhere”

    Valentina: “It was you who ruined their relationship in the first place. Besides I feel you are jumping into conclusion too early. If you will listen to me, I will advise you to calm own for now and watch him. You might have gotten it all mixed up”

    Gloria: “One thing I know is no one tampers with me and goes scot free”

    Her two friends exchanged knowing looks.

    Victoria: “Hmmmmmmm”

    Valentina: “Better don’t do anything that will land you in trouble you this girl”

    Gloria: “Who cares?”
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    Jasmine: “I think I have condoned enough from the two of you or do you think I don’t know you two have been having an affair behind my back?” she shot to her feet angrily.

    Miranda: “What?”

    Williams: “Yes you are right. I didn’t even want to keep it a secret in the first place. If not for Miranda who begged me to keep it a secret. I am in love with her. what can you or anyone else do about it?”

    Jasmine: “Williams!”

    Williams: “What?”

    Jasmine: “How can you say this to my face? How can you tell me you are in love with my best friend?” her whole body shook out of mixed emotions of anger and sadness.

    Williams: “Then do you want me to say it at your back?”

    Jasmine: “How dare you? It is high time she left this house. You must leave this house today you bitch. You are an ingrate. This is the only way you can repay me after I put a roof over your head?”

    Williams: “I don’t even want to hear that. Told you its you who will have to leave. If you want to remain in this house just behave yourself and take things the way they are. The next time you raise your voice at her like this I will surely throw you out. What exactly is your usefulness to me in this house anyway?” he placed a hand over Miranda’s shoulder.
    ==You are reading a RepNaija StOry==
    She had walked him out to his car. She stood watching as his car disappeared from sight and then turned to head back in. Just then, a hand clasped around her mouth and started dragging her away even as she fought wildly using her nails to claw at her assailant’s arms. The person deposited her to the back of a car after gagging and tying up her hands. He drove for some time and stopped at an uncompleted building some miles from where he had abducted her from. She opened her eyes wide just to see if she would be able to see his face but the darkness masked the whole of him so well she could hardly see the hand that reached out to pull her out of the car. He dragged her into an old abandoned building and into one of its rooms.

    A candle dimly illuminated the room. She looked round wildly, there was an old bed which looked like it hadn’t been dusted for ages. He sat on it and looked at her through the rims of the dark shades he had donned on. He tied a handkerchief around his nose thereby covering his lower face. He saw her struggling with the gag and went over to her.

    Abductor: “Look at the gun in my hand, if you make any single sound, I will kill you” he said and when he saw her eyes soften which he took as compliance, he removed the gag. He went back to the bed and sat on it watching her like a hawk. She thought something about the way he talked and walked looked familiar but she couldn’t bring herself to think.

    Bambi: “Please who are you and what do you want from me? Why am I here?”……








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