Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 11)

    Bambi: “What exactly do you take me for? Do you think I am the kind of girl you can just kick around? Actually you have come to make me realise how shameless you are and I don’t do shameless men. I only go out with men of honour and integrity. You are shameless Maxwell” she shook her head disgustingly at him.

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    Maxwell: “Why are you talking like this? I only came to make amends and to set things right between us. Why are you insulting me?”

    Bambi: “You came to set things right even though you are planning a wedding with another lady? Let me tell you something, you have made the biggest mistake of your life and I feel sorry for you already. Please don’t come looking for me anymore. We are done for good and no one, no one at all can change that” she made to walk out on him but he gripped her firmly by the wrist.

    Maxwell: “Please. I will cancel every plan with her. I will even resign from the job if only you can give me a second chance. Just one more chance is all I need to show you how sorry I am and how much I cannot live without you” he pleaded fighting back tears.

    She looked at him, shook her head pitifully and snatched her hand away from his.

    Bambi: “Don’t ever come here again. I will not warn you a second time. I cannot count how many times I begged you for marriage. Because of you I almost lost my life. What if I had died? Would you have thought of coming back to me like this? Please I beg you with the name of God, don’t come back here again or I’d be forced to do something very nasty” she warned and finally walked out on him.

    He bit his lower lip regrettably as he watched her retreating figure. Then he knew he had finally lost her.

    Even though I know I have lost you, I am not going to give up in this quest to get you back. I will try everything I can, use all I have to make you mine again. He thought as he drove back home.
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    He asked to see her immediately he saw Maxwell leave her apartment. he waited for her at their normal rendezvous at the National Theatre. He stood up to greet her as soon as he spotted her walking towards him at the bar.

    Skedulla: Welcome ma’am” he extended a hand towards her but she ignored it.

    Gloria: “So what is so urgent that couldn’t wait?” she sat opposite him dropping her Nim Nim brown hand bag on the table

    Skedulla: “Your assumption about that your guy was right..” he paused, scrutinizing her from head to toe. He could not help but admire how beautiful she looked on the casual high low gown she wore. He could give his neck for her.

    Gloria: “What assumption? Did you find anything out?” she asked impatiently.

    Skedulla: “Of course I did. I watched her place day and night like you instructed me to. You wouldn’t believe who just left her place this night” he stroked his goatee.

    Gloria: “Max?”

    Skedulla: “You got it right. They spent almost an hour together talking. He seemed to have been begging her for something. He was even almost kneeling down”

    Gloria: “That son of a bitch. I knew it! I knew he was going to go back to her, did she agree? Did she agree to whatever it is he was pleading for? Didn’t you hear what they were talking about at all?” she asked in one breath.

    Skedulla: “Well I couldn’t get close enough. I think she must have been thinking about it cos she softened up at some point”.

    Gloria: “You are so incompetent. How could you not have been able to get close enough? Does any of them know you?” she lashed out.

    Skedulla: “Uhn… I am sorry about that. I will be more useful next time” his head dropped sadly.

    Gloria: “Please you should be. I need candid answers next time”

    Few minutes later, she sat in her car fuming… So you had the guts to go to her a day after I asked you to propose to me? Is that the reason you gave me that excuse? What if she actually did accept him back? What will I do? I can’t believe i actually divorced my husband for that coward. Shit!

    She turned on the ignition and drove out of the parking lot still thinking of what to do.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    Smith showed up in the house every other day a week after she was discharged despite her hostility towards him. Her mum never hesitated to welcome him each time not minding her daughter. A day after Maxwell’s visit to her place, she softened up a bit and decided to talk to him when he went to her house.

    Bambi: “So what exactly did you say you wanted from me?” she sat opposite him in the sitting room. Her mum had excused them when she realised her change of attitude towards him as soon as he arrived.

    Smith: “Am I not transparent enough? You know telling you I liked you at the hospital was the second biggest mistake I ever made in my life. I should have waited until you have healed considerably well before opening up. I am afraid to tell you what I want now, you might flare up again and decide to kick me out. Just you talking to me like this is already enough for me Bambi. Thank you” he replied good naturedly making her smile within herself.

    He is so adorable. She said to herself.

    Bambi: “Hmmmmmm…”

    Smith: “Yeah. You might still be going through hard time emotionally so I need to be careful and at the same time I don’t want to judge that guy. People are fallible. Most times it is our fault for placing too much trust in the fallible humans”

    Bambi: “You are right. I expected you to be heaping accusations on him trying to make me bitterer towards him so you can have me. Do you know what you said now can actually make me decide to take him back?”

    Her mother suddenly jumped out from the room.

    Bambi’s Mum: “Go back to who? You cannot dare it” she sat down with them.

    Bambi: “Mum!”

    Bambi’s Mum: “Ehn ehn my inlaw jare. She is not going back to that idiot o don’t mind her. I am sure she has a soft spot for you already. She is just trying to play hard to get for now you
    know women are like that” she flashed him a benign smile.

    Smith: “You are so funny ma” he laughed.

    Bambi: “Look at the way she is embarrassing me in front of my visitor”

    Bambi’s Mum: “So now he is your visitor right? You see what I am saying? Before she didn’t want to see you at all and now you have suddenly become her visitor. Ah women!” she clapped her hands excitedly.

    Bambi: “Oya go inside ma. Please go and put a call through to your Gambian husband” she went over to her mum, yanked her up playfully and started pushing her back to the bedroom.

    Smith: “Leave her now” he had to say.

    Bambi’s Mum: “No o don’t worry, I will leave. Yes I will go and talk to my husband. You go back to your husband too. Sorry for jumping into your conversation. Carry on” she put her hands up in surrender and went back inside.

    Bambi: “Sorry about that jare” she sat beside him this time around.

    Smith: “It is fine dear. Mothers are like that. As I was going to say, it’s your choice whether you go back to him or not my dear. I only want your happiness”

    Bambi: “Okay then. You can come here whenever you want now. I can see you mean no harm at all. We shall be friends”

    Smith: “Oh thank you Bambi for giving me the benefit of the doubt”
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    He lurked around in the shadows watching the house closely like a hawk. He saw Smith coming out of the house accompanied by Bambi. They were both laughing cordially like lovers who had just discovered their love for each other and heaved a sigh of annoyance.

    So she actually has another man? Hmmmm women can never be trusted. He thought bitterly…….








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