Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 10)

    Gloria: “But what? Don’t tell me you have changed your mind? Didn’t you say you have broken up with that girlfriend of yours?” she searched his expression. “Wait! You have changed your mind?”

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    Maxwell: “Well not really but I just felt it was unfair to her. she didn’t deserve what I did to her” his gaze fell to her neatly pedicured toes.

    Gloria: “And so? Who cares if it is fair or not. You personally, what do you want? Your job or she? You know what it means to be jobless already. You have felt its sting so do you really want to go back there?”

    Maxwell: “I don’t know anymore…”

    Gloria: “You should better know. Look at me very well, I got divorced cos of you. Whether you like it or not we are getting married so hurry up and propose to me. I am not the kind of girl you can treat the way you treated Bambi. I swear I will destroy you first” she raved.

    Maxwell: “It has not gotten to that, has it? Well, I will propose to you but not this way. I will be the one to do it my own way. Remember this will be my first proposal ever and I’d love to make it as remarkable as possible. So be patient for me and see if you wouldn’t be happy”.

    Gloria: “Hmmmmm I for say. I thought for a minute that you want to go back to your ex.”

    Maxwell: “Oh of course not” he replied turning his face away from her.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    The bastard thinks I don’t know that is what he was up to. Thank God I set someone on to keep tabs on her. I hope I meet the bitch at home. I must make sure she learns the truth about him. She thought maliciously as she manoeuvred her car through the heavy traffic.

    She heard a soft rasp on the door and wondered who it could be. At first she had thought it was Smith and so cursing under her breath, she had yanked the door open but only to find a beautiful lady standing at the doorstep.

    Bambi: “Hi good evening” she greeted with surprise written all over her face. It was someone she had never seen before. she wondered if she had gotten the wrong house.

    Gloria: “You are Bambi right? May I come in please?” she flashed her a smile.

    Bambi: “Yes of course” she stepped aside for her to go in.

    Gloria: “Thank you” she replied still smiling.

    So this is where the bitch stays at? This hell-hole is where the lady after Max’s heart lives in? This is the lady competing for a man’s heart with me? Well I cannot deny that she is beautiful and all that but how can she drag a man with me? She is a nobody. She thought as she walked to the sitting room with the smile on her face never fading.

    Bambi: “So what can I do for you? I don’t think I have ever seen this face before” she said admiring her graceful gait.

    Gloria: “Well that is true. I am seeing you for the first time too but I have heard a lot about you. We both have something in common, something I don’t want to share and that is why I am here”

    Bambi: “Really? And what might that be?”

    Gloria: “Maxwell’s heart”

    Bambi: “Uhn? What are you talking about?” the admiration on her face instantly turned to loathing.

    Gloria: “You don’t have to look at me with hatred like that even when you haven’t heard anything yet. Well, two years ago he offered himself to me so I can offer him a job and since then, we have both been lovers”.

    Bambi: “What? That is a terrible lie. You are nothing but a liar. Besides why are you telling me this?” she felt like jumping on her and tearing her to pieces.

    Gloria: “I will advise you not to lose your cool over this. Just so you know, he broke up with you at my behest. We are getting married” she said with the smiling never leaving her face.

    Bambi: “Good for you two but I wonder why you are telling me this even though you know we have broken up?” she decided not lose her cool even though her heart was boiling within.

    Gloria: “I am just telling you so you can be careful. He might come to you apologizing and telling you he still loves you but it’s all a lie. He will just be doing it out of pity. You are so innocent your innocence has turned to naivety. This is why I decided to step in so you don’t get deceived again. You already got cheated on for two years by a man you gave your all to. I don’t want you to go through all that again. Stay away from him or you will end up regretting it all over again”.

    Bambi: “Thank you but do you know what I think? I think you are insecure and feel you should warn me off. Did he probably tell you he still loves me? Did he indicate to you that he wants me back? You know what? I feel sorry for you because you are only grasping for the wind. You will never really have his heart. He will never truly love you. Now leave my house!” she stood up pointing to the door.

    Gloria: “Of course I will leave. I am already feeling choked up by your dirty, stinking apartment. I believe I have made myself clear. You will get the wedding invitation soon even though we want just a small ceremony. Make sure you show up and watch the love of your life exchange vows with another woman”

    Bambi: “It will be a pleasure. Now get out madam and don’t even show up in this house again”.

    Gloria: “I will not but someone else might” she said and stepped out of the house at last.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    He couldn’t keep his mind off her all day. He knew he had to delay any plans of getting married to Gloria for the time being just to try his luck with Bambi again. To see if she could forgive him and so after work, he drove down to her place. He had walked her down there on many occasions and so he was able to locate the place without breaking a sweat. After calling her line several times and not being able to reach her, he decided to check her in the house. As he was about to knock on the door, it swung open and they both stood gaping at each other.

    Bambi: “Hmmmmm… God must be wonderful o. What do you want please?” she stepped out and shut the door behind her.

    Maxwell: “To talk. Can we go inside please?”

    Bambi: “No. My mum is in there”

    Maxwell: “Okay then. Let’s go outside to where I packed my car at?”

    They both walked in silence to where he parked his car and leaning on it, he cleared his throat nervously.

    Bambi: “What is it?”

    Maxwell: “I am sorry for how I treated you. I want you to know that it was not intentional. I lied to you about my uncle and I am sorry about that. please find a place in your heart to forgive me” he said apologetically.

    Bambi: “Wonders shall never end. She said you will come and here you are. Well, there is nothing to forgive. I have moved on and so have you. Besides are you also going to tell me how you cheated on me for two years? I guess not”.

    Maxwell: “Jesus who told you that?” he was flabbergasted.

    Bambi: “Never mind. There is still nothing to forgive so you can go home now”

    Maxwell: “But I want you back. I can’t seem to get you off my mind. Please find a place in your heart to forgive and move on with me. I promise I will come see your parents immediately and we will commence our marriage preparation. Please Bambi, for old times’ sake. Remember I have never done something like this before if not for frustration I felt at not being able to take care of you. Please?” he outstretched his arms towards her, acting like he was going to go on his knees…..








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