Story: “The Devil You Know” (Episode 1)

    Drivers honked their horns loudly as they zoomed pass her. She knew the effect she was having on the men in her tight fitting denim jeans which clung to her lean, shapely thighs and a revealing shifon top which showed the belly button adorning her flat tummy as she walked.

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    She clutched her tote handbag tightly, afraid it would be snatched from her on the crowded oyingbo market road. She loved it when she garnered that much attention for herself and always tried to keep it up. She was headed to her boyfriend’s place at Thomas Street and didn’t bother about taking bike from the market since it wasn’t that far.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    He peeped out of the window of his one room apartment oozing with heat due to lack of proper ventilation and the fact that electricity had not been constant. He smiled when he sighted her shapely figure sliding through the tiny corridor down to his apartment. She wore dark shades making her look like an apparition out of a Nollywood movie.

    He swung the door open before the soft rasp and embraced her, reeking of sweat and booze.

    Bambi: “Ewwwww Maxwell! You reek of alcohol. You have been drinking again, haven’t you?” she shoved him off gently, straightening her blouse which had become a little soaked with his sweat.

    Maxwell: “Hell no baby! You asked me to stop drinking too much so I only took few bottles. You are my angel now so your wish is my command. Come here, let me have a feel of that soft skin of yours in my palms” he drew her against himself again and they both staggered backward.

    Bambi: “Leave me alone Max. I don’t know if all you want from me is sex or not. I have come to discuss something very important with you and I doubt we can have that done in this state of yours. Go and take a shower so you can sober up a little” she walked past him to the bed and sat down, removing her sneakers.

    Maxwell: “Okay then” he threw his hands up in resignation and made to walk into the adjoining bathroom but stopped. “Why don’t you just kiss me once so I can have this bathe with a smile? Please just one loooooong kiss” he drawled, moving closer to her.

    Bambi: “I shall do that only after you’ve had your bathe. Now get your lazy ass in there and leave me the hell alone” she shoved him roughly on the chest, making him fall back on his buttocks.

    Maxwell: “You are sexually bullying me, do you know that? Well I shall leave” he sulked into the bathroom.

    Few minutes later, he rejoined her, feeling a little sober and relaxed.

    Bambi: “Now you actually look like a human” she smiled sweetly at him.

    Maxwell: “Thank you your highness. So you said you had something important to discuss with me? What is it?” he said caressing her legs.
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    Jasmine smiled sweetly at her new husband at their well-lit reception. His naturally greyed beard on a handsome young face making him look like a prince out of a fairy tale. She was lucky and she knew it. She knew the ladies around were talking, they were envious and jealous but she didn’t care. All her attention were on the prince beside her- her man.

    The ladies sat at the far corner of the richly decorated reception hall, folding their arms across their chest and waiting for the food to be served but not without throwing in their observation about the whole scenario.

    1stLady: “Can you imagine this kind of rare luck? I never imagined in my wildest dreams that Jasmine will get married before me and to such a handsome, well-to-do man too. Can you imagine?” she shifted on the chair with her gaze never leaving the groom’s face.

    2ndLady: “This world is indeed a mystery. I remember when we were doing IJMB at Poly Ibadan. She was always seen with different guys. She had one sex partner after the other. She had sex with two friends at the same time. She wore all sorts of revealing cloths and went to night parties almost every Friday night. She simply deserved to end up with HIV and deposited in the hospital to rot there but here she is, getting married to a rich handsome guy. God where are you?” she whispered to her friends so the people sitting round the table would not hear her.

    3rdLady: “Sincerely, I used to look at her then as being inferior to me. As someone who does not deserve to be married. Kai! I am so jealous. I wish this marriage will crash soon so I can grab this man. I am tired of being the good girl but ending up with heartbreaks upon heartbreaks. What good is in being a good girl anyway? When the bad girls end up with better husbands and even marry earlier than the so-called good ones?”

    1stLady: “So you also noticed good girls are mostly the unlucky ones when it comes to marriage bah? I am flabbergasted my dears. Look at Jasmine, look at us. I don’t even have a serious boyfriend and I must be older than that glowing girl over there. I am tired I swear”

    3rdLady: “Hmmmmmm…it is well. It will be better. At least I believe so. Let’s keep looking up to God, the author and finisher of our faith”

    2ndLady: “I don’t want to hear that! I don’t even want to hear that at all. What do you mean by looking up to God? Did this one look up to God? Did she even pray quarter as much as I have? Does she even deserve to be married? Please don’t give me that shit again. I will do it my way from now on”
    ==RepNaija StOries==
    Maxwell: “So what is it na. Baby talk to me before I will start sweating again and you will not allow me to kiss you again o” he said impatiently.

    Bambi: “I know what I have to say will sound ridiculous but I want you to think on it properly. I think I have waited for too long for this. We have dated for three years now and you keep promising me things will be better…”

    Maxwell: “You are not about to break up with me, are you?” he shifted uneasily on the bed, becoming more serious all of a sudden. Bambi had become his world after the demise of his parents in a road clash leading to him being left all to himself. he had opted for coconut oil business after NYSC but the business soon crashed. He was on the road searching for a job when he met her that day. He could still remember that day like it was just yesterday. They had both exchanged numbers immediately they got talking and a relationship was sparked between them. She was the kind of girl who was never too demanding, she would rather work her ass off to fend for herself than make herself a burden to him. she was simply the best woman any man would ever dream of.

    Bambi: “Of course not my love. break up with you over what now? Do you know how much I love you? You are my love, my life, my all” she looked him straight in the eye and he could see the pain in them. He wished he could give her heaven on earth but he had no such means. He was like a cornered cub.

    Maxwell: “I love you too”

    Bambi: “Thank you dear. So what I want to tell you is: Let’s get married”

    His head suddenly became numb at her utterance. He felt like a bomb had been dropped inside his skull and would explode anytime soon.

    Maxwell: “What did you say?” he stuttered so hard.

    Bambi: “Yes I know it is a difficult thing to do but that is what I want. I don’t think I can wait any longer. I feel like something might happen which would make one of us heartbroken over the other. I feel the only way to avoid that is for us to get married. Please let’s do this for us”

    Maxwell: “Look at me now. Bambi look at me. How will I be able to take care of you? When you give birth, how will I be able to take care of you and the child? Please honey, let’s wait for some more time. It will be better in due time”

    Bambi: “We won’t have to give birth just yet. All we have to do is get married and then wait on God for other things. Let’s not delay things any longer Max”

    She felt him shudder and knew he was giving it a thought. She prayed in her heart that he would reason with her and give in.

    To be continued.








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