Story: “The Choirmaster’s Wife” (Episode 6)

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    She saw Chris step out of the plaza where his office was located and hurriedly dashed for his car.

    He was on a call and looked really disturbed.

    “Follow him” She told the uber driver, as Chris started to drive out of the premises.

    They followed him as he drove through the traffic of people and vehicles, characteristic of the central business district on Fridays as Muslim faithfuls observe their Jumaat prayers.

    Suddenly there was pandemonium as the sound of heavy gunshot rent the air. People were shouting and running in all directions.

    Some were going flat on their stomachs – and someone was asking others to do the same.

    The sound of impatient sirens faint against the heavy noise of gunshots, people opening their cars and fleeing, the scream of people frantically trying to escape – it all looked surreal to her as she looked ahead – at the place where just now, Chris’s car was speeding through.

    “Chris…Chris..” she muttered.

    “madam, madam, oya come down let’s take cover” the uber driver was saying to her impatiently.
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    “My husband..he…” she stammered.

    “Madam abeg come down” he said pleadingly this time.

    He opened the car carefully and opened the passengers’ door for her. She got down slowly, placing her hands over her head as though they could shield her.

    The driver snatched one of her hands and they started to run with others, some of who had their bags and hands over their heads.

    They took cover in an uncompleted building as the crisis continued. The gunshot were coming intermittently now and everyone else inside the building had different stories about what was going on.

    Some said it was a gun duel between some political thugs and the police, others said it was kidnappers trying to make away with an important personality, yet others said a bank was being robbed – non was certain yet.

    The building was quite crowded. It was a mix of people. There were women in colorful hijabs and Lauren saw them trying to comfort a woman who said her child was missing.

    There were elderly men trying to make analysis and some had already broken into a bitter conversation on the growing insecurity in the country and the state of the nation.

    Lauren stood observing with her eyes bloodshot from crying. She had her back to the wall, and standing close to her was the uber driver.

    He had decided to stay close to her after she attempted to run out of the building to go search for her husband.

    Now she leaves to go and stand at one of the open windows of the building.

    All that was visible from here was a swampy plantain farm, and the back view of some buildings that housed important offices in the central business district.

    She wasn’t exactly sure what part of the area they were.

    She brought out her phone and dialed Chris’ number again and for the umpteenth time, it rang through but he never picked.

    She was afraid to say the least. She couldn’t stop herself from imagining what could have gone wrong.

    The uber driver came and stood by her, trying to get into conversation with her.

    “Don’t worry madam. I’m very sure your husband is fine”.
    ***RepNaija Story***
    She looked at him. She needed to hear those words so badly, but not from someone who had been here with her since they fled.

    She wanted to ask him if he had heard anything or if he was just trying to comfort her. She thanked him instead, trying to acknowledge him.

    “But ma.. why were you trying to follow him? Why were you trying to follow your husband?”

    She welcomed the question, surprised at herself for how much she was ready to speak with someone.

    Ever since she started to suspect her husband, she had never broached the topic with anybody.

    Now she felt the strong urge to speak and let it all out – even though now it really didn’t matter to her if he was actually cheating on her with another woman.

    She told the uber driver about her discoveries and how she was following him because she wanted to find out what was really going on between her husband and this other woman.

    The uber driver listened to her attentively, nodding intermittently.

    A while after she finished, he didn’t say anything and she thought he really wasn’t going to say anything because he knew nothing to say.

    So she resumed staring blankly into the plantain farm, until his question jarred her back.

    “Are you a Christian?”








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