Story: “The Choirmaster’s Wife” (Episode 5)

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    “I’ll see you tomorrow” the message read.

    Lauren returned her husband’s phone to the desk as she heard his footsteps by the door.

    She pulled the sheet back over her head and waited.

    She had just hit the bed when he arrived from work, but she had feigned sleep and shut her eyes tightly.

    He had come over to the bedside and touched his palm to her forehead, as a mother would do to a child who had complained of fever.

    That action had warmed her heart and stilled her raging concerns about his fidelity to her.

    “He still loves me afterall” and she had resolved to give him the benefit of the doubt. But when his phone beeped and she picked it, the message she saw sent her heart sinking again.

    She stretched pretentiously on the bed as he entered the room.

    “Hey honey.. did I wake you?”

    He asked as he started towards the large wardrobe. She sat up on the bed and folded her hands across her chest.
    ***RepNaija Story***
    “We need to talk” she said.

    He turned to look at her, his brows furrowed with concern.

    “Has anything happened?” He asked.

    “We need to talk about her”.

    “About who?”

    And just then his phone started to ring. She picked it up and stretched it towards him as he came for it.

    From the conversation, she could tell it was one of his business partners and it sounded like they had left off talking from the office earlier.

    She was aware of his current business deals. They were building an Edutech app and its been keeping them up several challenges.

    Somewhere into the conversation, she stood up and left for the dinning table where she opened his meal to check if he had eaten.

    The fried chicken, sauce and rice stared back at her.

    He came out of the room and sat tiredly at the dinning. She listened as he spoke about the app and the challenges they’ve had to face since the last few days, wishing she could do something to help.

    She said a few comforting words and prevailed on him to eat, but halfway into his meal, a call came in and he left the dining hurriedly to take the call – because it was Natalia.

    She got up to follow him, but decided against it. Then she devised a plan.
    ===This is a RepNaija Story by Mary Adole===
    The next morning, she said goodbye to him as he left for work.

    Then she hurried through her makeup and pulled on a grey colored sweatshirt on black tight jeans and sneakers.

    She answered the Uber driver as he called to let her know that he was just outside her house, then thrusting her phone in the front pocket of her jean, she moved out of the house determinedly.








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