Story: “The Choirmaster’s Wife” (Episode 2)

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    Lauren looked up at him as she stretched the phone over

    “Oh..I.found it lying here.. I. .guess you forgot it here” she stuttered, her heart beating really fast as a lump rose to her throat.

    “Yeah..thanks..I thought you had been with it” He said, relaxing his features.

    She pouted her lips and shook her head as he shot the door and started to leave again, her eyes misty with tears.

    Then he turned back and said through the windscreen;

    “Aren’t you ready to join the service yet”

    She merely shook her head, bent so that he won’t see the redness of her eyes.

    She svcked in some air and exhaled deeply, wiping tears off her eyes gently, careful so that she would not ruin her makeup.

    The conversation she had just read played a thousand times over in her head before the service started, and each time, she was looking for a good reason to believe that it wasn’t what she was thinking.

    Why would Chris do that to me?

    Chris was a child of God. She knew he was born again and filled with the Holyspirit, so why would he do such a thing?

    At the end, she managed to convince herself that it wasn’t what she was thinking and left to join the service after touching on her makeup again.

    Chris led the congregation in a praise and worship session, and as usual, at the end, the entire hall, now filled with worshippers to the gallery and overflow was erupting with shouts of “glory..glory” and some whistling and clapping here and there.

    Lauren sat in the third row of seats in the middle aisle, just after the rows reserved for ministers and their spouses. She was a little sweaty after the praise ended, it was usually one of her favorite part of service – even though today was a struggle – connecting with God in her spirit as her mind kept wandering back to the messages she had read on her husband’s phone.

    She was troubled by this itself – her inability to worship God the way she’d usually do. She resolved to speak with Chris immediately after service closes. They needed to talk about this so she could clear her head.

    As the sermon progressed, she kept glancing occasionally at the choir stand – a raised platform to the left of the pulpit. She was searching the faces of the ladies in the choir, looking resplendent in blue and golden robes, for a clue of which of them could be Sis Natalia.

    She saw the lady that had stood outside with Chris earlier. She sat at the extreme of the choir stand, close to where the instrumentalists sat with their drums and guitars and saxophones.

    Could she be Natalia?








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