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    If You Missed Episode 34, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

    Janet got home and gave me a call, she started complaining of running stomach and dis-orderliness in her tummy.

    I was scared and the only thing I began to think next was that “I have committed murder, I have killed janet”.

    I began to walk to and fro in my room with a blank brain thinking of what I have caused and what I would do next.

    I called my “bad-friends” to update them about the latest happening, they kept assuring me that she would be fine and its normal for her to feel that way as the abortion process is on-going.

    For the next 2 days, I switched off my phone. I didn’t have the courage to visit the white house, neither do I have any courage to call janet or madam.

    2days later, madam called me, I was so scared to pick it up. At last I did…….

    ME: hello ma “***trembling***

    MADAM: hi onihaxy, what happened?, we didn’t see you or heard from you, hope no problem?

    ME: no ma, I’m fine, I travelled to school to get my original result, and it was an emergency. I’m sorry ma

    MADAM: no problem.

    ME: ***stammering**** how is janet ma?

    MADAM: she is fine, though she was sick but she is recovering now.

    ME: ok ma, my regards to her. I will see you when I’m back to akure.

    MADAM: no problem **hanged up***

    I was getting relieved from the worry of “murder” but again, I was curious about what janet is facing or passing through.

    The following monday, I arrived in akure and took the courage to go to the white house, luckily, madam went to work, gideon went to school and sikirat went out on an errand.

    On seeing me, janet frowned at me. I closed the door from behind and knelt down infront of her holding her hands.

    ME: ifemi, I’m so sorry, please find a way in your heart to forgive me for my absence please ***see scoping****

    JANET: I should forgive you for your absence? Or for the drink you gave to me?

    ME: **chaii, this girl jasi my parole?, I don die today***.

    JANET: Onihaxy!! Despite how much I loved you, I never believed that you could kill me.

    ME: I didn’t mean any harm dear. I was just so scared and I got influenced by bad friends.

    JANET: and besides, I was only joking about the pregnancy, infact, I came to your house with a pad in my pant the last time we saw.

    ME: ***placed my hand on my head*** Temi bami, pls forgive me janet, I promise I will never do anything of such again.

    JANET: there won’t even be room for the next attempt because this relationship is OVER!!!. Now get out!!!

    ME: janet pls have mercy on me

    JANET: you thought I would die abi?, that’s why you switched off your phone and ran away from akure abi?.

    ME: janet, I’m sorry please. ***crying while still holding her hands***

    JAnET: I said GET OUT!!!!! ****she yelled****

    I went back home with a mixed feelings.

    “Should I let go of Janet and face sikirat only?”
    “But sikirat is a local girl”.
    “But I gained a lot form sikirat despite her been local”.

    I stopped thinking and asking myself questions. I picked my phone and started bombarding Janet with apology sms, whatsapp messages, voice messages.

    After 2 weeks of series of apology. She finally forgave me and we continued the relationship.


    I got a job with a delivery service in november and I quit the lesson job, janet got admission and resumed to school in january. Sikirat was now free to visit me whenever market days falls on weekend.

    White house became my second home as I used to visit every 2 weekends but I don’t sleep over since the arrival of janet’s father around february.

    Janet would always stop by at my place and spend 2days before going to the white house.

    It has always been sessions of s-x capades with the two girls.

    In April, Janet’s daddy travelled out again and I get to f–k madam always on any slight opportunity.

    Though she never stop saying “onihaxy!!, and you know that I am old enough to be your mother, you are seriously making me an adulterer!!!!” And yet, she would never resist me whenever I make the magic move.

    *********THE END****************

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    waw this is so interesting


    Nice one Onihaxy. I enjoy the story very much. But they can never be one like #Adebimpe the Facebook girl. So interesting and so long. All Thanks to repnaija.


    An interesting story. Keep d flag flying bro.


    nyc one….10x





    Oga the story don end na!


Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 35 Finale by Emperor f.s.n: 10:01 am On December 29, 2017

    Tripple gunshot… Echo bravo!


Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 35 Finale by Prince Amshaga: 6:29 pm On December 29, 2017

    U need to continued


    wow…..So sweet tnx for de stry


Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 35 Finale by Ibrahim Muhammed Sani: 9:16 pm On January 1, 2018

    Wow, What A Tale.I Really Enjoyed The Tale From Begining To The End And Guess What, I’ve Also Learned A Lesson.


Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 35 Finale by Nwachukwu Bethel: 12:12 pm On January 2, 2018

    kudos… always alert me when there is fresh episodes


    this is a very nice story,i really enjoy it


    We are happy you guys enjoyed it.


    Bad teacher; i really enjoy it


    Nice one, keep it up rapnaija.


Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 35 Finale by Usman Abdulmaleek: 8:42 am On January 18, 2018

    I dont even want d story to finish again, i hav neva read an interesting story lyk dis one. Pls fire on


    wow such an interesting story. just asive it nt gana end. lov it.


Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 35 Finale by Enitan oluwanifemi: 12:38 pm On May 23, 2018



    i wonder why sum woman get into relationship with other men after marriage. well she’s already a sugar mummy. and for janet no condition is permate. mr. teacher be careful before getting the whole house pregnat. ladies stop pretending when been touch my men cause you can’t expet them to touch you without intention or be with a man alone in a room without motive. lastly, men watch out women like jazebel are out there looking for whom to destroy.


    Bad Guy so intresting but so u mean continued bleep the three women on diffrent occaasion after evrythin…..see let me tell u””God will not forgive u and even thou he does u might not make heaven


    chai badht guy
    dhope story though d ending no 2 dhope


    Badguy bt any agent of darkness no go wrk 4 me o so guyz bware


    What is the lessons? Immorality


    d stories no carry lessons… just sex sex sex nd sex…..even dat nysc own no carry lessons nawa ooo
    try to giv us a learnable lesson pls


    I love the book just that there are too much sexcapades in it.


    This book also does’nt have christain morals only sex sex sex. This sex story can lead some people into commiting sexual sin.


    nice my guy you fuck mum and daugther and nothing happened


    Nice one,aswear,U Got it bro


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