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    If You Missed Episode 31, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

    ME: janet, what is wrong?, why are you crying?

    JANET: you insulted and abused me and my entire family ******crying*****

    ME: ***drew her closer**** no dear, I didn’t mean to talk to you that way, I just got irritated when you tagged me a labourer. It pained me because to me, it seemed you had underrated me that I would never be rich like your family.

    JANET: ****still crying**** no one has ever insulted me this way before, No one except you. This is the very first time.

    ME: I’m sorry janet, I didn’t mean what I said, you know I love you and cherish you. Its just that I was angry and I couldn’t control my rage.

    JANET: I love you toooo, that is why I was loosing my mind of recent.

    ME: ***drew her closer and placed her head on my chest****, baby I love you too, you weren’t patient enough to listen to my explanations the other day, I had nothing to do with sikirat, I was just helping her in english and mathematics lessons. That’s all.

    JANET: are you sure you love me?, ****crying reduced****

    ME: you know I do love you baby.

    I crossed my right leg on the sofa facing janet as she crossed her left leg on the sofa and facing me.

    We held hands and looked into each other’s eyes. Before we knew it, our lips met and we started kissing.

    We both stood up while still kissing and we kissed our way into janet’s room.

    She locked the door from inside, resumed the kissing and we both fell on the bed. Then a “make up s-x” followed.

    We were on the bed kissing and my hand located her round neck top, I pull it upward to unveil her bra.

    Still in the romance mood, I unhooked the bra from behind and grabbed the b—m, janet always enjoys it when I squeeze her b—m , unlike sikirat who only enjoyed sucking the tips.

    I was squeezing with one hand and unzipping her trousers with the left hand. She wasn’t resisting me and was pressing my head on her lips. I managed to pull down her trouser to her knee level and stopped there.

    I moved my mouth from her lips and down to her b—m, I was sucking and removing her round neck top totally. I s—-d the Tips and finger fuccked her, she was moaning, jerking and saying . Ooooouuuch!! Onihaxy I have missed you ooouuuchhh.

    She unzipped my trouser and pulled it down to my thigh level. She started rubbing my d–k with her palm. I had no condom with me because I never had the intentions of having s-x.

    I was reluctant to fcck her so I continued the finger f—–g and bosoms sucking. She raised up her left leg and her trouser went down a bit. She pressed her left foot on the centre of her ” trousers and pant” and the trouser and pant was off her legs totally. I knew she was ready for a fucck but I wasn’t protected.

    ”Onihaxy pls Bleep me, said janet. I replied “I don’t have a condom”. Janet said “Don’t worry, do it and don’t pour inside” Ok.

    I mounted on janet, raised up her two. legs in the sky and fired my erected d–k inside. I started fuccking slowly and was increasing the pressure gradually. I lasted for 12 minutes on missionary style. I turned her over, pulled her a$$ towards myself and bleeped from the back for another 5 minutes, I finally lied down and made her sit on my d–k on a “reverse cowgirl” position for another 2 minutes before I felt like cuming.

    That was the first time in my life that I will last 19minutes on a round of s-x before Approaching c—-x. It seems part of the Fluid dropped inside but I wasn’t sure.

    I lied down on the bed with my d–k facing up and Fluid was dropping out of it, janet stood up, went to get a toilet roll and cleaned me up. We put on our cloths and kissed again as we returned to the living room. About 13 minutes later, sikirat arrived.

    Trouble started after that day, janet wasn’t hiding her feelings anymore as she will hug me, peck me, sit on my laps and do all sort of intimate things to me in the presence of sikirat just to intimidate the poor girl.

    I tried to caution her about the implications and she told me sikirat can go to hell and tell anybody as she wasn’t bordered anymore.

    I could always read jealousy and bitterness on sikirat’s face each time janet was getting intimate with me. But poor her, she doesn’t have the guts to protest.

    And the problem was that there was no avenue to talk to sikirat about it as janet was monitoring us up and down.

    3 weeks later, another trouble happened……….

    To be continued.

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Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 32 by Precious osim: 7:28 pm On December 25, 2017

    Evrytm trouble

    Package of trouble awaiting You. Next episode please.

    Nwa for u oo. Fire is coming oo. Better run. More please

Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 32 by Abdullahi: 10:41 pm On December 25, 2017


Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 32 by Francis peter nk: 3:03 pm On September 5, 2018

    You no day fear to die

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