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    [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson  Teacher – Episode 31 All Updated Stories

    If You Missed Episode 30, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

    I resumed into white house the following monday. I thought of it that sikirat and janet were living like cat and dog, I must behave myself and strike a balance among the 3 women in the house and ensured madam didn’t suspect me with any of the girls.

    At the first week of the new lesson, janet wasn’t free with me, always arrogant as usual. She never wanted to see me standing any closer to sikirat, even if I called on sikirat for an errand within the house, she would find out what the errand was all about and monitore the whole exercise.

    The 2nd week was worse. Any small thing, she would scream on sikirat and curse her, she must insult sikirat whenever the water wasn’t pumped, cloths wasn’t washed or there was dust on the electronics. The funniest part was that janet would never go out of the house, always indoor and monitoring us. Even friday nights, she will choose not to go to vigil except I go to church with the family. If she must go out, she would ask sikirat to go with her so that I would be alone at home. Despite all the abuses and insults, poor sikirat would never complain or retaliate.

    If I was going out at the same period with sikirat on market days, Janet will led sikirat to the front of the house, stop a bike and instruct the same bike man to return her home. the whole thing was becoming fraustrating that I hardly speak with sikirat, the only alternative which was her phone had been smashed by janet.

    One day, sikirat had gone out on an errand and I was tutoring janet at home. we had a conversation.

    ME: and why are you hostile at this poor girl of recent?

    JANET: and what is your problem about it?, how is that your problem? ,your business here is lesson and that is what you should face. Ok!!!!!!!!! ***yelled****.

    ME: and what does that mean?

    JANET: it means you should face your business and stay out my maid’s matter, “mr oga in-room maid teacher”. Besides, who are you to preach to me about my actions?, she works here and she get paid the same way you work here and get paid, so both of you are our workers in this house and I have the right to dictate anything for anyone who works in this house, so face your work here Mr man. Ok!!!!!.

    ME: *****head sparked*****. You must be silly and insane, infact, you are mad. What is the meaning of that rubbish?, so you think you can talk to me anyhow because I work here?, And you think I can’t be a better person without tutoring you?, why are you so rude, proud and arrogant?, you think your family own the entire world?. Or was it sikirat’s fault to be born in a family lesser in class than yours? You think I would die if I stop working here? Or you think its my destiny to forever remain a lesson teacher? ***head sparking continues****……….infact, this lesson is OVER!!, tell your mother to employ another labourer for you so that you can tie a rope on his neck or hold a remote on your hands to regulate and dictate his life. As a matter of fact, GO TO HELL!!!!!!………………..Rage continues!!!!!!.

    I walked out of janet, went upstairs, I decided that its was over, I can’t just tolerate this arrogance attitude again. I packed my things in my bag, clamped it on my back and walked out the room. As I reached the living room, I met janet crying like a baby while sitting down on the same spot where she was seating before. This was the first time seeing her crying in such manner, she was crying so loud like a baby who missed her mother’s b—-t.

    My rage and anger went down Immediately on seeing her that way. I dropped my bag on one of the chairs and moved closer to her, I placed my hand on her shoulder and she pushed it away, I placed it again and she didn’t resist me this time. I sat down beside her and tried to calm her down……..

    To be continued.

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    next plz

Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 31 by GentleJay: 7:57 am On December 25, 2017

    Next episode

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