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    If You Missed Episode 22, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

    Don’t just go there, I’m a married woman and a good christian, I have vowed never to have intimate intercourse with any other man apart from my husband, and besides, Adultery is a serious sin against God” just continue the hand action, I’m ok with only that one, ok!!.

    “Yes ma” I replied. I lost interest immediately and my moral was low, my d–k was shrinking instantly. I located her niiple again with my mouth and resumed finger fuccking her, it was as if I was forced to do it because I wasn’t enjoying it. But as I was hitting the walls of the pusssy with my finger and also sucking the niiples at the same time, she was moaning and jerking seriously than before and was releasing juices, this excited me again and revived my Attention, I stylishly moved over trying to lie down straight ontop of her with her legs spread apart but our body aren’t touching each other.

    I was still sucking and finger fuccking her and I noticed she was so lost in the heavenly feelings, I stylishly brought out my d–k from the hole on my boxers, I removed my hands at intervals from her pusssy to lubricate my erected d–k with her juice on my finger. Then I stylishly pushed the pants away to one side completely to avoid obstructions, I pressed forward a little bit and positioned my d–k at the entrance of her K—y-Cat without any body contact to avoid her suspecting.

    Then I focused on her b—m in my mouth and K—y-Cat on my hand. I made sure I expanded the hole very well with my fingers. I counted from 1 to 3 on my mind. After the count of 3, I pushed the d–k INSIDE at once hoping that she will be angry at me and push me away, but instead, she moaned heavily and expanded her legs wider, I began to pump in and out slowly, then I increased the pressure and went faster, the moaning was increasing and she raised up her two legs to hold my back tight. We continued for like 6minutes till she c-m again and I cummed there after.

    “You this boy!!!, what have you done to me?, didn’t I tell you not to have s-x with me?, now you have made me a sinner, an adulterer and a matrimony vow breaker.” Madam yelled at me.

    “I’m so sorry ma”. I replied.

    “Now get out of here. Idiott!!!!!, and first thing tomorrow morning, you are leaving this house. Idiott!!!!

    I went back to my room. Feeling bad about the whole issue. I wondered where I was wrong, was it my fault?, how would she expect me to only finger-bleeped her and s—-d her bosoms only without s-x?, why didn’t she resist me when I entered?. Why was her anger and rage coming after she enjoyed the s-x and cummed?. Why didn’t she regard finger fuccking as a sin?. Why would she be Unclad and expect me to give a massage without me having an Attention?, so what would happen next.

    The time was few minutes to 1am and I couldn’t sleep. I began to ask myself questions, I began to reason the whole white-house drama, I imagined how I sampled all the 3 females in the house, I imagined what would happen if they all find out that they all chewed same stick. Will madam ever trust me with her girls anymore?, how would I face her in the daybreak?.

    At a point, I stopped asking myself questions. I decided that I would leave as the day breaks and return to my house to sort out myself. I even made up my mind on loosing the job and be free.

    I managed to sleep and woke up around 7am. I took my bath, brushed my teeth and arranged my luggage. At 9am, I went out of my room with my bag on my back and went to the sitting room. I met gideon and I sent him to call madam for me. Madam arrived with a straight face. I greeted her and she sent gideon to go outside and play.

    ME: I’m leaving ma.

    MADAM: have you been planning to leave before? Or because I said it yesternight?

    ME: the latter ma.

    MADAM:: onihaxy sit down

    ME: ****dropped my bag on the chair and sat with it**** ok ma.

    MADAM: and don’t you think I deserved an apology for disobeying me?.

    ME: I did that last night and you shunned me and shouted on me ma.

    MADAM: you see onihaxy, after chasing you out yesterday, I sat down and had a re-think that it wasn’t really your fault.

    ME: how ma?

    MADAM: first, I was the one who called you to bring soap for me when you had erections, 2ndly, I called you again to rub my back while I was Unclad. 3rdly, I didn’t stop you while you were using your fingers. But why can’t you listen to simple instruction of “DON’T DIG THE HOLE”.

    ME: I’m sorry ma, I was carried away.

    MADAM: and that’s bad of you. I’m a good christian for heaven’s sake and a faithful married woman until yesterday when you made me an adulterer and a sinner by having s-x with me against my wish.

    ME: I’m sorry ma.

    MADAM: no problem. Return to your room. The only thing there is that you shouldn’t step into my room any more and try to resist me as best as you can. And what happened between us last night should remain a secret between us.

    ME: thank you ma, but I’m leaving.

    MADAM: but why?, is there any other thing I don’t know?

    ME: yes ma

    MADAM: what is it?

    ME: 1. Janet is writing her jamb so I should go home. When she is back, I will be coming around for post ume preparations and be returning to my house everyday. 2ndly, you might not trust me with janet and sikirat if I’m still living here, you might think I am doing/will do same thing with them. 3rdly. The more you see me, the more you might remembered the ugly incident and hate me the more.

    MADAM: you are just taking this thing too far. Anyway, If you insisted on leaving. Just do me a favour of waiting till janet is back. I don’t want the house to be empty.

    ME: ok ma.

    I picked my bag and returned upstairs to my room.

    To be continued.

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Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 23 by Prince Amshaga: 2:57 pm On December 14, 2017

    Very stupid


Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 23 by Emperor f.s.n: 5:11 pm On December 14, 2017

    i said it….. Dere is fire on d mountain….. Doom ahead, dats nt d bst lyf


Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 23 by GentleJay: 5:43 pm On December 14, 2017

    Hmmmm…. Next


    Ok oo. This one gobe


Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 23 by Ajolayo Ayomide: 8:49 pm On December 16, 2017

    hmmm gobe


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