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If You Missed Episode 17, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

*****fast forward*************

For the next 6 weeks, things worked out fine, sikirat and I would hook up at my house on market days, it was always a moment of tutorials and sweet s-x.

Meanwhile, janet will send sikirat on an errand For unnecessary things whenever she needs a “quickee” and we will opt for my house on none market days whenever we fill like having a nice romantic outing.

I never stopped getting excited whenever I saw madam on her night gowns or short skirts, whenever we are sitting together at dinning, she likes patting me on my laps.

During 2nd week of april, about 3 weeks to jamb, something tragedic happened.

We were at home on one saturday evening when a woman came into the house, I guess she was the woman who brought sikirat from ilorin.

I was having a session with janet on the dining, sikirat was in the kitchen while madam and the woman was discussing in the living room.

Madam shouted “yeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!” We came closer to them, madam said “sikirat’s mother is dead”. I felt so sad, my eyes were soaked. Even Janet was crying.

Gideon’s face was dull. Sikirat was sent for. The news was broke to her, she was crying helplessly like a poor baby. I felt her pains. She had always told me how she loved her mummy so much.

We consoled her and cheered her up. Due to islamic tradition, the mother would be buried on sunday morning the next day and sikirat must travel that saturday.

Janet and madam followed her to her room to pick few things. Madam drove us to ilorin pack. Sikirat was still crying. We all encouraged her.

She promised to be back in 2 weeks time. We watched her entering the bus with the woman. I couldn’t hold my tears. I felt so sorry for her. I knew I will definitely miss her for that period.

As we were heading back towards home, JANET was smiling in silence. I was like “what the hell is wrong with this girl, why the smile”?

To be continued.

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Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 18 by Emperor f.s.n: 9:02 pm On December 8, 2017

    Bonanza period for Janet…………… Doom ahead!


Re: [Story] The Tale of a Private Lesson Teacher – Episode 18 by Ajolayo Ayomide: 7:29 pm On December 9, 2017

    nice one


    Now madam and Janet turn but becareful madam may be dangerously jealous.


    Now madam and Janet turn but becareful madam may be dangerously jealous. Next episode please.


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