Story: “Rabbit Love” (Episode 5)

    The next morning i woke up and found congratulatory text from Vivian and i decided to call her.

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    She picked it on the first ring.

    ”La model, how are you doing” she asked, i could feel the excitement in her voice.

    ”Go jare, amebo, how did you even hear?”

    ”your other half told me” she replied.

    ”which other half, when did you marry me off without me knowing” i asked pretending not to know what she was talking about.

    ”Queen of pretense i hail thee”

    ”But bae you really wronged me o”

    ”what did i do” she inquired.

    ”why didn’t you tell me who Kelvin was”

    ”haba!!! I would have told you if i knew about it myself, he did a good job of hiding his identity from the public”

    ”you should have seen the look on my face and how shocked i was when i found out who he was”

    ”so, tell me has he…” she stopped mid way.

    ”has he what” i feigned ignorance.

    ”don’t pretend joor, has he asked you out yet” she asked blurtly.

    ”isn’t that too early, it’s been just a week” i defended.

    ”you don’t have all the time in the world, you are not getting younger o, you are Twenty-four for heaven’s sake”

    ”yes mummy” i replied sarcastically.

    ”am only saying that once you meet the bone of your bone, it takes just a minute to know” she replied defensively.

    ”Mrs. Kola I didn’t argue with you o, anyway i want to prepare for Church now i will talk with you later”

    ”alright, i heard there will be a party to celebrate and welcome you into the agency”

    ”Amebo, you are in Miami and you know everything that is happening here in Nigeria, yes there will be a party at 8Pm today and Kelvin is coming to pick me”

    ”hmmm, take it easy o, i don’t want to hear any story that touches the heart o” she warned.

    ”yes mummy, my regards to Kola”

    I ended the call and hurriedly prepared for church, as i hated going to church late.

    No dull moment in my church, everything was lively from the praise session to the prayers.

    This particular sunday, a guest speaker was invited and his sermon was about seeking God’s face before taking any major decision, i felt that the topic was not for me so i just sat there absent minded, the only thought i had in mind was the thought of the party.

    Luckily for me, the service soon came to an end and i hurried home without even exchanging pleasantry with anyone.

    I got a text from Kelvin at exactly 2:55PM asking me to get ready on time for the party, the last part of the text says that i shouldn’t forget to dress sexily for the party.

    That part actually made me smile.


    He later came with one of his numerous cars, this time around a black Ford jeep, to pick me for the party.

    I invited him in but he declined and i got into the car as i was already set for the party before he came.

    The ride was a lovely one, he kept on asking me questions about myself and family and after much pestering i finally gave in and told him i was an orphan which was a partial truth as i had lost my mum at the tender age of nine and i didn’t know who my dad was, i couldn’t bring myself to tell him that i was conceived out of wedlock.

    ”sorry about your parents” he said to me after i told him i lost my parents in a ghastly motor accident.

    ”i have gotten over it now” i replied ”now it’s your turn”

    ”my turn for what” he asked.

    ”tell me about yourself, why did you give your modelling agency the name KISS”

    ”I have three siblings and KISS is just the acronym for our names; Kelvin, Isabella, Samuel and Samantha”

    ”wow, that is really thoughtful of you” i was really taken aback by his consideration and wisdom.

    ”KISS, is actually for my family not just mine, so i didn’t want anybody to feel left out so that was the reason for the name KISS”

    ”Thanks for making my dream come true” i said to him after he finished.

    ”it’s nothing” he replied.

    ”it is, i’ve always envied all those super-models especially Bella Madi whenever i see her on Television”

    He chuckled ”but she is human, just like you” he told me.

    ”i know, but she is young, plus the fame, the body shape and not forgetting the money”

    ”well, you are more beautiful and curvier than her and you will soon get all the money and fame”

    ”thanks” i replied.

    We got to the party venue and it kicked off after the signing of contracts and all that, all through the party i tried to be friendly with Bella Madi but she kept giving me looks that were not friendly at all.

    Kelvin on the other hand was supportive, he stood by me and did all necessary introductions.

    The party soon ended and i went out to the rest room, i heard Bella Madi’s voice, she was obviously on the phone with someone else, i wanted to mind my business and walk in but the last part of her statement caught me off guard.

    ”he probably had s*x with her like he does with every girl before signing them into this agency, he thinks he can use me and dump me after promising me heaven on earth”.

    I was shattered when i heard that, i just couldn’t believe that my Mr. Perfect was capable of such things…………..








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