Story: “Rabbit Love” (Episode 3)

    ”Who is there” i asked after adjusting Vivian’s night gown that i was wearing, she had abandoned it at the hotel where we slept the previous night, thank God for it anyway.

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    Without thinking a second time i quickly opened the door and came face to face with the guy that had swept me off my feet from the very first minute i saw him.

    ”hello” he said waving his hands in my face.

    ”uh, sorry come in” i was too busy admiring his muscular body under the tight T-shirt he wore that i had forgotten to ask him to come in.

    ”hope i didn’t wake you” he asked me after he walked in.

    ”no, not at all” i lied.

    ”well, i am so sorry for disturbing you, sleep just eluded me when i needed it most” he told me.

    ”sorry about that, you can sit”


    ”I need to use the rest room, feel free, i will be right back” i told him and quickly rushed to the bathroom.

    I heaved a sigh of relief and let out a breath which i had been holding since he walked into my room.

    ”what does he want now” i said to myself.
    ”Father, lord help me to stay calm around him” i prayed and adjusted my hair and nightie and left to the room.

    He flashed me that smile again immediately i walked in.

    ”five minutes and six seconds” he said to me.

    ”Huh” i asked puzzled.

    Smiling ”i said you spent Five minutes and six seconds in the rest room”

    ”oh boy, he is also smart” i thought to myself and smiled at him.

    ”were you counting or what”

    ”nah, what are wristwatches for” he said and flashed his wristwatch at me.

    ”who wears wristwatch at night” i asked him sarcastically.

    ”me!” he replied in the same tone.

    ”thanks for letting me in” he continued.

    ”you are welcome”

    Then the two of us became silent and the only sound we could hear was the sound of cars passing through the road at the back of the hotel, this is lagos, anything and everything is possible.

    The silence was making me feel uneasy, he finally spoke up startling me with his question.

    ”what did you say” i asked again to be sure i heard right the first time.

    ”I asked if you knew how to play card game, i mean our local whot” he repeated.

    ”where the hell, did that question come from” i said amidst clenched teeth.

    Like seriously? What was i expecting? for him to tell me he loves me or what.

    ”still waiting” he reminded me.

    I realized that i hadn’t given him an answer.

    I contemplated on what to say, if i say no, i am sure he will leave and i will miss him, if i say yes, then he will stay and i won’t get any sleep even though my head was aching badly due to sleeplessness.

    ”yes” i finally said, his presence is better than his absence.



    ”then, why did it take you forever to say it”

    ”well…well…” i stammered.

    ”oh, you were scared of loosing to me? Don’t worry beauty, i would go easy on you” he teased.

    I scoffed.

    ”no one has ever beaten me in the game” i said proudly.

    ”like wise me, this is going to be tough then”

    ”so were do we get the card” i asked him.

    ”i have it here” he brought it out of his back pocket ”the guys and i used it to while away time last night at the hotel.

    ”then let’s get to work” i said excitedly.

    ”lets make it interesting, if i win, you will spend the week with me” he said shocking me.

    ”sorry to disappoint you, i work on weekdays”

    ”what kind of work” he said sorting the cards.

    ”am a school teacher” i proudly told him.

    ”you don’t look like a school teacher to me”

    ”how does a school teacher look?” i asked him.

    ”i mean, you look more like a model, with that hot figure and fair skin”

    ”i have always wanted to be one” i revealed to him.

    ”well, you can be a model, if you want, you sure have the body” he said and winked at me, with his cards in his hand.

    ”In this Nigeria or in another country?” i asked.

    ”in Nigeria”

    ”well, if you don’t have connection here then you will go nowhere” i told him.

    ”you sound so sure”

    ”that’s cos am sure”

    ”ever heard of KISS Modelling Agency?”

    ”yeah, that’s like the biggest modelling agency in Nigeria, they have the best super models in the country, like Bella Madi and Kyshia, mehn i like them”

    ”like seriously” he asked me smiling.

    ”checkmate!” i announced to him.

    ”what da heck, maybe i was too easy on you” he told me after accepting defeat.


    I was in Kelvin’s car heading home the next morning, we were getting friendlier and i was becoming less uneasy around him after the game of the previous night which i won all through.

    I sighed without realizing.

    ”what was that for?” he asked.

    ”yesterday was hectic and i haven’t even called Vivian to know how she is doing” I quickly covered up.

    ”oh! That reminds me too, i haven’t also heard from kola”

    ”Birds of a feather” i said and we both laughed.

    ”ehm, Becky i know you won the game, but i have a request”

    ”what is it” i asked.

    ”there’s this dinner party coming up in my workplace and i was hoping you could accompany me there”

    ”yes, i will” i said without even thinking.








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