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Story: “Oh My Wife”
[Story] "Oh My Wife" (Romance)

    Carry chair make I blast una small Tori .

    After a serious misunderstanding with my wife, I decided to beg for her forgiveness just for peace to reign but to no avail.

    My wife refused saying a word even when I bought her all the sweet, sweet things she didn’t asked for.

    I bought her suya every night I return from work. I Sometimes bought her pizza and shawarma but she will have it and go to bed without saying a word.

    This has been going on for days so for that, I stopped eating her food. The wife I got married to finally developed a stone heart.

    I confronted my neighbor Mr Johnson about it which he came up with an international idea of me letting her be for a week.

    ”How can I share the same bed with her without talking to her? what if con, con…”

    “Taaah!!, who conji help?” He interrupted.

    ”As we speak, my wife and I are in serious war. We don’t talk to each other. She has been trying to tempt me with her body moves but never shall a man fall” he said.

    That same evening, I walked to the bed room and found my wife pressing and laughing with her phone. The phone I bought for her has finally taken my place as her husband.

    ”Amara, since you have decide not to talk to me your husband anymore, just dey your dey and I will dey my dey. Cook your food and eat alone and I will do same” I spoke angrily to her and left.

    That night, we both slept on the same bed without uttering a word to each other.

    The next day, which happened to be Saturday, I was in the sitting room watching my news peaceful and happily when my wife came and sat beside me with a plate of rice and chicken.

    I stared at the plate of rice and swallowed saliva. To be sincere everywhere was stew. Am very sure my wife added extra ingredients on that rice and chicken because the aroma didn’t scent as she used to cook.

    I wanted asking her my own share of the rice and chicken as usual when I recalled what I had told her about eating her food alone.

    I still recalled what Mr Johnson my neighbor had told me; ”Ben, she will want to tempt you. Always runaway from her temptation. Women are always trickish”

    In other not to fall for her rice and chicken, I left her presence to the kitchen. Reaching the kitchen, I saw a big padlock on the pot she used in cooking.

    I looked at it, smiled and made tea for myself. I went back to the sitting room and found her struggling with chicken lap .

    I stared at the chicken lap she was struggling with and swallowed a big saliva .

    ”This chicken is too soft and sweet. Oooh gosh!! I can’t believe i am going to finish this sweet delicious plate of rice and two chicken laps all alone by myself this early morning” she said.

    I once again glanced at her plate of rice and swallowed another saliva. The other part of me wanted some chicken while the other part of me was forming not interested.

    I watched as she pieced the chicken bones with her teeth. She purposely made those crosssss, crosssss sounds with it in other to draw my attention.

    ”This woman is a good actress I swear. But no matter what, man shall not fall” I thought to myself.

    I was stylishly watching at the television when she got up and sang happily to the kitchen. I was still with my cup of tea when she walked right in front of me to the bedroom.

    I smiled and nodded my head the positive way like a professor. I was still watching my news when she came out from the bedroom with a mini skirt and a top that shows out her b,,00bs.

    Her laps were showing out as I watched her catwalk right in front of me. I stared at her bo’obs and swallowed saliva.

    ”Man shall not fall” I said to myself. She came and sat beside me arranging her b;;0obs and mini skirt.

    To be continued…..

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