Story: “Oh My Wife” (Episode 6) FINALE
[Story] “Oh My Wife” (Episode 6) FINALE

    I stylishly danced towards the TV stand with my erected local government. My wife was tweaking. The smell of her perfume reminds me of our wedding night. The spirit of malice between my wife and I died the very moment she took off her clothes and the very moment I watched her tweaked.

    She was tweeaking and tweeaking when I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and discovered it was Mr Johnson. He stood at the door entrance with his both hands on his waist.

    ”My face show and my shoe shine” he spoke cheerfully.

    ”What do you mean by that? Abi you done win lottery?” I asked surprisedly.

    ”The wall of Jericho has finally fallen. My wife has fallen yakata on my bed. She thinks she is wise. I used all the strategies in this world just to make her fall and to God be the glory she has fallen flat like flat tire”.

    ”You don’t mean it. How did you do it?” I asked. Mr Johnson glanced at me, shook his head, and laughed out loud.

    ”You just dey de play. We are not in the same level. As we speak, my lovely wife is inside the house preparing my favorite Amala and bitter leaf soup” he spoke as he rubbed his both hands together.

    ”My wife has totally refused to fall. I have tried all the strategies I do use on my girls before I got married but to no avail. That woman no want just fall. I think she has an iron heart. I bought shawarma and pizza she went and bought the same thing. I bought those boxers you asked me to buy but still she didn’t fall. I don’t just know what to do at all. I think all I need to do is to swallow my pride and go on my knees before her for peace to reign. I am tired” I spoke agitatedly.

    ”When you do that, she will think she has power over you. My brother keep seduuucing her till she talk to you just like my wife. Mr Ben remember the code; man must not fall”.

    ”Come to think of it. How did you do it? How did you seduced your wife? Because I have tried all your strategies and none of them seems to be working for my wife” I asked desperately.

    He smiled.

    ”All you need to do is just one thing and nothing else”

    “And what is that one thing”

    “Dance n@aked before her”


    “Oh, yes n@aked. My wife saw the way I was dancing without clothes and she fell yakata just like a snake that swallowed goat. Ben, don’t just forget the code man must not fall”.

    “Mr Johnson, I think dancing n@aked is what I will do before her. If dancing n@aked will make her fall just like your wife, then mine shall fall to night” I coincide.

    I thanked Mr Johnson and went back in to the house. I walked with my both hands behind and sat on the couch.

    I gazed at my shirtless wife and swallowed saliva. ”Amara, just swallow your pride and say something to me your husband and everything will be alright” I thought to myself as i stared at her s€exy charming b,00bs.

    Later at night, my wife and I were all seated in the bedroom pressing our phones when I recalled what Mr Johnson had said about walking n@aked befor her. I quickly got up and walked to the bathroom. I took a sweet shower and came out from the bathroom totally n@ked.

    I stylishly walked towards her with my erected local government. She gazed at me and kept mute.

    I stylishly catwalked round the bedroom waiting for her to fall but to no avail. ”Where exactly is my selling point? Nothing I do make this woman fall. What is it I must do to just see her talk to me?” I pondered.

    That night, I slept n@ked on the same bed with my wife without her making any posture.

    The next day, I returned from work very tired and hungry. I walked in to the sitting room and saw my wife on the couch watching a movie. I walked passed her without uttering a word.

    I took a shower and came and sat down with my empty stomach. My wife got up from the couch and went straight to the bedroom. Minutes later, my wife came out naked.

    I watched her catwalked before my two eyes to the sitting room. Every part of her were shaking . I stylishly stared at her curves and swallowed saliva.

    She stared at me right in the eyes with her both hands on her b;00bs. Her eyes were sparkling, I glanced at her s€exy shape and said to myself ”I can not come and loose my wife all because of a code” I went to where she was seated, and grabbed her by the waist and planted a kiss on her lips.

    ”Honey, I am sorry”

    ”I am sorry too” she mumbled in a sweet tone.

    I smiled and planted another kiss on her lips.

    ”I prepared your favorite pounded yam and egusi soup. I wanted using it as my last strategy to get you back. I said if you didn’t fall to it, I will just leave to my fathers house” she said in tears.

    I wiped off the tears on her eyes and hugged her tight to myself. That night, was the best night I ever had with my wife.

    The next morning, after having a sweet breakfast with my wife, she walked me to the door, hugged me and planted a kiss on my lips.

    She went back in to the house when Mr Johnson came out from his house.

    ”I saw everything that happened, I told you she will fall” he spoke excitedly. I tapped him on the shoulder, smiled and said to him;

    “Mr Johnson. My face don show and my shoe done shine” I kicked my car, and drove to work.

    Ever since then, I have refused to take any advice from a third party in my marriage.

    This isn’t just a comic story, but a lesson to all married men and woman out there.

    THE END!!!

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