Story: “Oh My Wife” (Episode 4)
[Story] “Oh My Wife” (Episode 4)

    On each of the boxers was written all eyes on me. I got home but couldn’t find my wife. ”Where could she had gone?” I said to myself as I arranged my sexy boxers.

    ”Amarachi, today you shall fall. Today you shall see my selling point and nothing will stop you from begging me to make love to you” I bragged with my all eyes on me boxers.

    I went round the house but my wife was no where to be found. ”Is it when i want to tempt her with my sexxxy boxers that she will leave the house?” I triggered a question to myself.

    I was stylishly looking for my wife in the compound when Mrs Johnson walked in. She was holding a big Bible that was a size of a dictionary.

    ”Good morning Mr Ben. Your face show but your shoe no shine. I am very sure you didn’t go to church” she said.

    I glanced at her and smiled. ”I talk am!!. Your face show but your shoe no shine” she exclaimed.

    ”Mrs Johnson please i don’t have time for shoe shine and face show. Please have you seen my wife? I just returned from the market but didn’t find her”

    ”Your wife you said? I saw her on black mini skirt before going to church. Mr Ben you are really taking good care of your wife Oooh … When I saw her, I didn’t believe my eyes. I thought I was the only one with hips, I didn’t know that your wife have them. Your wife is still looking single and unmarried. I swear her face show and her shoe shine” she said.

    ”Mrs Johnson if I don’t take care of my wife who will?” She smiled and went to her apartment.

    Mrs Johnson was right about my wife’s shape. My wife used to wear palazo to cover her shape. I started noticing my wife’s curves and b;0obs when we started keeping malice.

    I was about leaving to my apartment when Mr Johnson walked in. ”Ben I saw a lady with black mini skirt at your house this morning. Have you start smuggling in ladies to the house?” He asked surprisedly.

    ”Haaaaaah Mr Johnson, you know I can’t do that naaaah. Beside If i should, my wife will kill me and wake me up and still kill me again. That woman has a stone heart” I replied.

    “If the person I saw with mini skirt this morning was your wife then my friend you must be facing what we call true temptation” he was trying to talk further when my wife walked in.

    I looked at her and shook my head. My wife that used to have two flat butt0cks has finally added extra two on them.

    I started seeing my wife’s beauty glittering every single day that passes by.

    ”Mr Johnson, the way I am seeing this thing it will be better I give up on this code stuffs ooh. What am missing not talking to my wife is plenty Oooh.. I will just go inside and fall on her body yakata” I said to him.

    ”No try am. No try that thing. You told me you have bought boxers. Why giving up on day two? See let me tell you, all you need to do now is to go in there, take your bath and wear them. If possible catwalk before her. Catwalking is not meant for women alone men too do it. As am talking to you that’s what I am going to go and do to my wife inside” he warned.

    I hurriedly left Mr Johnson and went to my apartment. My wife was still putting on her black tempting mini skirt. The top she wore was showing her b;00bs.

    I glanced at it and swallowed a big saliva. ”Amarachi your face show and your b;00bs shine but believe me man must not fall” I thought to myself.

    I rushed in to the bathroom and took a sweet shower. I washed my selling point and applied seduuction perfume on it. I also applied it on my boxers.

    I wore it with one of my tight sleeveless. On the sleeveless was written kiss me passionately while on the boxers was all eyes on me.

    I wore the boxer and my sleeveless to the sitting room and sat down on the couch. My wife came out from the kitchen with a plate of pepper soup fish and a bottle water.

    She stared at my boxers and laughed out loud to herself. ”What is funny? Why is she laughing?” I thought to myself in confusion.

    I stylishly got up from the couch to the bedroom. I got to the bedroom and took a complete view of myself in the mirror.

    To be continued……

    I can’t stop laughing…. who is with me?

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