Story: “Oh My Wife” (Episode 2)
[Story] "Oh My Wife" (Episode 2)

    My wife sat beside me with her legs crossed. I stylishly stared at her b::00bs with my left eye. The b::00bs I used to know finally increased in shape and size.

    The other part of me was willing to touch while the other part of me was still forming Odeshi.

    My wife got up beside me and walked to the television side to plough her phone. She bent her waist and every part of her were shaking.

    The mini skirt brought out her shape. I didn’t know my wife has a tempting shape untill during our malice times.

    I discovered I wasn’t watching at the television anymore but her. When she discovered that, she pushed her hair sideways and rubbed her laps and also arranged her b::00bs.

    ”Oooh, I need a serious massage on my waist” she said. I stared at her and still kept quiet. She laid on the carpet flat. Her inner wears were showing out.

    I glanced at her sexx,xy laps and swallowed saliva. I stared at her hips, shook my head and said to myself; ”Man shall not fall” the other part of me was scanning her curves while the other was scanning her b;;00bs.

    ”What have I gotten myself in to? Something I would’ve enjoy is now a tempt to me. Johnson, Johnson your plans won’t work” I said to myself and left the sitting room to the kitchen.

    I drank a full cup of cold water to calm my body temperature. I came back and met my wife doing sit-up.

    Her beauty increased as I stylishly peeped at her from the kitchen door. ”Ben man shall not fall” the voice kept coming.

    I glanced at her and took the back door to the compound. I was sitting in the compound with my two hands on my head when Mr Johnson walked in with bread and akara.

    ”Ben my man. This one you are outside hope all is well?” He asked.

    ”All is not well Oooh Mr Johnson. It seems to me that man must fall to night Oooh” I replied.

    ”Haaaaaah Ben, it’s just day one and you want to give up? I told you women are trickish or have you forgotten the code? Man must not fall. All you need to do is to try everything possible to resist temptation. My wife yesterday slept nake::d beside me. Every part of her body was touching my own body. But believe me naa …. Man must not fall” he said.

    ”Who owns this akara and bread you are holding?” I asked.

    ”Hmmmm my wife has refused to cook in that house. She only cook for herself. If not for the code ehnnn, what will I be doing with akara and bread this early Morning? It would have been correct Amala and bitter leaf soup. My wife knows what I eat every Saturday na” he replied.

    ”Ben let me go inside and tempt my wife with this hot akara and bread” he said and left to his apartment.

    After sitting outside for a complete hour, I decided to go in to the house to rest my head. I opened the back door and a fresh aroma traveled through my nose.

    I walked into the kitchen and found my wife on bra and pa-nt frying egg and plantain. She was looking tempting. Seems to me her hips and beauty increase every minute.

    I looked at what she was frying and got tempted. Infact, I was double tempted with her curves and the food she was preparing.

    ”Man must fall Oooh” I said to myself walking towards her.

    To be continued….

    Are you feeling the flavour?

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